Mar 13
opinion challenge: Movies

Easy A: A Review

Movie: Easy A 
Age rating: PG - 13 
Rotten Tomato Score: 85% 
Audience Score: 77% 
Personal score: 65% 

Summary: “Prompted by her popular best friend to spill details of her boring weekend, Olive (Emma Stone), a clean-cut teen, decides to spice things up by telling a little lie about losing her virginity. When the high-school busybody (Amanda Bynes) overhears the conversation and spreads it all over campus, Olive is suddenly notorious but for the wrong reasons” (Rotten Tomatoes). 

Mar 05

I still love you in the mornings

I was inspired by the poem "You, The Stars, and I" by many of YWP's wonderful writers ( Thank you so much to everyone who worked on that piece! 

I still love you in the mornings, 
I still love you when it’s cold. 
I still love you in the dusk and dawn and fields and flowers and snow. 

I still love you when I’m sleeping, 
I still love you when I’m not. 
I still love you when I’m itchy or old or freezing or warm or hot. 

I still love you when I’m angry, 
I still love you when I'm sad.
I still love you when I’m happy or jealous or lazy or crazy or mad. 

I still love you when I’m running,
I still love you when I walk. 
I still love you when I’m laughing and jumping and screaming and playing with chalk.  

I love you with a penny 
or a giant yellow yacht. 
I love you like red wine,
Feb 11
poetry challenge: Teenager

I Had Never Felt Less Black

A melatonin frenzy, 
where hurried bodies 
scatter back and forth. 


I walked down the hallway to the dance floor,
streamers hanging from their perch atop the ceiling, 
searching for my curly haired friend 
among the dizzying mass of people. 

A wave of sound hit me like a brick, 
the chatter of inpatient teenagers 
rocking back and forth on their Jordans 
overlaid the loud bass echoing in my throat. 

As the crowd grew louder, 
my throat constricted,
choking on the harsh words 
of people I didn’t understand. 

Every few seconds,
someone would start a mosh pit, cheering and clapping, 
“Ay ay ay” 
hyping up the dancer in the middle. 

I just tried not to get trampled on, 
bodies ebbing in and away, 
shoving, pushing past me 
and into another circle. 
Feb 01

There’s so much to do and so little time

There’s so much to do and so little time / I’m never going to relax / All of this will amount to nothing / By the time highschool is over I won’t even have enjoyed it / There are better writers out than me / Too much pressure / I can’t focus on anything outside of school / Crew season is coming up and I’m not prepared / The truth / My body is so weird lately / I spend too much time on my phone / speaking of which / I’m doing so much / but it still doesn’t feel like enough / My teacher will think less of me / Have my parents been lying to me? / Jesus watches over me / i only kinda sorta try / INRI / The list could go on / and on / and on . 

Jan 21
poetry challenge: Teenager

Winter and Baltimore

In the winter the water whispers, 
trickles its cold fingers 
down my spine. 

But snow is shy tonight, 
won’t be seen crying, 
snowflakes slipping out of its white eyes. 

And it’s disorienting, 
when you drive down York Street, 
seeing the redlining that ruined the ruins of a city.  

Burning daylight, 
we fight our way through the melee, 
and race time across the highway, 
while towers blink back behind us. 

Dec 27

It is Only 5 o'clock

Dec 27

Swim team

I don’t know what freestyle is. I take the name to heart and literally freestyle my way through the pool. So, while my teammates dutifully paddle back and forth, waving their hands in a monotonous motion, I jump, flip, and dive through the pool. Sometimes I dive to the bottom, then launch my feet like a springboard and explode into the air. Eventually, I catch my breath, by floating on my back and staring up into the cavernous ceiling. The whistles and yells of coaches and children echo faintly in my ear, until the water beckons me back into the deep. 
Dec 22

My World at 9:00 am on a Winter Morning