Apr 07
poem challenge: Music

Music To Me

I love music
Music combines two of my passions:
Singing and dancing
I like dancing and swaying to the beat
And singing to songs with my bff
Music reminds me of rain
I love both of them
Rain can be loud or quiet
Rain can be hard or soft
Rain can also be soothing
Just like music
I love music
Music fills me up
And makes be start dancing and swaying
To the beat
Dancing just comes easily for me
Music makes me feel better
I listen to it when
I'm sad or mad or happy or want to drown out the world
I love music

Apr 02
poem challenge: Name

My Name

My name is Flowergirl12300
I chose it for a reason
Flowers are unique 
Each and everyone 
Is unique in their own way
So am I 
Flowers are bold
They rise up above the grass and shine
So do I
Flowers dance in the wind and shine brightly
So do I
Flowers are one of my favorite things
Thats the reason why
My name is Flowergirl12300
Apr 02

You Are

You are awesome
You are beautiful
You are smart
Don't let people think you arent
You are brave 
You are unique
You are amazing
Don't let people think you arent
You are one-of-a-kind
You are special
You are kind
Don't let people think you arent
You are caring
You are pretty
You are your own person
Don't let people think you arent
Apr 01

They Think

They think im just a shy baby
They think I'm stupid
They think I have no feelings
But they dont understand
They think I'm quiet
They think I'm weird
They think I dont hear them whisper
But they dont understand
They think I have issues
They think I dont care
They think I look weird
But they dont understand
They think I'm crazy
They think I'm brainless
They think I'm heartless
They think im a loser
But they dont understand

Mar 31
nonfiction challenge: Dreaming

Recurring Dream

Ive had this recurring dream for years. I'll tell you about it. I was walking on some random island by myself and worring about my best friend, she had been gone for days and she never told me she was going anywhere. I was pacing back and forth on that random island waiting for her. Then a plane comes out of nowhere and drops her off. Then suddenly we were at my house somehow. I was excited to see her and wanted to tell her all the things she missed. Then she said, hang on, I need to go to my country first. Then she ran up the stairs in my house and I followed her. Then she said, yay we are back in Itatly! I was so confused. What do you mean Italy?, I asked. Then the dream ended.

(Btw this never actually happend, but for some reason I keep getting this dream over and over).
Mar 30

Wolves Eyes

I look around
Feeling so helpless
As my pack runs
We run from our home land
As the tree's rip out of the ground
As the wind whips us around
As the ground shakes
Like giant paws pounding the ground
Thunder roars at us
Lightning strikes at us
We run as a pack
But we lose some
The strong winds take wolves
We slip and slide
As the rain soaks us
Making is harder and harder to see
The wind throws tree's at us
We dodge and slide down the hill
We all huddle in a cave
waiting for the storm to pass over
With a storm this strong
We were lucky to survive 
Mar 30
poem challenge: Weather

The Storm

Thunder rolls 
lightening strikes
Rain beats down hard trying to drown everything out
Power lines rattle in the harsh wind
The thunder get louder and louder
demanding attention
Cars slide on the wet road
Tree's sway in the strong wind
The storm get stronger and stronger
The sky turns a dark gray
angry and sad
Then suddenly in all stops
Rain falls softly
As the suns shines 
The sky is a soft happy blue
As the clouds clear away
and a rainbow appears
Mar 22
fiction challenge: Critter

Little Critter

I ran and didnt stop for awhile. I was scared. I looked around but my pack was nowhere around me. I was just a little pup alone in the wild. My mum said to watch out for people with long sticks that go up to the peoples faces and go bang.
I whimpered as I heard another human near me. Then I smelled three more close behind. I knew that if i stayed hidden they would find me but if I ran they would come after me.
I looked up and saw a crow watching me hovering in the sky. Papa always said to follow the crows if you are lost. 
I took of running and followed the bird away as the humans chased us.
Then I saw a little opening and the mountain and dived in. The people ran by me.
I had to find my pack, I was just a lone wolf without them.
Mar 18
poem challenge: Photo-Green


Green is anywhere and everywhere
Green is all around us
Trees are green
Grass is green
Plants are green
Emeralds are green
Lots of things are green
green is amazing and pretty 
where would this world be without green
Green is anywhere and everywhere
Mar 18
poem challenge: Glass


I stare out the glass
everything out there is so free
trees, animals, plants, birds
I wish I was a bird
so free and able to do anything.
The glass traps me 
waiting for my next move
I spend all day looking out the glass
waiting for something to happen
wishing I were out there
free like a bird 
Everywhere around me is glass
all i can do is look out it
and wait and wait
all I have left to do is hope
Hope this will end
The glass traps me