Jul 28

The Best Day

It was just a normal day
Nothing unexpected was happening
Recess had just started
And like always my friends were busy inside
So I was going to the swings to watch kickball
And there was someone else there too
They were from the other class so I did not know them
I sat on the swing next to her and mostly we just sat and watch the game
But we said hi and from then on we hung out 
I had realized that day that from then on everything would be different
We are best friends now
We have been for years
Fights, drama, corona
We were always there for each other
Nothing split us apart
We will be best friends always and forever
(This is a true story)
Jul 25

Then and Now

Jul 25
poem challenge: Then and Now


I used to rush from class to class trying to not be late
Now I do virtual and video call in classes

I used to sing with my friends in chorus
Now I just listen to YouTube music

I used to run around and play tag
Now I go for walks

I used to love seeing my teachers every day
Now I see them over screens

I used to see my friends and talk every day
Now we have to video chat

I used to go shopping at the mall
Now I shop online

Everything is different now

Jul 20

Caged in

I wish I was free
This virus makes it hard to be
I'm caged in
So little to do 
Nowhere to go
I'm caged in
Watching the numbers rise
While the pollution falls
I'm caged in
Watching the rain fall
Reading my favorite books
I'm caged in
Wishing to be free
This virus makes it hard to be
Jul 01
poem challenge: Watermelon

Weird day

I ran across the beach
Looking for stones to skip
While I ate my watermelon 
We pretend we are frogs
Jumping around and laughing
As we find the feathers of a bird
And keep them 
We had a pretty weird day
Jun 30


Jun 26
poem challenge: Freedom


I remembered 

Reading my favorite books over and over

Doing my favorites things

Laughing with my friends

Singing and dancing to beats

Writing stories and poems

Watching my favorite tv shows and movies

Calling my friends all the time

Eating foods I loved

Planting flowers in the sun

Playing with my pets

Hiking  up mountains

Feeling so free

Jun 26
poem challenge: Splash!


Jun 25
poem challenge: Freedom


I flew
Letting the wind lift me up
And up
Taking me away from the world
I was free
I flew
Back down
To my nest
With  my family
Where I belong
Together we flew
Flying into the sunrise
Jun 21
poem challenge: Freedom


We are all different
Our differences 
Make us who we are
Our differences
Make us unique
Oue differences
Are our freedom