Mar 17


What are you afraid of?
Does your brain shy away from it?
Are you too afraid of it to be embraced by it?
Our fears make us stronger
Image a world where no one was afraid
It would be so boring and empty
I dare you all to face your fear
you will feel better and stronger
Fears are a part of who we are though
Facing your fear doesnt mean your a chicken
It means your strong and smart
But you are stronger then fear
fear tries to make you afriad and make you run away
Facing your fears makes fear cower from you.
Face your fears!
Mar 12


Rain falls around me
first soft then harder and harder
trying to drown out the sun
but the sun doesnt give up
rain trys to take over
some days the sky is sad 
it crys and crys for days 
lightning strikes and thunder rolls
the sky is angry and crys some more
but finally the sky stops crying
and the sun shines
the sky cant stay sad forever
Mar 09
fiction challenge: City

City Life

I hear knocking at my door as im reading,
 "Come in" I yell.
"Hi Lilly, we have some news for you...we are moving to the city!" Mom says as she and dad walk in my room.
"WHAT!" I shrieked. "I cant leave my friends and my school and everything"
"Come on Lilly it will be fun, you will get a fresh new start!" Her dad exclaimed.
Later in the car: 
"Almost there!​" Mom and dad said cheerfully.
How could they be so happy? They didnt even have any friends or family in the city. She had always heard that the city was loud and messy with the building smushed together.
We stopped at a hotel and grabbed our stuff, after LOTS of trips we had all our stuff in our room.
"Why dont you go explore Lilly?" Mom suggested,"We can unpack everything."
"Okay, thank you Mom" I said.
Mar 01


I think of Spring as a fresh new beginning

The start of a fresh new year

The time when people smile

When flowers bloom

When Bee's come out

When everything is better

I think of Spring as a new start to the year

People play sports

Friends laugh and play

I think of Spring as a fresh new beginning
Feb 15
fiction challenge: Fame

Family Fame

Myla hid behind her hair as a giant crowd of people pushed each other to see her.
She hated this. She had to be fancy and she could never have fun. She could never be her real self.
She gave the watching crowd her the coldest glare she could muster as she stomped away.
Her parents expected her to look, act and be perfect all the time.
No one knows how lucky it is to have fun with friends. She had never even had fun in her.
She was going to put an end to this.
She ran upstairs to her room and grabbed a sweater and some jeans. She put her hair in a messy ponytail.
She was done with this life. She grabbed all her fancy clothes and items and through them in the trash. She then packed fast and ran out the door. She was free! She had been waiting for the moment in her life when she was finally brave enough to leave. 
Some people dream of being famous...they need to reamember the disadvantages first.
Feb 12

Best Friend

I will always have your back
Through the toughest times
to the sad goodbyes
I will always have your back
Through the mountains
to the moon
I will always have your back
Through this virus
through anything
I will always have your back
through the bad days 
to the best days ever
Through times when we argue
you are my best friend
I will always have your back

~To my best friend
Feb 10

Ordinary Girl

Myla was an ordianry girl. Well...mostly. She can read minds and she has photographic memory. She was made fun of and she had no friends because of it. Everywhere she went people were always staring and pointing at her. Crowds of people would clear away as soon as they saw her. Her mother always told her that they were just jealous of her. Myla tried to wear dark colors to blend in and hide behind her hair but everyone still noticed her. As she got older and got more control over her mind reading she read peoples minds to see what they really thought of her. She smiled, turns out my mother was right, she thought. There is a silver lining to each and every cloud.
Feb 10

The Spruce tree

Spuce tree´s are beautiful and full of life their branches sway in the wind as I think of all the memories Ive had with the old tree.
The old spruce tree was my dogs favorite he would lay under the swaying branches after a long day of playing and let the pine needles fall on him. The spruce tree is very old and its still standing through all kinds of weather.
Some memories I have with it are sad, like it was my dogs favorite tree but my dog passed away.
Spruce tree´s smell good and fresh.
Their wood is nice and they are useful, plus they are used for things like Christmas.
My spruce tree has had a long hard life and has survived through so much.

Feb 10

Masks On

Mya curled in a ball stared at the ceiling thinking. Someone from her school died from corona virus because he did not like wearing masks and social distancing. She thought sadly of all the people she knew who were dieing from the virus. Some of her cousins. Her classmates. One of her teachers. She missed her friends and her family. The virus was spreading fast and getting more deadly. Most people thought it was like the flu and dont wear masks. She looked out her window. The only good thing about this virus is that nature is clearing up, she thought. An idea struck her, I dont want anyone else I love to die. I have to do something even if its small. She hopped off her bed and grabbed paper and markers. She was gonna do something to help. She started writing on the signs and put on her mask. Mya raced downstairs and went to the local park. She held up her signs and started shouting. "Wear masks. Social distance. Be safe.
Feb 10

New Puppy

I will get a puppy. Lilly thought for what seemed like the 1000th time. All her life she wanted a puppy, its all she ever wanted. Her parents thought she was not responsible enough for one though. At least they let me work at the local animal shelter though. Lilly thought ruefully. She spent everyday cleaning up after dog and puppies, feeding them, washing them, playing with them and taking them on walks. She wanted a puppy ever since she was three years old. Ive been working in an animal shelter for five years. Lilly thought as a wave of anger washed through her. FIVE YEARS. How was she not responsible enough?