Jan 18
poem challenge: Teenager

A list

If my body is 60% water, the other 40% is made out of / taylor swift lyrics / poems i will never finish / speeches i want to write / directions to my sister's college / people i wish i could forget / surgary sweet iced coffee / really nice things said about me by children / really terrible things said about me by my peers / outfit ideas / the color pink / conversations i've had / reeling in the years by steely dan / existential dread / worries about tomorrow / academic burnout / the need for validation / advice people think i need / advice i am ready to give / motherly love for my friends / forehead kisses / notes app drafts / things i want to tell them but will never leave my tongue / others' perceptions of me / my close friends' story posts / being scared for my sister / being hopeful for my friends / criminal minds season 3 episode 9 / regret for my words / words that could kill / being the little girl that teachers sat next to the problem boy / i can fix him / wondering if
Jan 09


Hey! Totally random but if anyone has a good story about how early art classes in school impacted your life I would LOVE to hear it. I am working on a project for school and want to hear some young artists feedback!
Dec 13

What I never learned because of the pandemic

One of my teachers would have showed me that sitting on the counter and watching pasta boil could be a form of prayer
Quite possibly the only form available to me
Another one maybe would have taught me how sitting outside in winter could help me with the grief for my grandparents whom I have never met
There would have been a field trip where we explored how to not search for outside noise when all we hear is our own thoughts
And how the Top Gun movies can be more than just film, but a spiritual experience because of your dad
My guidance teacher would have distributed worksheets about how to fall asleep without worrying about what will happen during the 8 hours you are out
And how to justify that your happiness isn't fake despite the milligrams of Prozac you take each night
Nov 04

Patron saint

Hi, I’m Gracie, patron saint of putting people who hurt me back together,
Of helping, despite getting pushed and shoved.
I speak for the people who love others more than we get loved,
Those who are armed with Elmer’s glue
And ‘I love you too’s.’
I speak for the girls who fall in love too fast
With boys who will never last.
But us, we know that,
But still we always fight back.
We continue to glue and tape
And fix that person into their best shape.
We love and we kiss and we bandage up,
Even the boys who we know better than to trust.
I speak for those who give to people who will forever take
And who cry on their bedroom floor because they know they made a mistake
After hanging up a call
That revealed he feels nothing at all.
I’m the patron saint of people who think it’s their fault.
Maybe if we would have given it more thought
We would have made them love us
Oct 25

Anne Boleyn

I feel like Anne Boleyn
not because I wear the necklace
but because she makes sense to me like few people ever have.
She was spun into the villain
just because she got a little angry
when someone treated her wrong.
But of course it was her fault
so she got some revenge
and made some waves
because someone did the same to her.
Our actions get punished by the men who do as we do
and go freely for it.
Despite all the good things we've done
one or two mistakes will become all we are.
But feeling like Anne Boleyn taught me this;
good girls retaliate 
and their words shoot to kill.
I am good girls
I am Anne Boelyn
not because I wear the necklace
but because our reputation procedes us
and spectactors don't like that good people do bad thngs once in a while. 

Oct 03

Goodbye season

I don't think we realize as humans how hard goodbye season is
Not only for those who are leaving
But for the people who will still be here when they're gone.
We forget that with every goodbye
There may or may not be another hello.
So consequently, you're stuck in their rearview mirror
Watching with teary eyes as they leave
Because they might not come back
Or when they do come back, they won't be the same person who left.
So we stay here
And turn into ghosts
Who haunt the wrong houses
Because the people who leave are rarely superstitious.
So we have to accept the phase we're in
Of knowing it's no longer going to happen
But holding onto the hope that it might
Because things like this seldom make it past goodbye season.
Sep 26

i didn't love you

i didn’t love you
but it was something 

maybe it wasn’t love
or if it was maybe it was one sided
or unrequited
but i don’t think i loved you
i think i would give you
and tell you
to make you stay and keep you in this moment
or moments prior
ones where i was better
we were better
i could have been the best for you
if you would have felt it too
but i don’t think it was ever love
i think i would have picked up your broken pieces
and glued you back together
but maybe it wasn’t love
because i didn’t love you
but it was something

May 05

No is no

Crying, screaming, begging
All for my freedom
All for my own bodily autonomy
Because old white men want to take it away

So when they provoke me
I'll kick and scream
Throw a fit
Becasue I will not settle

The adults that taught us consent
Are taking it away
But I will not put up with that

Because no is no
And I won't let them steal away my womb to someone who doesn't have one
So no
Absolutely not

My body is my own
Not the governments

So young people out there
Yell, kick, and scream
Throw a damn fit
Cry, beg, and make a fool

Because you don't need to be the majority
You just need to yell louder than everyone else
Espeacially when no is no
Apr 15
fiction challenge: Car

Glove Compartment Gum

You pulled up in your old, green car and gave me the look you always used to. The look I knew like the back of my hand. The look that healed all of my wounds. The smug smile that made your freckles look like fallen stars. The smirk that turned me from someone’s daughter, to someone’s love.
But I shouldn’t smile at you anymore. You left. Packed up faster than I could ask why. But just because I shouldn’t do something, doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I want to get into the front seat, steal the gum from your glove compartment, and ask why you left. 
Part of me is yelling that I shouldn’t say anything. The past is over and done with. That old, green car isn’t something I should care about. But yet, I still do. 
You left me in the kind of heartbreak that time will never fix. The kind that they don’t talk about. The heartbreak that teen movies don’t teach us. You left, decided I wasn’t worth it, and moved on. 
Mar 30

Than I Do

I should probably write more poetry than I do
And I should focus more on drinking water
I should probably stress less
And call my grandma
A lot more than I do

I should clean out my backpack
And my email
A lot more than I do

I should plan dates, carpool
And think less about if my friends did the homework
A lot more than I do

All I do is call him
Lay on my floor
Do my homework
And overthink what I should and shouldn't do
A lot more than other people do