Jul 26

Beach Days

Jul 26

Summer Garden

Jun 23

Water remembers (2 poems)

the tide is coming in 
each wave
pushing it 
and the waves are growing
until they seem 

the waves will erase 
what was left in the sand
like my mind
will forget
insignificant moments. 
I will write in the sand
the words I won't 
speak aloud, 
and when the waves come
I will watch them 
letter by letter,
hoping the waves
will take my mind 
with them. 
my tears will go 
for the ocean and tears 
are both salty – 
they are the same. 
it will be 
our little secret, 
Jun 16

Beach Days

Jun 09


All I am left with 
Is the feeling of what is
I am ready for the future
And what it will bring
But I am also scared
Because I don’t know
What it will bring
So I keep my head and eyes forward
So they don’t get stuck in the past
Because the future is now
And I’m ready to grab on to it, I won’t be the last 
I am ready for the future 
And whatever it will bring
May 18
poem challenge: Love Poem

Love Again

I fell, slowly at first. 
I was the snow at the top of the mountain that had been softly piling up and waiting for its moment to all come crashing down. 
I was the wood that smoked and turned until it finally caught, glowing brightly. 
I was the oak tree that was planted as a seed and grew for many years into a strong old oak tree, thriving. 
I was the rain slowly forming into raindrops and bringing the flood. 
But snow melts. 
And fire sizzles and burns out. 
Old trees that used to be beautiful shrivel and die. 
Even rain evaporates into thin air. 
Just like our love. 
Our love 
It was slow at first 
The avalanche came and went 
And the wood burnt out 
The once beautiful tree died
And the rain evaporated. 
But I know 
The snow will pile up again
And the wood will catch flame. 
New seeds will be planted 
And it will rain again. 
So I have hope.
May 04

Ocean of Broken Promises (6 Word Stories)

Apr 14

Love at First Sight

To my English teacher who asked us if we believed in love at first sight. Thanks for the idea. 

Is there such thing as love at first sight?
Can we see a stranger walking down the street,
And feel our hearts drop out of our chests 
In the realization that this stranger
This beautiful and new person 
Is the person you have been waiting for,
The person you have dreamed about 
Since the day you read your first fairy tale?
Can you really, truly love someone
If you don’t know them?
Or do people just want to believe 
In love at first sight?
Do they want to believe in small magics,
So they don’t have to think about the now?
Do they want to believe in rose petals and small kisses,
Just to believe in something?
Do they trick themselves into thinking 
That if it happens in movies and books 
It happens in real life. 
Apr 03

In and Out of Love

You said we were in love
But when did you fall out? 
Was it that day in the park 
During the summer drought?
Or was it that night 
We had our first fight 
About something, I don’t even remember. 
Maybe all it was to you 
Was a game
A way to twist my heart 
And tear it apart. 
Now I see you're moving on with someone new 
Do you tell her you love her too? 
Or is she just another game for you? 
Do you tell her she’s perfect for you?
And she's the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen?
All those things
You know you’ll never mean. 
I remember I believed you
But now I know 
None of it was true. 
You said we were in love
But when did you fall out?
Because I know I didn't.