May 14
fiction challenge: Confidante

Louie and the Boy

        Louie saw the boy walk up the bayside towards him. Not this little shit again he thought. All Louie wanted was some peace and quiet by the bay, but this kid had to swoop in and disrupt him every damn day. (Deep down Louie didn’t mind having the kid around that much. Once in a while he enjoyed the company.) As the kid bounced closer, Louie took in the sight of him. He was like all the sprite, young men wanting to do their duty. Bright eyed, strong jawed, confident, with his dark, brown skin gleaming in the Louisiana sunlight.   

       “Hey, Louie.” the kid called out. Louie grunted back noncommittally. “I need to talk to you about something.” When Louie heard the boy’s unusually serious tone, he peered closer at him. The kid’s usually light, shiny eyes were darker, like sunglasses shielding away the sun. They were…changed. There was something new in them. Something Louie couldn’t quite place but seemed familiar. 
May 10
poem challenge: Six Words

The Hood: An Ending

May 09

Moving On Act 2

May 09

Moving On Act 1

May 05

USA Commercial: Wealthy White Man

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May 04
poem challenge: Six Words

A Typical Dinner

Apr 29

12am - 2pm

                                                                                                       12am - 2pm 
                                                                            is the time for the dying and the newborn. 

While we are asleep in our beds, 
the dying whisper goodbye, 
while the babies giggle and gurgle their helllos'. 

The moon comforts them. 
Performing the last rites and soothing tantrums. 

The old look fondly on the young, 
and wish them well. 
The young don't understand, 
they will forget and never tell. 

The quiet comforts them, 
tells em' it'll be alright. 

One group headed for departure, 
and one headed for flight. 
Apr 29
poem challenge: Six Words

I'm Leaving

Apr 25

My mind: an internal predicament

I sometimes wish I could turn off my brain. Everything I hear, do, or say has to be turned into semantics for my own imagination. I am never out of control, only trying to live in the moment. I wish I could master the concept that George Orwell identifies in his novel 1984: “consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you just performed.” (Orwell, 1984, pg. 34)
Apr 19


I leave to escape 
the hustle and bustle, 
the plastic surgery, 
and the opportunity chasers. 

I return to embrace 
the hustle and bustle, 
the plastic surgery, 
and the opportunity chasers.