Mar 28

Forgotten memories

My home is roughened with bare hands.
Worn over by wasted time.
Rain and wind tear me down,

And I let it consume me.

The sorrowed tears of our loved ones.
Leaving traces of their story.
Hidden and found but never appreciated.
We leave their significance behind.
These trees wrapped in wilting vines constricted but alive.
This forest darkened and black but still healthy and bright.
The floor rottend and sunken, somehow still crunchy and fresh.
This strange vision is all so real.

And yet I thought I lived it?

My home is still roughened with these worked through hands.
The sorrowed tears of my loved ones are still pouring down.
The trees still wrapped in vines and losing their light inside.  

What have I become?

My dear darling girl left without a goodbye.
My heart shattered and repaired.
But never the same.
Mar 23


Mar 23

Hurtful truths

Mar 23

Flowers forgotten

Apr 25


the beach full of seashells and sand.
seaweed or crabs. the sand squishing
between my toes the nice ocean breez.
that's what i love about beaches. 
you can be free!

Apr 19


Apr 19
poetry challenge: Name

Name what is it?

My name Hazel what does it mean?
well google says it means
a hazelnut tree which means to me peaceful
calm and present also "Historically, a wand of hazel symbolized protection and authority."
but whatever your name is it's what it means to you.
it's your courage and strength,
it's what makes you special. 
it fits you well and is the meaning of you!
Apr 19


The one thing I can't break through
The thing that always is there
That never leaves or breaks
But keeps me where I am.
Conceals me in another place
Blocks me out from the world.
Keeps me in one place for a long time 
until I'm free until I go past and leave the barrier

where i can breathe again.
Apr 18


Apr 18