Mar 08
poem challenge: Escape

Escape from reality

For me,
Escaping doesn't always mean a happy place
Because It's not always about being happy
My escaping place
Could be anywhere from
A library to my room or maybe even the moon
To escape from reality 
I drown myself in words
In books in poems in quotes
My escape is to do lists and mental notes and school projects
Sure, they don't always make me happy
But they distract me
From the real world
And that
Is what my escape from realtiy is about

Feb 28
poem challenge: Lifeline

The Tree

I sit in your branches 
Reading my book in the peaceful bliss
The birds chirp and fly around your trunk
Teaching their children how to fly off your tree
The squirrels jump from branch to branch chattering
Your leaves rustling in the wind
Your roots far down in Earth
You belong here, tree
I sit in your branches
Watching the life happen on your trunk
I sit in your tree
Wondering what we would do if you were not here

Feb 28
poem challenge: Ukraine


You have supporters.
We wish you luck against this.
We wish it didn't have to happen.
We hope no one else dies.
We wish you strength, luck, and love.
We wish you safety.
We are afraid. 
We hope you can fight off Putin.
Not all hope is lost
Until you give up.
You have supporters.
Feb 26
nonfiction challenge: Lifeline

My little tree

My tree
Is a little maple
I've spent five years growing it
It's a small tree
That's survived big storms and tons of snow
My tree has grown from years of love and care
It still stands boldly next to the bigger trees despite it's small size
My little tree is a symbol of care and effort
I hope it'll grow big some day
Feb 26
poem challenge: Lifeline

Trees are like us

Trees are just like us
They can be tall or short
Big or small
They live and die
The breathe and move
Trees are a beautiful symbol of nature
Their long elegant branches tell stories
Their new leaf families come and go
Their chopped down, scratched, and kicked
Why do we do this?
Trees never harm anything
Trees are just like us
They don't deserve to be chopped down
Save the trees!
Feb 25
nonfiction challenge: Lifeline

The dog's tree

For me trees have lot's of special meanings, and I wanted to share one of them; My grandmother used to have a dog named Chemio. She was there when I was born and was the first dog I'd met. She had a special tree she'd lie under for hours. As she got older, so did the tree. When I was 5 we found out she had cancer in one of her paws. She then had to lean and hobble on 3 legs. The tree started to lean too. A little after she was put down the tree started to die. After that whenever I'd see that big spruce tree, I'd always remember Chemio.
Jan 29

Some of my new rainbow loom/loomigurumi

Jan 29
poem challenge: Lifeline


When I was small
I always thought trees were a  quick renewable resource
Always there and growing quickly
I never knew
That trees are living
That millions of trees are cut down every year
I never thought about trees as anything but wood
Now I know
That trees arent just things growing out of the ground
Trees are beatiful and living
They shouldn't be cut down and chopped
Trees are living things that eat and drink and move like us
Trees even put oxygen in the air and filter it through their leaves
We need more trees to make the air cleaner
We should stop cutting down so many trees
And replant them if we do
Jan 23

Growing up

Growing up is hard
Its all about
Do they like me?
Is this too expensive?
Is this shirt cute?
Back in grade school things were easy
No failing, no grades, no worries
Now things have changed a lot 
Worries, money, crushes, friends
Now instead of being able to smile and laugh freely
Theres always worries inside bubbling up all day and night
I used to think growing up was fun
But its truly difficult

Jan 19
nonfiction challenge: Mirror

Looking in the Mirror

When I look in the mirror
I see a short girl
With big long legs
Eyelahes too long
I see a girl
With a big nose
And dry sensitive hands
I see a super shy girl
Too quiet
I used to not like looking in the mirror

But then when I look in the mirror
I see a girl
With long legs
Pretty eyelashes
I see a girl
With an alright nose
And my sesitive hands
I see a brave girl
Whos been through a lot
I see someone who can't be walked over
And will speak when she wants to
I now like looking in the mirror

Now when I look in the mirror
I see a perfect girl
With long hair and eyelashes
Long flexible legs
A good nose
I see a girl
With my hands
A girl whos been through so much
A brave unpredictable girl
With painted nails
And stylish clothes
I see my nice glasses
And I smile seeing my braces