Jun 08

Challenge Idea

Write about a relationship (friendship, romantic, etc) you've had in your life that you've had to 'break-up'. Write about the 'break-up' from the other persons' Point Of Veiw. How did they feel? How were the affected? 

Jun 02
fiction 1 comment challenge: Switch

The Girl In The Mirror...Is Dead

I wake up
In a bed that's not mine
In a house that's not mine
And in a body that's not mine
I lift my hand
In front of my face
My skin is light and callused 
I swing my legs over the bed
Leaving the soft, resassuring sheets
Behind me
This room
It feels familier 
But not 
There is a mirror
On the closet door
I stare into my refelection
But it's not my relfection that stares back
At me
The girl staring back at me
Has long brown hair
Hazel eyes
High cheekbones
Full lips
I am me 
But I am not
I am her
But I am not 
But then
Who am I? 
May 26

~The Becoming~ Chapter 6: The Package

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't written in so long. I got my 8th concussion so I couldn't go on screens, read or do anything. SO BORING!!!
But here is the beloved chapter 6! It is kinda short, I'm sorry about that but I can't be on screens for very long peroids of time soooo yeah. 
Also I did an episode of Line Break with Iris and you should toatlly check it out! (Also IDK why I sound like I'm 10...I swear I'm not 10 haha)
Enjoy reading and I really hope you like this chapter as much as I do!

As I sat down at the table with a box of Chex, my usual breakfast, Uncle Tony came into the kitchen carrying a giant stack of papers. They looked like they weighed 800 pounds, and he dropped them onto the table with a loud thud that shook the table. 
Apr 29

Fresh Air

Apr 28

~The Becoming~ Chapter 5: Are Dreams Just Memory's In Disguise?

Here is Chapter 5! I had such a good time writing this chapter because this is the chapter where I had a good idea about what was happening to Kara, because when I write storys I like to come up with the plot when I'm writing. Hope you guys like it as much as I do! (Also this chapter turned out to be a little shorter than I expected because I wanted to leave off on a good cliff-hanger!) 

I tried to make sense of what I had seen. About how Oliver’s eyes, his ocean blue eyes, had turned red for just a second. I was sure that I had seen it. But the thought that I had had another hallucination crossed my mind once or twice or twenty times.  I was still trying to wrap my head around it when Uncle Tony called me downstairs for dinner. 
Apr 24

~The Becoming~ Chapter 4: I See Red

Read all the chapters before to understand Chapter 4! (This is definitely one of my favorite chapters, sorry it's a little short the next one will be longer I promise!) 

I had never hallucinated in my life. And I didn’t know why I did today. 
I tried to forget about it as Mr. Clark told us we were going to be reading The Lightning Thief, everyone groaned though I didn’t. I liked reading even if everyone else didn’t.
“Okay your homework for tonight,” Mr. Clark said as the bell was about to ring. Ugh, I didn’t want homework today, homework was the last thing on my mind right now. 
“Ah never mind,  I won't give you any today,” he said, his voice emotionless, his eyes glassed over. My jaw dropped open as the bell rang and everyone got up before he changed his mind. Mr. Clark rubbed his temple like he had a headache. 
“Are you okay Mr. Clark?” I asked him slowly, not sure I wanted to hear the answer. 
Apr 21

We Need To Change

it's not right
what is going on in 
our world
the way 
the police can 
get away with killing someone
it is not right
everyone should have 
an equal chance at 
living their lives 

people shouldn't be 
scared to go to 
the grocery store
or go to 
the park

people are afraid of
the police
when they are literally there
to protect us 
but now it seems
they are doing the opposite of 
protecting us

our world needs to change 
we need to change 
we need to change 
how we think
how we act
how we do

racism should
never have been a thing
but it is
and all we can do 
is stop it 
we need to 
change people's mindsets 
and therefore 
save our world from becoming 
Apr 20

~The Becoming~ Chapter 3: The Woods

Read Chapter 1 and 2 to understand Chapter 3! Happy reading!

It only took ten minutes to get to school but they were the weirdest ten minutes of my life. 
Everyone was staring at me. 
I didn’t know what to do except keep my head down and scroll through Insta . 
I wasn’t exaggerating either. Every time I looked up from my phone they were staring. The lady with her son was giving me the evil eye. The man smoking in the back glared at me. I almost laughed out loud. He was sitting under a sign that said ‘Absolutely NO Smoking!’ But something in his stare told me not to laugh. I would regret it if I did. 
I ran my hands through my hair wondering if it looked horrible, but by doing that I was  sure it made it look even worse. I just wanted everyone to stop looking at me. 
Then they did. 
Every single head turned another way. Nobody was looking my way anymore. 
Apr 19

My 'Lightning' Skateboard