Apr 06
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Change is not for everyone

You can dye your hair,

And alter your appearance.

Change your surroundings,

Change your style.

But deep inside, 

You are still the same.

The same person you were before,

The same person you will always be,

And hiding it does not fix anything. 

You can lie to yourself all you want,

But you will never be different.

You are never going to change,

Because you are not committed to it.

You don’t try hard enough,

To be the person that you aspire to be, 

The person that you claim to be.

It's just a mask,

A mask of who you are,

And you hide your true self from everyone,

Because you are afraid of change,

Or because you don’t care enough to change.

You may be on cloud 9 now,

But when you come back down,

Nothing has changed.
Apr 06
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The darkness your brain holds

Not being able to sleep is one of the most frustrating things.

You lay there in silence,

You roll over.

You would do anything to get your brain to shut off,

But your brain is not ready to sleep yet.

Music running through your brain,

And thoughts,

Plenty of thoughts. 

There is no way to escape the monsters that live deep inside of your head.

Nobody can save you from the darkness that lurks in  your own brain.

You cannot seem to tame the monsters,

For they have a mind of their own.

You can try to trick them all you want,

But they do not cave,

Not even the slightest bit,

Because they have tricks of their own,

And they are determined to keep you awake.

With nothing but your thoughts,

Thoughts flying through your mind,

Thoughts of darkness,

Thoughts of stress,
Apr 06
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It saved my life.
The one thing you can always count on.
It will be there no matter what,
Waiting for you to pick up the headphones,
And plug them in.
Take a listen to someone else’s life,
Someone else’s struggles.
Have a compassionate heart,
And escape the pain,
Just for a little while,
And get lost in the beat.
All sorts of styles,
All sorts of beats,
All sorts of voices.
You will never run out
Of new choices.
You can take music anywhere with you,
And listen
To the immaculate voices,
Giving their all,
Because just like music saved me,
It saves them as well.