Jan 12
fiction challenge: Follow
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Small Mistake

 “This is a depression bear,” Kiya said while holding up a blue stuffed care bear carrying a sour expression on its face, then handing the bear to her friend. 

“Aww he’s so cute” Eden cooed at the stuffed plush.

“Kind of ugly though” was a follow up

“He is honest,” Kiya snickered.

A small shared giggle was met between them, ending abruptly when a middle-aged woman bumped into both of them. Both of the kids looked at the back of the women in confusion after the small collision. Then they see that a piece of paper fell out of her hand. Eden reaches out for the scrap and reads what it said,

Follow me

“What is it?” Kiya asked.

“Just a note saying Follow me” Eden replied.

“We should go!”

“Why, what if something bad happens, it is very bizarre for a random lady to just tell us to follow her?”

“What if something cool is there, it’s not like we have anything to do anyway?”
Jan 07
fiction challenge: Someone
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A phantom of what was

She dreamed of someone who couldn’t be placed, someone she couldn’t quite grasp. She dreamed of an old bar on a wet street in a place where rain couldn’t even wash away the grime. Inside the floors had scrapes and scars on them from fast-moving feet and flying chairs. The men were loud but the music was louder. The smoke encompassed her as she tried to walk through the crowded tavern. The smell of stale beer and sweat hung heavy in the air. The dance floor was packed so tight she wondered how anyone could even manage to move.  Skirts were spinning, fanning out as women did twirl after twirl, jackets had been abandoned long ago, it seemed like the party had started without her. She scanned the room looking for a place to sit and watch the crowd in peace. That's when she saw him. A mere silhouette of a man with a cup and a flat cap pulled low, the other side of his booth was empty so she took her chance and started over.
Jan 06
poem challenge: Someone
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The Girl Who Dreamed

She dreamed of someone who couldn’t quite be placed
She dreamed of a girl with wild brown hair 
Someone clad in so many colors you could point them out anywhere
She dreamed of the girl singing and laughing, living her life to the fullest
Someone who would scream their heart out, and dance around their house for hours
She dreamed of a girl with a contagious smile
Who could make the meanest old man smile
She dreamed of a girl with no fears or worries
Who thought of the world as her own playpen 
The girl she dreamed of was beautiful inside and out
But with time and age, those dreams slowly started to fade, which caused the girl to shackle herself to forgetting that dream
The girl she dreamed of was gone, but still there all the same
Looking back at herself was like looking at a monster. She was unrecognizable but deep down there was still the little girl who liked to sing and dance like no one was watching
Jan 06
fiction challenge: Follow
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The Despicable Woman

It was a lovely day out, the clouds as shimmery as a pearl. My friend and I were walking on the sidewalk as we always do after school, we were chatting, laughing, giggling like we always do. We always do at least one embarrassing thing at school a day, so we like to tell each other and laugh about the moments.

    If only I knew it would be the last time I saw her. 

    We bumped into this bizarre woman. She was monstrous, her teeth were super yellow, you could say as yellow as a banana. She had a massive overbite, to the point that her teeth were sticking out of her mouth even when closed. She was super tall, like she was a woman version of a slender man. She had a dress on, all ripped up with blood on it. She had this cruel shine in her eyes. She was truly haunting. 
Jan 05
poem challenge: Someone
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She dreamed of a girl who wasn’t the same as anyone else

She dreamed of someone who couldn’t quite be placed.

She dreamed of a girl who felt like she couldn’t ever be happy again.

She dreamed of a girl who felt like her head was spinning through many bizarre thoughts.

She dreamed of a girl who felt like the whole world was in the middle and she was pushed to the boundaries. As if the boundaries asked her to join them because they knew she’d fit in there.

She dreamed of a girl who wasn’t the same as anybody else.

She dreamed of a girl who started to begin hating the things she used to like.

She dreamed of a girl who seemed as if she was depressed but didn’t know how to tell anyone.

She dreamed of a girl who was sick and tired of hearing people say stuff like: “Do better.” “You’re a girl, girls are supposed to be happy.” “Don’t be so bossy.” “Wear more makeup, you’d look prettier.” “Don’t wear THAT much makeup, you'll look fake.”
Jan 05
fiction challenge: Someone
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The Boy From Her Dreams

Sarah woke up again, dreaming of someone who made her feel special and unique. She dreamed of someone who couldn't quite be placed but was always there for her when she needed him. Sarah didn’t not like dreaming of him every night, but she certainly didn’t like it either. The problem was that she didn’t know who he was. She’d definitely never met the boy, and that she’d remember someone as amazing as him. Sarah has depicted her dreams to her family and friends all the time, and how remarkable the boy was. Sarah had never felt exceptional before, and the boys’ affable disposition was starting to make her feel that way. How was it possible that she had a huge crush on a boy she had never met? None of the thousands of books she’d read were like this. Even the therapist her parents forced her to see after they heard about her dreams, tried to convince her that it wasn’t possible to like, maybe even love someone she’d never met. But she knew it was possible, no matter what anyone said.
Dec 21
fiction challenge: Inside Cat
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Windowsill What-ifs

     Oh, how I wish to be out in the world. As I sit here on the window sill, watching others from outside walking, playing and being free. If only I could break through this window and run. Run as far as my little paws will take me. What if I was a big cat, I could run past my city and run into the forest, with the breeze in my fur and the soft pit-pat of my paws on the dirt and grass, running through the fields of flowers and tall grass. I could be as fast as a cheetah, smelling the flowers without a care in the world. Or, what if I could be a big cat in the jungle or in the plains, roaming around, climbing trees, or even meeting other big cats like me. What if I could hunt for prey that isn't just in this apartment complex. Imagine chasing a ginormous mouse. Then I could keep what I catch instead of it going into the black baggy where the dirty food and garbage goes. What if I had thumbs? Those mice are probably still in there. I could retrieve what is rightfully mine.
Dec 16
poem challenge: Inside Cat
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Out of the House

One day I’ll leave

One day I’ll go

One day I’ll have the courage to walk through that door
Out in the world I’ll walk

Out in the world I’ll roam

Out in the world I’ll be free to go
I may just be

A house cat now

But one day

One day I’ll leave home

Dec 16
fiction challenge: Inside Cat
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Inside Cat

Inside cat outside cat, same thing right? Wrong!! These ignorant humans don’t see the difference! To put it plain and simple, inside cats like me don’t get the adventures like the outdoor cats, we have to stay inside lounging, eating, and biting our owners. Humans call indoor cats names like tabby cats, black cats, or sphynx cats. Do you know how insulting that is! All the outdoor cats are usually called stray cats. It doesn’t seem so bad or so good. We indoor cats like to honor the outdoor cats because their bravery is phenomenal, so we call them cheetahs, lions, and tigers. The outdoor cats are categorized by these large cats by what they’ve been through. If you’re a tiger then you were thrown out of your home and showed your bravery by moving on and pushing forward. If you’re a cheetah then you were sick of the life of an indoor cat and became a runaway, symbolizing the speed of a cheetah.
Dec 16
fiction challenge: Reach
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And that was the moment when I knew it had all flown out of my reach.

“Is he okay?!?!” I said, rushing into the hospital room.

There he was, weak and pale, on the hospital bed. I sat on the end of the hospital bed, my face flushed with worry. Holden held out his hand gently. I took it and stared into his beautiful brown eyes, usually bright and sparkling. But now he looked so sad and weak.

“I’ll be okay, Adey. Don’t worry…” He said quietly.

But I still worried. It hurt me so much to see my favorite person in the whole world, sick and in a hospital bed. “I hope so.” I said with a sad smile.

We sat like this for the next ten minutes, staring at each other.

”You’re the magic of my life, Adey.” He said with a smile.