May 21


you wake up one morning remembering nothing
not knowing who you are
or were you are and not remembering your family!

your playing lacrosse against an annoying team
and they keep playing illegally and is so frustrating!

you have a dream of yourself falling down a deep 
dark hole and waking up in your bed a dripping sweat.

your at a track meat and your getting so tired from
the events you wanna collapse but the ice cream is waiting for you.

wishing you could float across the sky
to any were you want to with no exhaustion.

your in school working so hard and your getting bored
but then its time for lunch.

Apr 25

My world.

Chapter 1

The first day of school. great! i thought I'm moving to another school again! I don't understand why I've moved so much, but my mom keeps quitting her job and finding another one. So here we are getting ready for the first day of school in 7th grade for the third time!

Today I'm wearing i white T-shirt and a yellow sweater, jeans and my favorite sandals. My back pack slung over one shoulder and the short bike ride to school. When i got to school ms.levitt introduced me to the class.

She placed me next to a girl called Rosa i think that was her name i cant remember all there names. But she was my partner for the year if i even finished it! I basically hade a world of my own and took care of my self because my mom was always busy.

but that's how my school year started again.

Apr 25


the beach full of seashells and sand.
seaweed or crabs. the sand squishing
between my toes the nice ocean breez.
that's what i love about beaches. 
you can be free!

Apr 19


Apr 19
poem challenge: Name

Name what is it?

My name Hazel what does it mean?
well google says it means
a hazelnut tree which means to me peaceful
calm and present also "Historically, a wand of hazel symbolized protection and authority."
but whatever your name is it's what it means to you.
it's your courage and strength,
it's what makes you special. 
it fits you well and is the meaning of you!
Apr 19
poem challenge: Nostalgia


i rember the days when i would be offerd tea and say yuck!
but now i love tea it calms the soul and tastes good.
and frankly i dont know why i hated tea so much,
but now i think to myself life changes like a world drowning under sea.
then you float back up and are present in that moment,
back then i may have not liked tea but i floated back up and changed my tastes.
Apr 19


The one thing I can't break through
The thing that always is there
That never leaves or breaks
But keeps me where I am.
Conceals me in another place
Blocks me out from the world.
Keeps me in one place for a long time 
until I'm free until I go past and leave the barrier

where i can breathe again.
Apr 18


Apr 18


Apr 18