Apr 27
poetry challenge: Colors

Yellow Dream

Something Yellow

There is something in the bright yellow of a dandelion that makes me smile.

Something sweet in the golden drip of honey,

The way it turns your frown ever so slowly into a smile,

Like the sun, glowing down at you a bright, white yellow.

Happiness and yellow are interchangable in my mind.

Apr 08
poetry challenge: Art Critic

Fine Wind, Clear Morning Haiku

Apr 03
fiction challenge: No "A"

The girl

The girl tosses her long brown curls desend down her shoulders, her smile glows like a million fireflys, her perfect skin smooth her portrait oval with red lips like cherries.
Apr 02
poetry challenge: Misty Morning

Lake of Mist

When you wake up.

the cold air whisks around your face.

Walking down to the lakeside.

a thick mist visible on the clear surface.

You push your boat into the water and clamber in.
Your hands skim the icy surface of the lake. 

you dip your paddle into the water.

Sending ripples into the crystal surface.
You descend into the mist.

it tingles on your skin.

but the early morning summer light rises.
And the mist recedes into the cold damp woods.
Jan 07
poetry challenge: Rain or Snow


(I would choose snow)

Snow the way it falls onto the ground
the impact, soft like a feather
yet hard making the green and brown world pure white.
The way the sun reflects off of it bouncing into your eyes and blinding you.
untill when you open your eyes.
you see the white wonderland.
Dec 01
poetry challenge: Palmistry

My Hands Story

My hands are small but hold so many memories.
Each line a story.
A canvas for the future.
Painting the lines with possibility.
Sketching the fingers with hope.
Drawing the sadness that lies within my palm.
Sculpting the way my thumb bends backwards, toward something new.
Which may be Scary.
Or full of love.
There is no way of knowing what will come.
Just take the future with grace.
The good things.
And the bad.

Dec 01


Hello, if you are reading this.
Remember the bad things
They might make you cry
but also remember the good things.
That brightened your day.
Remember your family.
Remember to love them.
Remember you friends.
Remember to laugh with them.
Remember to cry with them.
Remember Laughter.
Remember the times when you laughed so hard you cried.
Remember the pain.
the pain that stopped you in your tracks.
Remember that you got over that.
that you pushed through.
Remember you stronger then you think.
Remember when you fell.
You stood up.
Remember love
Remember when it broke your heart.
You fixed it.
Remember when he told you you were nothing.
You told him you were everything.
Oct 04


Wow Im bored, I think thats why im searching for something to write about. Yawn im kind of tired and hungry, daaaad is dinner almost ready. I wonder if its going to rain again, wow i have a very random train of thought. Oh My chromebook is gonna die i need a charger. Oh dang it we have long math tomorow NOOOOOOOOO. I think im gonna draw, but then I have to think of something to draw and i have to stand up and get the supplys but im comfy. I keep on getting the same spotify ad, its getting really old. Ooooh my dog is here YAY, oh wow she is soft, why is my dog sniffing my rug, odd, i wonder if i dropped a chip or something. She is eating a peice of tofu, she is so cute. I cant even stand how cute she is, i want to give her a huuuug.
Oct 04

Finding the needle in the haystack

Jun 10
poetry challenge: Ferocity

Thunder girl

Always falling.
Losing control.
the screaming of the thunder.

The wild wind cries through the night.
As tears of rain fall from the sky.
Wild star eyes barely visible behind clouds of black hair.