Jun 03
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I am the black sky you look up at for confidence
I am the stars you glance at when desperate for determination
I am the moon you gaze at in need of power
I am the owl you stroke for advice
I am the fireflies you watch hopefully
I am the dream you see in your mind's eye with strength.
You can look at me.
But you don't need to.
Because you are already gifted with confidence, determination, and power.
You already have advice, hope, and strength. 
You need to look inside yourself.
Then maybe you will learn that you need nothing else but you for the trying journy ahead.
When you see me, you see you.
Jun 03
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Storm at Peace

The storm darkens,
The wind howls,
The thunder explodes,
The lightning pierces,
The waves crash,
The trees bend.
But then...
The storm grows lighter.
The wind quiets.
The thunder dissappears.
The lightning dissolves into harmless air.
The waves smooth out.
The trees stay still.
The storm is over.

Jun 03
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My fingers dance across the keys
My hands click and push and hold.
The buttons would be dizzying
But to me they stand out in bold.
My eyes search the board of characters
For the necessary letter.
I can click, I can push, I can hold...
And that makes everything better.
Apr 07
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A Warrior's Destiny (Sampler Chapter)

Chapter 1
“Look! Over there! A waterlion!”

Ciarra followed Raya’s gaze and peered into the moonlit clearing. “Wow!” she squealed. The waterlion had a long, sleek, turquoise mane. Its eyes were sky blue and polite and its body was navy. It licked the pool of water slowly with a bright pink tongue. The girls were fascinated; never had they come across such a majestic creature. Then Raya spoke.

“Uh-oh--Ciarra, it’s midnight, we need to get back before your mom finds you!” 

She pulled Ciarra out from behind the bush they had been crouching in and Ciarra stood up.

“Fine, but next time we’ve got to follow that guy!” she whispered. 

They made their way towards the faint glow of light that marked where the girls’ village was, past tall trees that were blossoming with colorful flowers and through a meadow of leafy palms.
Mar 31
poem challenge: Weather
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Rain splatters the windows,
Lightning licks the sky.
I really love this weather,
But I simply don't know why.
Soon darkness overwhelms the day,
Turning it to night.
But still the storm continues,
Causing quite a fright.
Tomorrow comes after the lively night,
The sun peeks out brilliantly.
The sky is blue,
And I know just what to do;
Play outside.

Mar 24
poem challenge: Morals
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The Devil will permit me a life of power.
The Angel will lead me a clean career.
The Devil's path will guide me by only anger and selfishness.
The Angel's path will be created by bravery and happiness.
Do you want to be an evil Enchantress or Wizard---or do you want to be a selfless hero?

Tell me in the comments... 

Mar 18
poem challenge: Photo-Green
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Mar 12
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I run outside into the crisp morning air.
My brother is out in the field. 
I watch as the cool wind blows through my hair,
And dodge the ice in the yard.
I reach the field and watch as the stream rushes by.
There is something that's magical about spring.

Mar 09
poem challenge: Dreaming
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Malfoy is approaching me,
A smirk playing across his face.
He calls me a Mudblood and threatens points,
But I've already jinxed the disgrace.
He yelps in pain as the Stinging Spell starts working it's magic,
Then Harry and Ron walk over, telling me that they're going to call that a 'Hermione Classic'.
I grin and follow them upstairs, into the common room.
And somehow that meeting with Malfoy wasn't full of gloom.

Mar 08
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Or Am I?

I dream that I'm flying.
Then I wake up and realize I'm not.
Or am I?
I dream that I'm Hermione Granger, 
Battling Lord Voldemort.
Then I wake up and realize I'm not.
Or am I?
I dream that I'm making anndroids. 
Then I wake up and realize I'm not.
Or am I?
I am. I can. I will.