Dec 04
poem challenge: Haiku

Christmas Presents

Dec 04
poem challenge: Haiku

Resin Art Bookmarks

Dec 04
poem challenge: Haiku


Dec 02
fiction challenge: Follow

I Don't Stop

       So I follow. I follow up and down, through the sparkling evergreens, inside branches and brambles, past cabins and meadows and all civilization until we crest the top of a hill. I never see her face. She keeps a steady pace and my heart beats in time to the step of her Doc Martens. We watch the sunset from the top of the hill and she says to the sky “Chase me.” 
Dec 01

Little Lonely Question Mark

Nov 22


Nov 22

Giving Up

Nov 06

Murmur My Name to the Meadow

Murmur my name to the meadow, 
and I'll move. 

Whisper my words to the water, 
and I'll swim. 

Carry my voice through the choir, 
and I'll sing. 

Scream my spirit to the sky, 
and I'll fly. 

Lament my love to the lights, 
and I'll shine. 

But do not fling my findings around like an overweight frisbee. 
Do not desecrate my language with your filthy mouth. 
Do not batter my being like some playground bully. 

rage against my rulers, 
and I 
will come 
Oct 31

Second Line

Oct 28