Feb 02
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If Only

If only America had no cliffs,
If only America came to us with instructions, 
If only there were no problems, 
If only it was easy to lead, 

We will leap over those cliffs, 
We will write our own instructions, 
We will solve our problems, 
We will lead no matter the difficulty, 

All those things are no match for America, 
All those things are things we can get through, 
All those things can be solved, 

But only if we try together, 

As a country, 
As a nation, 
As a democracy, 
As a family, 

But with courage. 
Feb 02
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Love for life

You missed me, I kissed you, now there is nothing to do.
You whipped your hair and when I got out of the changing room, you were standing right there

Oh you were standing right there!

I know you really missed me because you really kissed me.
At first I thought there was nothing to do but now I know what to do.

Love for life, husband and wife.
Feb 02
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New Girl

New Girl 

I feel like nobody has seen me yet,
and I tireless try to be seen,
But I am invisible.

Trying to be heard every now and then,
I try to fit in but I’m translucent.
I try to stick out but i just get looked over.

Sometimes I wonder why this is?
Everybody says they are my friend,
When really
I am just another new girl to them.

I’m invisible on the outside,
But I am invincible on the inside. 
If only I could show it. 
Then maybe I would have more friends.