Apr 07

Every Color Has A Meaning

Every color has a meaning

Some more important than others 

But they all have a meaning 

Red is maybe blood and violence but it is also love 

Red is a warm fire to cuddle close to one another when the nights are cold 

Orange is the autumn leaves frolicking about as the wind picks up speed

 Yellow is the glowing electricity and sound of happiness spreading across the universe 

Green is the grass and trees blowing in the melancholy wind on a cold day 

The color blue is a very meaningful color 

It is a life somewhere

 A person's long life full of years

 A person's laughter that turns into happy tears 

Blue is the color of the water even though it's just a reflection

 It is the color of the afternoon sky

 It is the color of a loved one's tears after a family member or friend is not here anymore 

Blue is so many things 
Mar 31

Songs Change Lives, But People Do Too

Every day

I get up

I start schoolwork

I listen to music

Taylor Swit

Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato

On and on...

Some songs heal me

Some don't

Some just have a good beat

A good melody

But some songs have a meaning

Some of them make me feel




Some songs make me feel all of those

I listen to song after song

Artist after artist

I find few songs that make me feel

When I do

I listen to it over and over

Until I get bored of it 

And move on

That reminds me

I need to move on

In my life


Music and TV

Are like shields

They shiel you from your life

At least mine

When I stop listening to muic

I start thinking again
Mar 28

...think of me?

Mar 07

You Say That, But I Know The Truth

You say I’m evil

You say I hate your friends

You say you’re sick of my lies

You say

I denounce it because I know it isn’t true

I accuse you of nothing

Yet you are a crook

You are a crook of my heart and soul

You accuse me of hurting others

But in reality

It was just a fight

It happens every day

People have fights

Even if they are friends

You are rude to me and my friends

How about that?

But you don’t care

All you care about is my rudeness

Which isn’t true unless I am really mad at someone

You accuse me of threatening your relationship

With one of your friends because I did not like them when they told me

That they like me and I said I liked you and not them

You say I’m manipulative like I’m just a random person
Feb 18
poem challenge: Beloved


All I have left are my words

Her words cast a pretty but surreal picture in one's head


Is all I have to say

She is wonderful

A very amazing activist 

Though maybe not an activist in some ways

But definitely in others.
Feb 12

Life Is Hard

Life is hard

I tell myself this every day

Possibly trying to push my feels down

Tell myself everyone has worse problems than me

Tell myself to shut the heck up about my life

“My life is fine” I say

But the problem is that it’s not

My life is not fine

My life is full of anxiety

Of PTSD from my childhood

Of big scary things outside of my brain

Sometimes I am scared of people and what people do to people like me

I lay in bed every night wondering if I am gonna wake up alive

Or if there is going to be a shooting in my neighborhood

Wonder if I will die of a heart attack or anything

I worry about anything and everything

I worry about my nana

I worry about my body

How I look

How I act

How people see me

I feel sad and angry at the same time
Feb 01







Long enough

Ok, peace






Fine then






Wait a bit

Justice now

Meh. You can wait

We will not wait


No justice, no peace


STOP, justice!


No more hate


When do we get peace?



Yes, finally
Jan 29

Until Then

This Tree.

Sits Alone.



Yet Sprouts Every Year.

Blossoming Time And Time Again.

People Don't Care But Still The Tree Stares.

Stares And Hopes That One Day.

One Day It Will Be Loved.

Until Then.

It Sits Alone.

Still Dead Inside But Pretty On The Outside.

Until Then.

Jan 29

Never Again






Dying Now


On The Sidewalk



For A New Life

For The Bad To Go Away

For The Harsh Criticism To Die

For The Hate Speech To Be Silenced

For My Love To Finally Be Shared

For Anyone To Call My Name

Just Lying In The Cold

Lying To Myself

Becoming Me

But In A New Life

I Feel It

The Warmness On My Back

The Food On My Plate

The Pain Is Vanishing

And Suddenly

It All




Disastrous On My Head

Dying Yet Again

Over And Over

Until My Head Throbs

Until My Body Aches

Until Every Bone In My Body Has Cracked