Apr 03

The Sea

Long ago, 
there was only the Sea, 
and her daughters, 
and the sky above. 

Before the Sea had a shore. 
Before the land met the sun. 
Before Her language was sought,
and new ones found. 

Before Her loves were lost. 
Before the land - dwellers walked. 
Before they turned on Her, 
and passed Her on. 

Before She hardened her heart. 
Before She launched her storms. 
Before She swore allegiance,
to no one evermore. 

Long Ago, 
there was only the Sea, 
and her daughters, 
and the sky above.  

*Inspired by the book The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea.  
Apr 03

An ode to my city

parks and parking lots 
swings and little tots 
schools and grocery shops 
libraries and flu shots 

laughter and falling tears 
musicals and forgotten fears 
birthdays and passing years 
games and many cheers 

memories and mansions 
dances and glances 
friends and dead ends 
love and second chances
Mar 28
poem challenge: Assumptions


"She's so polite" 
"Very studious." 
"Doesn't get into trouble." 
"Kinda boring." 
"She will tell us anything." 
"She won't change a thing." 

But do they know: 
That I laugh so hard that I tumble to the floor? 
That I want to play the electric guitar? 
That I long to be in love? 
That I screamed at my parents, stormed off to my room, and sulked to the sad sounds of Chris Cornell? 
That Despicable Me 3 made me cry?
That I thought of what it's like to die? 
That I have conversations with characters I don't even know? 
That I've worn the same frames since I was 8? 

They don't know.
Mar 22

The Evolution of Ideas

Building slowly inside of you. 

To your left, to your right. 
You see it. Or maybe you hear it? 

No one gets it but you. 
Oh, you do. 

It's like a fly, buzzing in your face. 
Whispering in your ear... 

Haunting you in your dreams. 

You fight it. 
Try to deny it. 

But it stays there. 
Wanting to break free. 
Electric and alive. 
You start thinking, 
"What if-," 
but no, you cannot hope, 
for fear of being shattered. 

But if you listen, 
maybe it's not so crazy after all. 
The clouds could be closer than you thought. 

So maybe, just maybe, you could let the monster out of it's cage. 
It was going to escape anyway. 

It looks more like a bird once its free. 
Wild and alive. 
What will it do?
Create or destroy? 
Fall or fly? 
Mar 19

A Poem Debating America


I'm not here to debate about America 

                                                                                 I'm here 

                                                                               to talk about 


                                                                                    who do 



Mar 16

A Lover's Plight and Release

He wandered through her mind 
Drifting in a castle of dreams 
A euphoria, an ecstatic high 

Until he saw the red flag, 
waving among the white. 
He knew was in the wrong world, 
he needed reality not desire. 

So he pulled away, 
eyes that fluttered open, 
back into the world he belonged. 
Mar 16

The Owls

The owls are coming 
beating, soaring, Flying 

In between the muses of reason and rhyme 
In between Time and Fate, and Fate and Time

They always see the Stag, 
whether or not they take the shot

They watch and they wait
All-seeing and Ever-knowing 

They perch in the spaces between endings and beginnings.  
Between love and hate. 
Between life or death. 
Between a step foward or a step back. 

The owls, they come beating, 
soaring, Flying


* Inspired by the book The Starless Sea  by Erin Morgenstern. (highly recommend it)
Mar 16

History Skippin'

My history teacher rushes by, 
when he talks about "people like me". 
It's not his fault, he doesn't try, 
but I hear and I see. 

We have debates, 
and talks, 
about all sorts of things. 
But he rushes by, 
when he talks about "people like me.". 

I can't get a word in. 
I can't speak! 
Cause' he rushes on by, 
when he talks about "people like me". 

We know the stories! 
I get the side-eye. 
But he rushes on by, 
when he talks about "people like me". 

I won't get offended, 
there's no need to creep by. 
But he rushes by, 
when he talks about "people like me". 

We have to stay "anonomys". 
Too big a fish to fry. 
So he rushes on by, 
when he talks about "people like me". 

Now hold on! 

We've seen the blood on the streets. 
It ain't no red dye. 
But he rushes by, 
Mar 13

Words Like Stone

Mar 11

I Can't Do it

I can't communicate through a screen. 
I can't do it. 
I can't sit and watch and wait and wonder why you won't answer my texts. 
I can't do it. 
I can't see black bloxes endlessly spanning on and on covering the truth. 
I can't do it. 
I can't numb my mind with videos of people with better lives. 
I can't do it. 
I can't imagine my kiss of a character that they've created. 
I can't do it. 
I can't click and click and click and click until it becomes the soundtrack to my life. 
I can't do it. 
I can't watch the white man lie as they cry and cry and cry. 
I can't do it. 
I can't stare and stare and stare like a portal will magically appear and take me away from the silence.  
I can't do it. 
I can't do it. 
I can't do it anymore. 
I can't do it.