Sep 19


great hike, though a little cloudy at the top
i was so scared the bees were going to come out of the nest and chase me so i wasn't able to get a great pic (i ran so fast when i saw a bee come out of it haha) 
Sep 16
poem challenge: First Grade

First grade lessons

fingers sticky with apple juice 
holding the straps of my backpack so hard
peel my small hands off, they stick to the rough straps 
slowly jumping up and down on my heels
staring at my red brick school 
the bell rings and my hands fly to my ears
the bell is too loud 
teachers with tired eyes come outside 
and herd us in like sheep and cattle 
all our footsteps sound like rumbling thunder 
echoes throughout the halls 
a morning filled with 
ABC's and 
Get to Know You's 
then it's lunchtime 
the cafeteria is loud 
and I want to cover my ears
I sit with my friends
a boy comes over 
yells something about
and he runs away screaming
back to his table
where they are all snickering 
my tablemates exclaim and giggle
am I the only one that doesn't understand? 
the bell rings
my hands instantly fly to my ears
Sep 13

flowers (:

Sep 09

Plum Island

Sep 06


Sep 02

Me as a place

I am a big house off an abandoned highway not far from a large city
If you walk past me you will see an old house that looks abandoned 
With grey stone walls and ivy vines slowly crawling their way to the roof
Some days there may be a small light glistening through the top window
Or maybe the door is slightly ajar 
If you were to go inside the house 
You would expect layers of dust and the smell of mold that would tickle your nose, for on the outside of this house looks abandoned 
But if you entered the house, if you dared, you would not find an abandoned house at all
The door would not creak and you would slowly, daringly, step into a large living room 
You would smell lavender and old burnt firewood 
You would see everything in perfect place all the way down to the candles that started burning when you stepped through the door 
You would look up and would see the stars for the roof is made of glass
Aug 28

the views

Aug 22


Aug 21

The Silver Lake Woodlands

Somehow before I even opened my eyes I knew I was in the Silver Lake Woodlands. I could tell from the crisp smell of the air and the cool breeze that stung my face. I could feel the grainy texture of dirt under my body and heard a bold waterfall far off in the distance. 
When I opened my eyes everything seemed to glow slightly with white light. The Silver Lake Woodlands were everything I had imagined and more. I felt as if I had stepped into a magical world, which I had. 
I had read stories about princes journeying to the Silver Lakes to bring forth water to the future queens to prove their worth. I had read about fairies granting mortals eternal youth but with the price of never leaving the Silver Lakes. Staying here was a gift as much as a prison. 
And somehow I, who was no princess nor fairy, but a mere mortal, had ended up in the Silver Lake Woodlands. But why?