Apr 05
poem challenge: Five
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Long Way From Home

I watch as my spoon dips into the dregs of my cereal
I pretend I don’t hear them fighting in whispered voices in the other room
I watch as the milk mixes and swirls in the bottom of my bowl
I don’t want to know that they both don’t want to take me this weekend
I see the trees in the backyard sway in the morning breeze 
I am just a civilian caught in the crossfire of a war I want no part in
I let the cold hard counter top ground me
I  listen as angry whispers turn into hatful shouts
I watch as the world goes on even though I feel like I am forever stuck in place
I listen as the breaking of glass and the screams of anger are absorbed by the walls
I never wanted my metamorphosis to happen so soon I wanted to stay naive a little longer
I wish the neighbors still called the cops at least when that happened it still felt like somebody cared
I watch as a explosion of emotion comes up and chokes me from behind
Apr 05
fiction challenge: Rain & Shine
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How It All Started

Summer of freshman year was when I met Jack Clofman. I made the mistake of saving him from drowning in the local pool. Since then he has decided that he was going to be my best friend and I had no say about it. Where I went, Jack was never far behind, it was like he had shackled himself to me. I was annoyed by it at first, he always complained that I never smiled or that I was too brash. I told him to go kick a tree and he shut up about it. We rode our bikes to the convenience store and he always let me bully him into buying me ice cream. It was nice in a way he was the reason that we were friends, I had to do nothing but show up and let him talk at me. I taught him how to swim and he taught me how to ride my bike with no hands on the handle bars, that was also the summer I broke my hand. He bought me a lot of ice cream after that. Come Junior year is when we had to start dispelling rumors about us dating. I thought they were funny but he never laughed.
Mar 30
fiction challenge: Rain & Shine
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I Promise

Two girls never thought they’d meet up. One named Gracie, she’s always happy, optimistic and bright. Like a bright sunny day. You look at her and you see happiness and that instantly makes your day happier than ever. But then the other named Ruth, she was a pessimistic person and always was unhappy. She was like an ugly rainy day and you can’t do anything about it. She’ll make you unhappy when she trips you, walking down the hallway. 

Ruth and Gracie were assigned partners one day and Gracie always started every single conversation. She knew that Ruth was dying to talk to her but her mind wouldn’t let her do it. The conversation dies over time. And Ruth’s words would die in her throat as she wanted to speak them.

“And that’s how you multiply fractions. Do you have any questions?” Gracie asked Ruth.

“No.” Ruth growled.
Mar 30
fiction challenge: Rain & Shine
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Night and Day

Hi! My name is Maddie, and I'm going to tell you about my best friend, Rose. Rose and I are totally different people, but when we are together it's a perfect match. You might find this a bit fitful, or maybe even a little bizarre. It's perfect like peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, coffee and cream. I don't know why we are perfect, but life is hard alone and everyone needs a good friend. The thing is we are not like the pairs I listed, because the truth is I'm like the day, always changing the weather just like I change my emotions. I'm just like the day because I love humor, sunshine and relaxing on the beach. Rose is just like the night, sleek and simple. Always trying to put on a smile and not let her emotions spill out. Just like how the night stays calm and dark. But Rose is also super fun and knows how to sparkle like the stars. Always ready for a party or celebration. But when we get together it is amazing, her boost of sparkle and fun and my relaxation, serene life.
Mar 30
fiction challenge: Mess
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8th Grade Prankm

“You're such a party pooper!” Lily says exasperated.

“Well I’m sorry. It's just I have so much homework to do.” I lied. I already did it. I just didn't want to do that 8th grade prank. I could be reading or doing something more worth  of my time. 

“Emily you got to do more than just school. What's wrong with having a little fun! It's just a prank. You only get one childhood. Come on please!”


“Pretty please with a cherry on top!”

“Not uh!”

“Come on ever since your-”

“Lily, I don't want to talk about it.” 

While I was walking away I heard Lily say,“Sorry I forgot you're still a little sensitive! Talk to you later?” Lily said empathetically.

Mar 30
poem challenge: Five
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Lost in Myself

5 minutes 'till dawn
4 more days until the weekend
3 years since I’ve been lost in time
2 decades it’s felt like without civilian life
1 second I hope ‘till wake up from this terrible nightmare

5 more dreams to have each night
4 more nightmares I have in my restless sleep
3 more times to look at the azure cosmos
2 seconds to zone out 
1 more goodbye I wish I’d said

5 times I’ve changed for the worse
4 more times I’ve wished my metamorphosis from optimist, to pessimist hadn’t happened
3 less banters, I could have had with you
2 opportunities I could have had to win you back
1 chance is all I needed to prove my worth

5 decades have elapsed
4 more times to cry myself to sleep
3 more apologies I make inside my head
2 prayers for those who lost everything
1 ‘I love you’ to the person who knows who I’m talking about
Mar 29
fiction challenge: Eventually
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The Next Stop

    The song started up as I looked through the grimy window of the bus. It’s pretty quiet tonight, the gentle hum of the bus and Freakin’ Out on the Interstate by Briston Maroney the only things I could hear. That was common. Most people don’t take the bus at 9:30 at night, but then again most people could afford a car. My mom always told me people want what they can’t have. I find that to be very true, once you know you can’t get
Mar 29
fiction challenge: Eventually
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Eventually, the song had to end, just who would’ve thought it’d be now. I spent my entire life with that man, it feels almost impossible that he’s gone. I still remember the flowers, trees, the fields, oh! Don’t forget the museum! What a wonderful time we had. Now I wish I could go back. I knew that someday my time with him would stop, even if it meant one of us would’ve deceased like now. The thing that hurts me the most is what I’ve never done for him, like that one time. Ah, yes, we were laying together in that cute little field by our village, staring up at the beautiful azure sky. A cheerful quiet place for us to spend our time together. We had to be at least 6 or 7 years old nothing younger, nothing older. We visited the field any chance we got until that fateful day. When the neighboring village trained against us, it sends shivers down my spine just thinking of it.
Mar 27
fiction challenge: Mess
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My Best Friend's Mess

 Everything was ruined, my life is officially over, I thought. Wait a second, let me back up. My name is Lucy, and the problem started about two weeks ago when I started planning my Sweet 16 birthday party. I guess it was me and my best friend’s birthday party, too. You see, our mothers are best friends, we’re best friends, and our mothers gave birth to us on the same day. So, of course, we grew up together and became best friends. But, let’s get one thing straight, we are complete and total opposites. I’m extroverted, fun to be around, optimistic, I dress in bright colors, and have major OCD. However, my best friend, Lillian, is introverted, pessimistic, dresses in mostly black, goes with the flow, and is a natural-born leader. We’ve done everything together, birthdays, homework, we’ve even coordinated matching outfits. 
Mar 27
poem challenge: Eventually
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The Little Lady and The Enthralled Boy

Eventually the song had to end
But before that there was
Tapping feet
And mindless chatter
Beautiful belles with cards filled up
And handsome boys giving their attention

And there on the wall
A little lady
Dresses in her very best
And hoping to be seen
And that she was
For clad in the second best
A enthralled boy
Gathering the courage
To write his name

Eventually the song had to end
But before that there was
A hand put out
An offer accepted
A lead and a follow
A sweep and a twirl
Smiling mouths and twinkling eyes

Eventually the song had to end
But it was just the beginning