Oct 09

Skye | Chapter 0

Whenever people do icebreakers for clubs, they typically ask for either your favorite ice cream flavor or your preferred superpower. Mine's always been flight. The sky is so incredibly wide, and so different from the ground. The clouds look like they could hide cities in their vast stomachs. The storms are stronger than I can comprehend. It's like a completely different planet up there.
My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate-hazelnut, by the way. Ice: broken.
(FYI this is not it; there's actually a story if you click on this)
Jul 08

The Ones Before Us

In Hayao Miyazaki's animated movie Castle in the Sky, an ancient civilization disappeared, leaving islands and immense buildings floating in the atmosphere. Write a poem, story, or essay (or create a work of art) that describes the remnants of a long-forgotten race. Are the remains more advanced than our modern world? Did the population seem to be human? Did they leave a historical record behind? Describe a real place or invent your own.
Jul 01
poem challenge: Watermelon

I Should Probably Play More Sports

Watermelon juice stains my hands,
the rivulets running like another set of arteries.
I grow a second heart in the summer,
the double-beat for saltwater and humid frog-nights.

I waste the beat on someone else’s music, but it’s mine to waste.
My bones feel too weak for real feathers; I’ll dream them instead.
I’m a pretender pretending,
but I love my life too much to find another.

Double heart means double love.
Maybe I grew the second long ago and never lost it;
even mountain snow can make them skip, despite the winter frost.
I’ve yet to fall for a human, but I can see the plunge before me.

I wish my two hearts and my bones were stronger than my mind,
so my dream feathers could sprout from my living skin.
I wouldn’t need more than one life, then
to hold all the love I have for living.
Jun 21

The Arcane | Chapter Fifteen: The Light

Jun 15

The Arcane | Chapter Fourteen: Keely's Dagger

Jun 07

The Arcane | Chapter Thirteen: Yymerenn, Sinnym, and the Faerie Queen

May 31

The Arcane | Chapter Twelve: The Guardian

May 26

The Raven Boys

These three are from The Raven Cycle: my favorite books series of-- well-- ever. Maggie Stiefvater is the best author I've ever read. The characters (from left to right) are Ronan Lynch, Gansey, and Adam Parrish.
Sorry about the funky shadows; the folder I drew on was warped, and the scanner picked up the bends in the paper.
May 24

The Arcane | Chapter Eleven: Maddie

Hah hah, imagine if I'd left it there? I will not lie, I did consider stopping for a hot minute. But I'm not that mean. Mostly (mwahahahahaha).
Anyway. Here's the next chapter. Sorry it's kinda short. I can't promise next chapter will be lengthy, but I can promise it will be interesting.
May 21

Corn Tortillas: an adulthood

This afternoon I toasted corn tortillas in a pan until they burned my fingertips. They were hot, crisped on the outside and soft in the middle, spotted with brown like a bruised banana.
It was strangely libertating. Me, standing on the linoleum and toasting my own tortillas.
It was my fingers that burned,
my hands that shook the pan
and shuffled the hot tortilla onto a plate.

Lately my present has been dedicated to my future:
a list of boxes to check,
dates to write down,
things to do and thoughts to think.
The past is a wall, rushing up behind,
but so is the future; I’m caught between.
Two planes slamming:
the Symplegades clashing closed.
A bird guided Jason; who guides me?