Sep 09

All Alone

I walked across the swaying grass
I sat on the hard pavement
All alone
No one with me
I looked at the groups of friends laughing
People laughing and flirting and smiling
While I sat alone 
I ripped up the grass around me
And threw it into the wind
The wind laughed in my ears as it threw the grass back in my face
I looked again
At the
Groups of friends laughing
People laughing and flirting and smiling
Feeling my eyes well up with uncried tears
All alone
Sep 07
poem challenge: Light


She danced in the dark
The soft moonlight reflecting of the glint in her eyes
She swayed to the beat
Her lips parting as she softly sang along
Her white teeth shone out it the dark
The shadows hid her well
Her black silhouette hidden
He danced with her in the dark
They danced in the dark all night every night
Hidden with no light
They danced together in the dark

Sep 06
poem challenge: Dancer


She loved dancing
She was amazing at it
It was the center of her world
It meant everything to her
But the other dancers got jealous
Because she was the best
She was moved to the back
Told that she was too good 
The others laughed
But she didn't let them stop her
She shined above all
The brightest star in the sky
She loved dancing
It was her life.
Sep 05


I watch the sun set to the west
While the moon rises to the east
The stars start sparkling in the rainbow sky
Over the blue ocean
That reflects the sun and moon
I make wishes on the stars 
As they start getting brighter on the darkening sky
The sun sinks lower behind the trees
While the moon continues to rise higher and higher
The sky turns black
 Illuminating the stars and ocean waves
Aug 22
poem challenge: Goose


I watch the Goose go by
While I pretend I can fly
I cross over the bridge
Whistling back at the birds
I watch the fish jump in and out of the river
Walking through the cucumber garden
With cucumbers waiting to be pickled
Aug 19
poem challenge: Summer


My first time camping
I was very excited
In the car holding my new dog
I was excited that I got to bring her
It was both mine and my dogs first time camping
It took awhile to get there 
But when we did it was amazing
There were tons of people and dogs 
There was hiking trails and an arcade and mini golf
It was the best campground ever
I hope we go back there soon
Aug 09

Next School Year

Next school year will be different, masks will be worn and social distancing will be in place. How do you feel about next year? Are you excited to see friends and teachers? Are you dreading wearing masks all day?
Jul 29


I sit on the beach
Listening to the oceans waves
It mourns and cries
It sings and laughs
It reaches for me
Calling me forward
Listening to the ocean waves
I feel calm
The ice cold water sends shivers down my spine
I feel alive
Listening to the ocean waves

Jul 28
poem challenge: Love Poem


Was my thought as he stared at me
He did that a lot
I pretended not to notice 
He also flirted with me a lot
But he flirted with everyone so
Its was obvious he didn't like me
My friends thought he did
But I don't think so
I've heard his friends say he likes other people anyway
I look over and he's still watching me
We make eye contact and I look away
I've known him for five years
Why would he like me now?
I still don't think he does
Jul 28

Forgive Forget and Ignore

They don't like me
I don't know why though
I try to be nice
Like moving out of the way to let her by
She just glares
Holding the door for her
Nothing works
I don't know why though
So I just ignore
Until one day we ignored each other
But that one day she sat with me and my best friend
Her and her friend and me and mine laughed and joked 
We had fun until the bell rang
I don't know what made her be nice now
But I'm grateful