Aug 08
poem challenge: Writing 2022

In the distance

In the distance
Lies a magical fantasy land 
Where objects talk 
And dragons fly
Where dreams come true
The clouds are cotton candy
The trees are made of chocolate 
It's an escape from reality
It's a dream 
In the distance 
Lies a magical fantasy land
Where anything can happen
Where everyone is welcome
No one's judged for being different
People live side by side
Happy and working together
No one can be sad
In a magical fantasy land

Aug 07
poem challenge: Writing 2022

As the Sun Begins to Rise

As the sun begins to rise
The birds stretch their wings and wake everyone up with their singing
The foxes and wolves yawn and stretch
Ready to look for their next meal 
As the sun climbs the sky
The birds dig for worms to feed their children
The forests bustle with noise as everyone looks for prey to feed on 
As the sun begins to set 
The owls come out at last
The birds climb back into their nests 
And everyone else safely goes back to their dens and burrows
To get some rest before the next day
Jun 05
poem challenge: Writing 2022


School is a place
Where we should feel safe
It should feel like a second home
We pratice fire drills or lock downs or escape routes
We think that a school shooting will never happen to us
Like why this school out of all the others
That's probably what the 19 students and 2 teachers thought
At their school
And what many others thought before it happened
We should prepare 
For the worst
As this may happen to us
As we leave for school in the morning
And say goodbye to our parents
It could be the last time
We ever see them

May 30


I look out my window 
Thinking about the war going on
About the school shooting 
I look down at the paved roads
Where people die
I watch the creepy white vans go by 
What has this world become? 
It's a battlefield of fights, deaths, and wars
I look out my window
Knowing no one is safe
Wondering if it will be worse in the future
May 23

A Bird

A bird flew up to my window
Waking me up bright and early
To its beautiful singing
It loped gracfully in circles at I peered through my curtains
It chirped at me and landed on a branch right outside my window
As if inviting me to play
It tilted its head at me
As if confused by my yawning and wanting to go back to bed
The bird flew a wide circle around the branch 
It started singing again
Seemingly on purpose so I couldn't go back to bed
A bird flew up to my window
May 23
nonfiction challenge: Go


If I could go anywhere, I'd go to Utah. Why? Because two years back one of my besties moved to Utah, because of personal reasons that I won't share, and sure we snap sometimes, but we don't that often, and snapping isn't the same as talking in real life. She has visited a few times, but Its been months since she last did, so I would really like to see her!

May 10
poem challenge: Happiness is ...

Happiness Is

Happiness is

Laughing until I cry with my friends
Getting greeted every morning by my dog
Joking with my TA teacher every single day
Teaching my dog a new trick

Happiness is

Seeing the rainbow after the storm
Seeing the grass after the snow
Sitting in the shade with my friends
Playing truth or dare at a sleepover

Happiness is

Eating my favorite food
Shopping at my favorite stores
Coming home from school to my smiling dog
Logging onto ywp

Happiness is many different ways
May 09
poem challenge: Car

That Look

You pulled up in your old, green car and gave me that same look you used to give me so many years ago.
The look that kept me up at night
That had me looking over my shoulder
Hiding in the bushes
That look that made the flowers die
And the children cry
That look that made the thunder rumble 
And the lightning strike
As you drove away the sky cleared
The flowers bloomed
The children smiled
As you drove away
Apr 09
poem challenge: Mountain

Reaching up high

I reach for the sky 
Up so high
Near the clouds
Where the birds glide and the planes fly
I stretch from coast to coast
North, East, South, West
Covered in trees, rocks, animals
I'm home to many
My trails are well known
At night I reach for the stars
Near the moon
Where the owls and bats fly
Up so high
Mar 20

Past, Present, and Future

Yesterday I looked in the past
At all my mistakes and embarrassments
When I sang the wrong note
Or tripped in front of my crush
Today I look to the present
Not fighting what will happen
Tomorrow I'll look ahead
Into my future
Of friends, family, money, and jobs
Of what's in life for me
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
I looked/look/will look 
Into the past, present, and future