Nov 23

How much we have changed

Whispers of the wind 
glow of the sun 
my branches have begun to fall
my trunk has started to creak
tue land has changed 
the soil in which I am rooted
has held here for decades to come and go
long ago I held a promise
pilgrims relied on my fruit
making way for more humans
years later my land was different
I had a dry, hot home
People had set up their home not far from my roots
I watched as they too changed
after many years they too left
machinery came decades later
it was a devastating sight 
I liked it better before
when it was simply the land and I
my, how much we have changed

Nov 23


Nature has its own thoughts
I understand them as if they were my own 
swirling colors in my mind
each one saying something new
telling something different 
Nov 23

Palace of Love And Laughter

Nov 23

Fresh Snowfall

The mountaintop glittered
Work of a fresh snowfall
With more flakes to come

Foxes run through the thick forest 
Leaving petite marks as the go
Saying "Foxy was here"

Puffy chunks of snow
Fall from limp trees
Re-building the chilly layer
Nov 23

Flickering Candles

Nov 23

The Universe at it’s Best

Nov 23

Mountain Walkway

Green grass on either side
stepping stones in the middle
pink flowers speckle the earth

off in the distance
magestic mountains rise 
cuting through the sky

snow creates a blanket on the mountains
Grey rock cutting through 
towering over the walkway

Aug 16

Single Tree

Single dark tree
standing against the sky
The sky part of gold

The sky turns from black to blue 
Blue turns into grey 
Grey turns into gold

The single tree saw it
The sky as many colors
As it stood there alone

Jul 21

The Mer-Fighters: Overboard Chapter 3

Chapter 3 coming up hot! To understand this post, go find "The Mer-Fighters: Overboard Chapter 1" along with "The Mer-Fighters: Overboard Chapter 2". Enjoy!


It hit Cindy like a wave. Literally. The wave came down on her HARD. “Now would be a good time to remember how to not drown.” Cindy thought desperately as the wave engulfed her. 

When Cindy reemerged she was drenched from head to toe and gasping frantically for air. Being drenched she was cold. Really cold. With that she FINALLY remembered that the book said, “Try not to get fully soaked head to toe. Keep at least some part of your skin dry.” 

“Too late now.” Cindy thought. 
Jul 15

Warrior Soul

I stare into your eyes
In the dim moonlight I see
A determination that shines out above all else

You rise to meet my gaze
Your soul like a fierce warrior 
That knows it has something else to prove

Cold mist snakes around us
You lower your head and I lower mine
We will rise again, your desire brighter than ever