Apr 12
poem challenge: Time

The Sun In Sight

Perspective in the palm of my hand
Fast, slow, fallen like sand
Goals to achieve
Missions to chase
Minutes, seconds
Failure at the end of the race
Pick me up, piece by piece
Paradox insight
We had the time of our lives
Standing tall behind their lies
Watch the sun slowly rise


Slowly dies
Dec 15


I wouldn’t go that way if I were you.

The maze is too good to be true.

Magical creatures from here and there.

Enter if you really dare.

You’ll lose track of time.

You’ll soon begin to climb.

Up and up and then back down.

You have lost sight of your crown.

These walls move quickly during the night.

So don’t be scared of the horrid sight.

Just be ready when the dog comes to bite.

It might be your time to see the light.

Its vines sway in dance and song.

This is probably your last chance to sing along.

Horns come out of the wall.

The floor begins to fall.

The blackness is taking you in.

When did the world begin to spin?

Magical creatures from here and there.

Enter if you really dare.

Lost in yourself from the beginning.

You smile, your face grinning.
May 24

Talking to the Moon

May 24

Burned by Embers

May 19
poem challenge: Music

Hidden in Tune

Listening to the ocean, pieces of heaven falling. 
Nothing hurts anymore, that is why freedom is calling.
All I can think about is you, but today I can see it.
Home, from Alabama to Arkansas. Home, oh, I'm close to home. 

When he calls me pretty, I feel like I could just float. 
Hearing simple songs, until I find someone to hold me close.
No one could say no to this, no one could. 
Only you, only you can stay. Even if you are no good. 

Car rides on the south coast. Does she sing like I would? 
All I know is that she is a lady, more than I ever could.
But this is all an illusion they say. All I know is that you and I were back then. 
Making me cry in my prom dress when I felt like myself again.

But I am always upset, that you could never see us falling in love. 
All of my grace such a shame that you didn't know when push comes to shove. 
May 04

A Father's Lullaby

We lay in the grass.
Not afraid of what is going to pass. 
His father lays in the flowers below.
Watching his son grow and grow.
He sings his song among the trees.
Listen and wait,
You'll hear it in the breeze.
His guitar strumming loud.
Drowning out the crowd.
The children play amongst the flowers.
Staring at the beautiful sight.
Come sweet child before the grass begins to bite.
Take your things and I'll tell you good night. 

Father and son, he told him not to worry.
He will be back very soon.
Just remember he will be back by the moon.
You never see him when he's gone.
Just remember his song.
He never made it back during the night.
Watching his crew battle and fight.
His song flies high and begins to soar.
Raise his flags high.
Oh, how father you can fly.

Forget me not.
He said as he left.
Lead me back to the hills.
May 03

Cries of an Angel

The road to home.
Gone at last.
Music to my ears.
Drowning out my thoughts.
Beauty in a picture.
It feels like a pool in the brain.
Running farther, and farther away.
Running away from thoughts.
Running from hope.
Falling from the skies.
A poem singing...

Take me home.

Take me home.

Cries of an angel.
Something that occurs only once.
A moving picture.
It hits your heart.
It hits your brain.
Where is this coming from?
When did you learn to think like this?
When will it stop?
Words singing...

Almost there.

Almost there.

Simple songs speak clearly.
Moving from one person to another.
That's the whole point, right?
The meaning of life?
To have meaning?

That's what they are.
They make you go down and up.

Apr 29
poem challenge: Six Words


Apr 28

Fragrances of Home


A sweet, creamy smell.
But that is only what your nose can tell.
Just by itself, it has a spicy feel.
A feeling of warmth, a feeling of thrill.
The taste of vanilla is good for a chill.
Baking cookies and cakes, desserts galore. 
Sending you back to your year four.
Mixing ingredients with your grandmother.
Teaching her tactics to another. 
Sweet and spicy; a mix in one.
You'll use it until you’re done. 


A spicy, outgoing smell.
But that is not the only thing you can tell.
Musty, hot, spiced, and warm.
The taste and smell are like an art form.
You can make pies and rolls.
The spice of cinnamon is what controls. 
The forced feeling is there for sure.
The taste of cinnamon is like a detour.
You think it will be sweet but it’s definitely spicy.
The road you take will really be icy.
Apr 27

Blooming of Spring