Nov 03

fell in love with Apollo

I woke up in the meadow again
Folding origami birds from your sentences
Sun beating down a reminder of my own mortality 
You never knew what it was like to live in fear of death 
Every step for you just an extension of the fates woven tapestry 
As for me? I was walking through the tapestry reveling in your beauty forgetting it was merely there for the pleasure of my figure
I do not believe my love was wrong for it was made by you, a god and made to last further than time's withered grasp 
If time wasn't enough to cripple a person the loneliness when you left was inextinguishable 
I could have gone home that night with your words stitched to my lungs 
Knowing full well she was waiting at the door 
Hips leaning to one side a reminiscence of a child who came and went
She could tell in my eyes
You had left a mark
Something had changed
My mortality becoming a trifle something to be bargained for
May 01


A butterfly broke her wings
As if flying wasn't enough to keep her alive
As if the color she painted on her stain-glass appendages 
Wasn't enough to hold her in the worlds cold arms
A butterfly broker her wings
And she herself knew
It was almost intentional 
Not that she wanted to be grounded but more the sky itself
Was too vast