Nov 09
poem challenge: Winter
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Winter Comes

The trees are bare

Branches exposed to the world

With their leaves striped from them

Snow is coming

There's been clouds in the sky and a chill in the air

Heavy coats are needed

For Jack Frost is almost here

To bite your nose

And chill your toes

And play ‘till winter goes

Nov 09
fiction challenge: Winter
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The First Day of Snow is the Best

The season of snow forts, snowmen, and hot chocolate. The first snowfall of the season is so exciting. As I wake up and see a thick layer of white on the gourd snow. My brother is screaming that it is snowing. He comes into my room and begs me to come outside with him because my sister won’t.

 I say yes.
Nov 08
poem challenge: Winter
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Snow Day!

Winter is wonderful,

Oh yes it is,

The snowflakes fall on a cool winter night, 

The frost blankets everything in the nighttime,

In the morning when we awake we are in for a beautiful sight, 

Three feet of snow covers the ground,

So what do you know, it’s a snow day!

No school for me or you, 

Time to get up your parents don’t say, because it’s a snow day!

After you eat, it’s time to make snow angels with friends,

To laugh and play all day,

You’re clad in all your warmest winter gear,

You build a snowman as happy as can be,

With his bright orange nose to his big to his beaming grin,

You build tunnels through the snow all through the day,

Hopefully they won’t collapse on your body so small,

You crawl and crawl,

Snow wiggling its way to chill your tiny body,
Nov 08
essay challenge: Winter
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A Wonderful Winter

 I love winter. There is so much fun stuff you can do!!!!! I always like to go snowmobiling or skiing, or even skiing behind a snowmobile. Whether it is going outside and playing with your animals, doing a winter sport, or sitting inside sipping hot chocolate while watching a winter movie - not to mention that you can't have snow in the summer but you can swim in the winter in indoor pools. There is just so much stuff you can do in the wintertime. I personally love the winter because I love the cold. Our neighbor made a good point. You can always add more layers, but you can only take so many off. Not to mention that cold chill going down your spine as you walk outside. I also love walking on ice. One time, My brother and I went on an ice fishing trip with the scouts. One of the scout leaders brought a junky old sled to tow supplies so I got creative. I asked the scoutmaster if I could borrow a bin lid and he gave me one.
Nov 08
fiction challenge: Winter
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Fall mornings

By Romae Martone, Williston Central School

The street lights are just turning off, the ground is wet, Vermont is soaked to the bone. A light wind that dares to disturb the otherwise still morning runs gentle hands through my hair, leaves that still hang on trees are holding on for dear life not wanting to make the plummet.

The cold air tries to encompass us and we walk. Rotting pumpkins sit sadly on front steps, ready to be thrown in the trash. Rotten smiles and decomposing eyes watch as we walk in the early morning.
Nov 08
fiction challenge: Cat Person
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Don't CATegorize.

I hear many people saying, eww… why would people get something that poops in a box? And I hear people saying, oh god, dogs are scary. But I think, like humans, there are some good, and some bad from all the places. I've seen many mean and hissing cats, but I've also seen calm, nice, purring cats. I've seen plenty of big, (or small) barking-biting mean dogs, but I've also seen some nice, playful, happy cute dogs. I think you can't just fit 373,000,000 animals into one group. I myself have a cat but I would like to have a playful dog who could get along with my cat and not fight. There are also many other animals, but one, in particular, is sort of funny to me. (this doesn't mean you shouldn't have one) but I've heard that snakes don't actually have the intellect to feel affection towards their owner, but it still doesn't mean you clump them into a group of mean things.
Nov 08
fiction challenge: Cat Person
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Cat person or dog person?

For the past few years, I’ve been debating with myself whether I am a cat person or a dog person. Dogs used to be my main interest, and I loved them. Now, I’m more on the side of being a cat person. Although I love the friendliness and energy of dogs, I feel as though I relate more to cats, which might be why I prefer them over dogs.     

There are many other reasons why I prefer cats over dogs. Cats are much easier to take care of, and they don’t take up as much space. Plus they usually will be willing to let them pet you as long as you don’t push them. Cats are also overall safer than dogs. There’s no risk of getting bitten badly, or seriously injured. The most cats could do to you is a bad scratch. 
Oct 22
poem challenge: Melted Lines
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Grilled Hope

A little girl sat down and pouted 

Because the place she sat was very crowded 

With people coming from near and far 

Through the door that had been left ajar 

And even though the room was filled with pleas

To let them in without any fees

She found hope in the buttery melted lines, of her grilled cheese

And even though her baby brother cried 

She still smiled a smile that was very wide 

Her mother was trying to stimulate 

Her brother as they had a very long wait

Looking down at the melted butter 

Took her thoughts away from her sobbing brother 

She thought all of this as they tried to get in 

To a Vet Clinic called Dolphins Fin

As people around her called out in pain

Because they learned they would never see their beloved friend again

She was still happy in this place 
Oct 21
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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We're tired of moving!


 “I’m sick of it!” Grandpa Mike yelled, “I am not moving again! For two years I have been moving and I'm staying put!”

“Dad we can't stay too. The people will move in soon!” Mother says firmly.

“Mommy, I don't want to leave either! We like this home,” says my twin sisters with little powtie eyes. 

“We have to fight for it!” Grandpa Mike said. 

“I agree! I’m with grandpa!” I say.

“Lacy no we need to leave. If they see us we would give them heart attacks and they will try to hunt us down!” My mom is scared.

 “We are ghosts, Mom. They can't even see us unless we show them what we look like..” I say.

 Then we heard keys opening a door and we all hid. The people looked rich. The lady was clad with a fur coat. And the man with the gold watch.

Then grandpa Mike yells, “CHARGE!”

I joined the twins too. My mother yelled, “Stop!” But it did not work.
Oct 19
fiction challenge: Melted Lines
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Lucy’s Grilled Cheese

     Lucy is a twelve-year-old girl with a kind disposition. Lucy liked to think she had a pretty good life, but all that was about to change. It was a cool, sunny, fall day in northern Maine. Lucy had gotten home from school that day expecting it to be like any other day of the school year. She would get home from school, her dad working in his home office, and her mother working at the hospital till nine at night. But no, that couldn’t possibly be the case today due to her parents having other plans that Lucy was unaware of. She shut the door as she walked into her home. Lucy was about to get a snack when she realized that she’d been completely oblivious of what was going on. There were boxes stacked up all over their house! Lucy’s first thought was that her parents were kicking her out. Totally freaked out, she rushed to find her dad and ask him what in the world was going on. She hollered and hollered out to him but to reply.