May 04
poem 0 comments challenge: Nice

In My Mind

I like to think that my imagination is a real place.
A place where I can fly with my friends by my side.
A place where I can run away from the chaos of life.
A place where it is normal to be abnormal. 
A place where I can go on the internet and not see people hating on other people.
A place where nobody is judged for anything.
And even if it isn't real,
I can still go there.
And I can fly away from the ground and the neverending tsunami of emotion. 
And I can be whoever I want to be and not get judged by anybody. 
If this isn't nice, I don't know what is. 
May 04

Small Voice

I know my voice is small.
I know that I am passive.
I know they think that that they know how I feel.
I know that it annoys me to no end
As I sit quietly in the corner
Listening to them say how I feel
Wanting to scream Why don't you just ask my opinion?!
Anger bubbling up inside 
As I keep the volcano in my heart from erupting,
I know that I wish they wouldn't assume how I feel. 
Apr 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Clicker

If I Had a Remote

If I had a remote,
I would pause them before they could throw their words like knives
I would rewind to the good times 
And relive the summer sunshine 
And the laughing of my friends
And then face the bitter present with happiness in my heart.
Apr 16


What is bravery? 
It's rolling with the punches 
For the strongest among us are the ones who don't use violence.
Though this may seem like cowardice,
The bravest don't care if they are called names
What is bravery? 
It's following your instinct
And being who you are
Without caring about what others think of you
What is bravery? 
It's taking the challenge
Even if they don't think you can
And giving it your all
What is bravery?
It's standing up for the ones who can't stand up for themselves
It's daring to say "no."
And telling them to leave you alone 
What is bravery?
It's being the person you want to be
Not the one that people say is "correct"
Mar 29

The Sweet Taste of my Past

I still remember most of it.
The happy weekends
Where we drove to the sugarhouse
Past banks of snow taller than I
I still remember most of it. 
Letting the syrup run on the snow
Sweeter than any candy
Laughing with my family
As warm smells filled the air
I remember it like it was yesterday
With the feeling of happiness running through me like the syrup in my stomach
The treat tasting like pure pleasure on my small tongue
I still get that feeling 
As I laugh with my family 
Coaching my little brother 
As he plays checkers with my dad.
Mar 29

Tiger's Eyes

I watch, helpless 
as trees crash down all around me
as the furless intruders continue to make noise
as my friends run away 
as fear comes in a wave that steals my every thought
as adrenaline seems to fill my bloodstream
as others stampede past me,
running towards nowhere 
running away from the loud metal things
running away from the unwelcome guests 
running away from the ruins of what was once a home
running away from the fear, grief, and devastation that is looking back.
Mar 01

Three Artists

Feb 28

Imagine That You Are A Tree