Oct 04
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Wow Im bored, I think thats why im searching for something to write about. Yawn im kind of tired and hungry, daaaad is dinner almost ready. I wonder if its going to rain again, wow i have a very random train of thought. Oh My chromebook is gonna die i need a charger. Oh dang it we have long math tomorow NOOOOOOOOO. I think im gonna draw, but then I have to think of something to draw and i have to stand up and get the supplys but im comfy. I keep on getting the same spotify ad, its getting really old. Ooooh my dog is here YAY, oh wow she is soft, why is my dog sniffing my rug, odd, i wonder if i dropped a chip or something. She is eating a peice of tofu, she is so cute. I cant even stand how cute she is, i want to give her a huuuug.
Oct 04
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Finding the needle in the haystack

Jun 10
poem challenge: Ferocity
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Thunder girl

Always falling.
Losing control.
the screaming of the thunder.

The wild wind cries through the night.
As tears of rain fall from the sky.
Wild star eyes barely visible behind clouds of black hair.

Jun 10
poem challenge: I am ...
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That girl

I am the girl drawing
alone in the empty art room,
a paintbrush in hand.

I am the girl who doesn't bother looking in the mirror.
I don't care what I see.

I'm the individual,
the girl who walks on her own path,
who doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

I'm fierce.
I'm loud.
I'm the girl who is not afraid to fight.
May 25
poem challenge: Love Poem
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Two Red Birds

two birds flying around each other.
In love.
One a bright red, the other a duller brown red.

There songs float through the air.
Sweet like honey, dripping along the wind.
Each note soft and beatiful.

Twining through the infinite sky.
The sky, were they can fly together.

May 25
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Support Ukraine

Feb 26
poem challenge: Library
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The Dream Library

Every wall is full.
Comic books are everywhere.
No science books in sight.

Huge windows and a skylight
With the twitter of a bird not so far away.
Potted plants all over the room.

A small zen pool in one corner.
Huge soft sinky couches.
No non fiction novels or books.

Comics everywhere.
Not the one that you would find in the newspaper.
Only X-men, Avengers and every other Marvel comic book.

Every time you finish a comic book another one appears.
Everything of course is puppy proof.
So that the little black and white puppy can play too.

Maybe there is a door that leads into a forest.
A forest with a gushing river.
For a break away from the books.

Inside the library is a bubble tea maker.
So you can slurp down bubble tea while reading.
Maybe with a bag of potato chips.

Jan 29
poem challenge: Happiness is ...
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mountain dream

Happiness is the cool wind whipping around me.

The sun tucked away behind clouds which hang around my house making it seem like a fairytale.

The ground, if covered with rocks and moss.

Laughter echoes around the mountains. 

A stream runs through the cracks in the rocks

Down into a gentle waterfall which swirls in pools then rushing down again.
Dec 22
poem challenge: Someone
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Their smile lit up the world.

Their hair was spun from the stars.

Their eyes were the bright stars.

Their skin was as dark as the night sky.

Their laughter was the birds singing.

She dreamed of somebody who could quite be placed.

Nov 23
poem challenge: Hope
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The same new world