Mar 27
fiction challenge: Mess
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My Best Friend's Mess

 Everything was ruined, my life is officially over, I thought. Wait a second, let me back up. My name is Lucy, and the problem started about two weeks ago when I started planning my Sweet 16 birthday party. I guess it was me and my best friend’s birthday party, too. You see, our mothers are best friends, we’re best friends, and our mothers gave birth to us on the same day. So, of course, we grew up together and became best friends. But, let’s get one thing straight, we are complete and total opposites. I’m extroverted, fun to be around, optimistic, I dress in bright colors, and have major OCD. However, my best friend, Lillian, is introverted, pessimistic, dresses in mostly black, goes with the flow, and is a natural-born leader. We’ve done everything together, birthdays, homework, we’ve even coordinated matching outfits. 
Mar 27
poem challenge: Eventually
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The Little Lady and The Enthralled Boy

Eventually the song had to end
But before that there was
Tapping feet
And mindless chatter
Beautiful belles with cards filled up
And handsome boys giving their attention

And there on the wall
A little lady
Dresses in her very best
And hoping to be seen
And that she was
For clad in the second best
A enthralled boy
Gathering the courage
To write his name

Eventually the song had to end
But before that there was
A hand put out
An offer accepted
A lead and a follow
A sweep and a twirl
Smiling mouths and twinkling eyes

Eventually the song had to end
But it was just the beginning

Jan 23
fiction challenge: Spirit
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Hello darkness my old friend

I woke up abruptly. That was bizarre, I thought to myself, looking around my big but cramped room, full of cookbooks, anthologies, and old game consoles. I sat back in my bed and stared out the window, trying to fall asleep, but also thinking. Thinking about Umma. Is she okay? Is this fantasy of her coming back home ever gonna actually happen?

I rolled over in my bed, pulling the covers over my head. I try not to think about Umma. Not during the day, anyways. It hurts me too much to think about her disappearance 9 years ago. Would a mother really abandon her 2 kids, both at 5 years old? It’s a question I ask myself a lot. After a while, though, I gave up hope. I’m rustled out of my deep thoughts when I hear another voice, this time in Korean.

Are you deaf? I know you can hear me, stop ignoring me.
Jan 21
fiction challenge: Spirit
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Never really alone

By Romae Martone

If I had a spirit, I think it would take form as a little girl, a younger me, if you will. A ghost of what I used to be, the younger me that had dreams of being a queen or a dancer.

She would follow me all of my life to see what we have become; she doesn't talk, just gives me judgmental glares or slight nods. Never giving too much away.

I like that she is always there, making sure we still make snow angels in the winter and eat too much ice cream in the summer. Just because I have gotten older, it doesn't mean that I have to abandon the child I used to be. I can still be her at times. Just because I have grown up slightly, it doesn't mean that I have to succumb to the idea that I can’t be a kid anymore.
Jan 18
essay challenge: Sixth
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Danger Intuition

I have so many ideas for a sixth sense for human beings, but one, in particular, stands out to me. Examples include the ability to do any one talent of your choosing fantastically, and a heightened sense of intuition. But, the ability that I think will be the most beneficial and crucial with our current generations, is the ability to predict, and sense danger. This sense would be major in our society because it could help prevent despicable calamities, and in doing so, save a lot of peoples’ lives. For example, if you could sense that someone is about to murder you, you could prevent that from happening. Another example of this is if someone is thinking about assaulting you, and in doing so, hurting you physically and emotionally, you could stop that person from committing that action towards you. You could just rip out your pepper spray, and shower them with the acid-y chemicals. Pshhh!!!! After that, they wouldn’t dare lay a finger on you, let alone harm you in any way. 
Jan 18
fiction challenge: Spirit
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We, I

If I had a spirit that watches over me, how would this spirit be? This spirit would be myself, a fluid self, a bit smarter self, but neither the less, myself. They look like me, act like me, think like me since I'm them and they are me. I can't see or hear them outside, and because of that, it’s a struggle to communicate with them.

But they find their own ways to help me. They are the voices in my head that tell me to not do something stupid. They help me apprehend things by making me fixate on small things to get the bigger picture. 

They’re the gut feeling I get to tell me something is wrong. And although they are the reasons I live and survive, they are also the reason I weep and stress.

They can be degrading and tell me that everyone is staring and judging, how no one really cares, how everything is not worth it for me. 
Jan 18
fiction challenge: Sixth
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The Danger Sense

If I had a sixth sense it would be that I would know when something dangerous/bad is about to happen. How I would know that something dangerous/bad was about to happen, I would get a tingling sensation all over my body. 

    This sense could prevent me from getting seriously injured or just a bit injured. No matter how big or small the injury could be, it’ll save me from excruciating pain. 

    One thing it could be helpful for is that if my family were about to get into a car crash, or something super terrible, my body would start tingling and I would tell them something is about to happen and we would pull over and avoid the calamity that would’ve happened. 
Jan 18
fiction challenge: Spirit
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My Guardian

 My guardian, Rosie, flew right above me. Her hair whipped in the wind. Her eyes shifted from me to my horse every few seconds. I ignored her. Frank (my dapple gray, Angelo Arab, Morgan cross rescue) and I felt like we were flying. 
Even though Rosie had kept warning me today about getting hurt, I refused to listen. While I normally heeded every word uttered from her mouth, today was different. Today I was riding. All of the pain and anxiety lifted from my mind, I was free. Here I felt safe. Frank would protect me. I knew it. 
We cantered around the arena and I took a moment to look into Rosie’s eyes. The color was ever-shifting, matching her mood (and mine) perfectly. 
Jan 13
fiction challenge: Sixth
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The Alley Way

 I’ve always had the feeling that someone is always looking over my shoulder. I’ve been haunted by this thought for my whole life. At least it felt like that. It feels like a third parent. She or he’s always looked after me. I’ve always assumed that it’s a spirit of some sort. Always helping me on deciding something. Whether the idea’s the safest or best option or not.
Jan 12
poem challenge: Spirit
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My Spirit

I have a spirit named Emily. 

She looks like my mother but with wings.

She came when my mother went to heaven.

She protects me from the dangers of the world.

She can fly.

She is a conscientious spirit.

She is affable.

She sings me my special lullabies.

She likes to fly me to school every morning.

She keeps me warm in the winter.

She's my bright light in the night.

She always was serene when she played with me.

She loves to swing at the playground.

She wears her hair half up.

She loves green.

She feels profound with art.

She likes the library and to read.

And she stays with my heart.