Jan 19

Dogs Are More Than Just Pets

A policeman was driving on an icy road late at night. It was snowing and he couldn't wait to get home to his wife and daughter. 
But he came to an abrupt stop when he saw something in the middle of the road. It was a dog. He honked twice hoping that would scare it away but the dog didn’t move. It looked at the policeman and somehow the man knew the dog wanted him to follow him. 
The policeman pulled over and got out of the car. He couldn’t see very far ahead of him due to the snow and it was very slippery. But the dog jumped up when he saw the policeman walking over. The dog took off running to the side of the road. There was a ditch that couldn’t have been seen by somebody just driving by. 
And a truck was in it, flipped on its side covered in snow.
Jan 16

The Last Summer of Freedom -1-

Chapter 1 (:
We had the time of our lives. But like all good things, it came to an end. 
It was the summer before college. The last summer of freedom, we called it. 
It was the four of us Alice, Danny, Kai and me. We had decided, as it was the last summer of freedom after all, that we would take a road trip across the planes of Arizona and visit all of our favorite places before we all left for college. 
So we packed our bags and piled into Danny’s old Volkswagon that smelled like sage and faintly of weed. Kai convinced us to let him drive because he was a better driver than all of us combined. We couldn’t argue with that, but I knew the real reason he wanted to drive was that there wasn’t an AC in the back, and it was summer in Arizona which meant it felt like a sauna with hot coals for the flooring. 
I automatically took the passenger seat and put the AC on full blast. Danny and Alice sat in the backseat chewing gum and cracking jokes. 
Jan 05
poem challenge: Overcome


As the moon and stars swirled around me overhead, I was overcome by a sense of longing.
Longing for something, someone to be here with me staring into the infinite night sky. Someone who could hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay. 
I had somebody like that once. Somebody who would hold me under the stars and whisper secrets in my awaiting ear. 
But they weren’t secrets. They were lies. They had whispered promises of forever in my ears. 
Now I lay on the cool grass alone underneath the sky, longing for someone like that to come along and scoop me up in their and say everything will be okay. 
But all I’m left with is longing.
Dec 22

The Green-Eyed Girl

If you happen to come across the green-eyed girl 
And stare into her emerald eyes
You’ll see they are two infinite holes of sadness and anger 
But also passion and fire 
You’ll see hidden behind the emerald layers 
She has secrets 
And she’s buried them deep enough
Where even she doesn’t want to find them
The green-eyed girl 
Might say she loves you
Might even think it 
But she knows deep down she doesn’t
Because she doesn’t truly love herself 
She hides behind those layers of eyes 
Not wanting the world to see her
Not wanting to see herself 
Nobody truly knows her 
She barely even knows herself
Dec 06

Salty Loss

The sunlight shines down on the ocean water making me want to reach down and feel the water sift through my warm hands. My feet burn from the too-hot sand but I don’t move them. I haven’t been here since I was a small girl. Mom would always take me and Allie here every summer before she died. 
Summers were always my favorite because they were full of ice cream, swimming, and warm nights where the bugs would come out and eat us alive. I remember going to bed every night and my whole body would be so itchy from those damn mosquitoes. I loved it though, waking up to the salty smell of the ocean and clam chowder every day. 
But I also remembered the parts of the summer I wished I could forget. Allie’s cancer diagnosis when we were both thirteen. 
Nov 23


Nov 16
poem challenge: Winter

Ice Flowers

Snowflakes are falling from the blue sky
Sticking to the ground like a layer of powder sugar 
There are animal tracks in the snow
They lead to a pond not far from the main roads of a city 
The pond is frozen solid
Tiny ice flowers litter the ice 
This is the first time in years they have come 
The delicate ice flowers sparkle in the sun
Like millions of tiny diamonds
By afternoon they will be gone 
Melted into the lake by the bright sun 
The pond is untouched by any life
All the trees are dusted in a light layer of snow
A cool breeze blows the snow all around 
A cheerful bird chirps off in the distance 
Telling its tale of a sunny winter morning, of a pond with ice flowers 
The chirping gets louder and birds appear 
In the treetops all around the pond
Rabbits leap out of bushes 
Squirrels hop out and gather around the pond 
Chipmunks with cheeks stuffed with acorns 
Nov 14

Rock Point