Jan 04
poem challenge: Someone

She Dreamed

She dreamed of someone who couldn’t quite be placed
Someone with power to control everything
Who made it dreary outside
The sky roaring while the color gets sucked out of it
The flowers lying on the ground
As he came
She dreamed of someone who couldn’t quite be there
He appeared only in her dreams
Stalking her close behind
He crept through her house
Watching her 
She dreamed of someone who could quite be there
In the dark skies his face was there
In the shiny mirrors his face was there
Under her bed his face was there
She dreamed of someone who could be placed
Jan 04
fiction challenge: Sentence


Dec 08
poem challenge: Follow


I once fell in love
He handed me a paper
'Follow me' it read
I followed
Up and down
Round and round
Heart beaing fast
Silhouettes in the moonlight
On a bench
Where he broke my heart
I once fell in love 
It started with a piece of paper
Nov 17
poem challenge: Cat Person


Nov 17


Why did you do this?
I gave you my heart
I leaned in your arms
I cried on your shoulder
But you took my heart,
And crumpled it up like a piece of paper
And ripped it like it meant nothing
You left me with no arms around me
And no ones shoulder to cry on
Why did you do this?

Oct 28
poem challenge: Appreciation


The cool air
The starry nights
The blooming flowers
The sunny days
The freezing winters
The cooling winds 
They are all things everyone loves
They are all things everyone feels 
The blazing sun
The hair whipping wind
The smell of spring in the air
The cool ocean breeze 
The places waiting to be explored
The hiding wildlife
They are all things everyone loves
They are all things everyone feels 
The bright full moons
The shining shooting stars 
The swaying tree branches
The dancing grass
The calming sound of rain
The loud claps of thunder
They are all things everyone loves
They are all things everyone feels 
They are all things everyone wants to keep
They are all things we don't want to lose
Oct 24
poem challenge: Urgency

Climate Change from Humans

Climate changes
Haven't humans done enough to Earth?
We've been polluting this planet
Caused global warming too
All these gases and carbon-dioxide are destroying Earth
Making it hotter
Also isn't good to breath in all the smoke and gas
The ice caps have been melting
Causing misery for ocean animals
And making ocean levels rise
Which can cause flooding 
And that can ruin animals habitats
Making them flee from their homes
Can us humans fix things?
If we stop fighting and work together?
Can we stop polluting and extinction
Along with global warming?
Have humans doomed the Earth to it's end?
Haven't humans done enough to Earth?

Sep 16

To all shy people

You may be shy
Or nervous
Or think people don't like you
(They do, though)
But that's okay
Shy people are kind
They are super trustworthy
And let you talk since
They know what it's like to be left out
They'll be quiet but amazing and kind and smart
They hear almost everything
Every joke and whisper
But won't go and spread it around
They don't get noticed too much
So they'd be great spies
Lots of people like them
SInce they are not super loud
And instead, will listen to their problems
And give awesome advice
They are a little hard to read
But if you like them, just tell them
And they might surprise you and like you back
They make the best friends ever
And even though they might not have as much as some people
They have strong relationships with their friends 
They don't trust many
Sep 15

The Passageway

The passageway
Leads me forward and backward
Showing me the past present and future
Giving me choices to chose from
And memories to remember
The passageway
Is sometimes dark and narrow
And sometimes wide open and sunny
It lays out the past present and future
For me to pick up and examine
For me to watch and listen
To remember
The passageway 
Leads me forward
Sep 12
poem challenge: First Grade

First day of first grade

The first day of first grade scared me
It wouldn't be as easy as read stories and sleeping
I'd have to do actual work
I got to meet my teacher that morning and she was very nice
My parents knew the teacher and helper already too
I had a lot of fun though
I had lot's of friends 
And our teacher baked us brownies
Almost every Monday if we were good
That was a very fun year
But the next year I moved away
And I don't remember that much from was I was younger
So I'm glad I remember all that