Nov 23
poem challenge: Hope
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The same new world

Nov 09
poem challenge: Favorite
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Ode to my dog

Hazel eyes
Golden brown fur
with white patches
Always there
Every time I think I see you
Its just somebody else
I expect to see you comeing into my room for attenion
Your fur smooth and soft
I never have a good exuse
For not thinking about you
For not loving you
For wishing you wernt you
He was always my favorite out of all of them-it was barely a comepetition, he knew it too
Oct 05
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Ode to a friend

Friends will fight



Friends would die



Friends will cherish


Friends will



Friends will



freinds will be there when








Freinds will belive



freunds are worth










Aug 26
poem challenge: Summer
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Summer day

Grass between tiny toes as you play in a field of pure white dandelions.

Wishing on everyone you find.

Sitting by a small stream dipping your toes in it.

Feeling the shock of the clear cold water.

Laughing on a beach of warm sand.

As an ever bluer lake shimmers like a million galaxies.

Now as the day comes to an end the sun begins to sink in the pink sky.

Stars peek out bright and beautiful.

And the milky moon shows its face silhouetting you.

In the field catching fireflies as your world turns dark for the night.

Laughter still echoes around the dandelions.

A sigh of relief will forever be at the river.

A warm laugh of a child still hangs by the beach.

The blue lake turns even darker blue freckled with the reflections of stars.

As you lay in the grass just edging away to sleep.
Aug 24
poem challenge: Sunrise
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Morning light

Peach light filters through green leaves shaped like hearts.

A yellow and orange sun fills the sky with a pink and orange light.

Soft pastel colors coat the world.

White and pink clouds float across the skies of grey.

As the light fills the sky, the summer is ending.

A sleepy haze of peace.

Birds awaken slowly.

A soft quiet chirping fills the silent haze.

The cool night turns slowly honey warm.

Alone in the peace and silence.

The coyote howls fade into a distant dream.

Small butterflies flit around drinking dew.

They hover around the opening flowers.

A hummingbird whizzes past.

It lands on the red flower.

Its green and red feathers shine eerily pink and orange.

The moon sinks slowly past the mountains.
Aug 13
poem challenge: Build
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Forest days

The wind
The wind rushes
The wind rushes through
The wind rushes through trees
The wind rushes through trees of
The wind rushes through trees of orange
The wind rushes through trees of orange and
The wind rushes through trees of orange and red.
The wind rushes through trees of orange and red. Below
The wind rushes through trees of orange and red . Below a 
The wind rushes through trees of orange and red. Below a crystal
The wind rushes through trees of orange and red. Below a crystal clear
The wind rushes through trees of orange and red. Below a crystal clear river
The wind rushes through trees of orange and red. Below a cyrstal clear river flows.
Aug 04
poem challenge: Six Words
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Aug 04
poem challenge: Day
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Sitting in the shade of a willow.

A book sitting in my hands.

Wildflowers in shades of purples surround me.

Ice cold bubble tea in my hands.

A sketchpade and notepad by my side.

A cool summer breeze rustles through the trees.

Birds tweeting in the trees around me.

My border colllie puppy playing in the flowers beside me.

Jul 07
poem challenge: Soar
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Cities lit up by lights in darkness.

Clouds floating past.

Grey and wet.

Birds soaring around twittering.

Stars scattered far above.

The moon is golden and milky.

Cold winds whip around.

Black endless sky above. 

Now the dark blue ocean below.

Jul 01
poem challenge: World
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I´m afraid the world is closed

Hello, I'd like  to sign up to the world.
I'm sorry the world is closed temporarily.
You see there is a problem in the connection to the world.
I think it might have glitched to a holt.
Maybe it's a virus.
Oh yes that's what it is.
A virus the um let me see.
Ah ha it's the Coronavirus.
It should be over soon.
Come back well let me see in a couple years.
the world should be open then.
Thank you but I need access to the world now!
Well I um. You know that is the question.
Yes, yes it is.
Well I will come back in a couple years thank you.
Of course.