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Jun 09
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Balance Beam

Gym class 2009
A young girl steps in to face her biggest fear yet
She thinks to herself
Nothing can hold her back from this kind of success
Can tell her she can’t do it
Can scare her away
Nothing, but the balance beam 
She hops on to it hoping that it would be just as easy for her
as it was for the other kids
She wishes for one single chance to prove to the rest that she could maintain balance
She crosses her fingers that no one would laugh...
Little does she know that with one foot comes the stumbling of another
That we are not all as nimble as jack
That this beam was not made for victory on her part
There never seems to be victory on her part
only obstacles
But she dodges these obstacles
NO, bullets, its matrix
Puts on costumes to make everyone comfortable
it’s white chicks
Jun 09
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You're White

You’re White

By: Hawa Adam and Balkisa Abdikadir

H: Hey Black girl, it’s almost like you’re white
What does that even mean?
K: That my voice is a little too high for my identity
K: That I carry binders around instead of a bottle of hennessy
H: That my tongue articulates without an accent
K: That I can’t use slang, “you got me bent”
H: Tell me, is white a remedy to the poison of blackness
H: Is my coffee color too black and too strong
K: or do you call me white because I spend 4.99 on a vanilla bean frappuccino
Actually girl you should try the iced caramel macchiato
H: does white to you mean educated, successful, satisfaction guaranteed
H: does it mean participating in extracurriculars
You know, doing the most, getting away with stuff
Jun 09
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By: Kiran Waqar and Hawa Adam

K: We are color changing machines
H: Our survival is camouflage
We have to adapt
K: I don’t mean to brag but if there was an award for best-assimilator, I think I would win
Actually, no, we would win
H: We are the queens of chameleons, the rulers of all
K: We have so many different layers we don’t even know who we are
H: Who we are
K: Who we are
Who we are
H: Layer #1: The epidermis, its use: Protection
protecting us from ignorant predators
K: Your skin is too dark for the playground
silent objections
and isolating stares
But it is not a shell
It cannot hide us
It cannot keep us safe
Jun 09
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By: Hawa Adam and Lena Ginawi

H: We were planning to have a good introduction to this poem
But we didn’t get around to it
Because we are the procrastinators 
We put the PRO in procrastination

L: And today we are going to offer you a few tips to develop your skills in putting things off

L: 1) Remember hard work pays off later. Laziness pays off now so be one who lives in the moment

H: 2) Warning, read or don’t read the dates on your calendar. They will always be closer than they appear.

L: 3) Homework is like yoga it’s a deliberation where hours are wasted and minutes are recorded

H: 4) Don’t put yourself down if you suck at art, you have talent because procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday
Jun 09
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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

By: Kiran Waqar, Hawa Adam, Balkisa Abdikadir, and Lena Ginawi

Welcome, Welcome X 3 (softer and descending)
Lady Liberty: Welcome, Welcome X 2 more (louder and ascending)
Child your mother is calling you
Come mix into this melting pot
We invite the flavor, the culture, the warmth
Come to the land of the free
To the home of the brave

Whose land is this?
How far does your freedom go back?
Do you know the names of the tribes you stand on?
Who decides who stands here?

My torch is lit for you
I stand alone in the dark
Come join me
My soil is ready for your footprints
This place is one for your feet to stomp all over the restrictions
Child come swim in this liquor of liberty
Jun 09
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Wake Up America

Wake Up America

By: Balkisa Abdikadir, Hawa Adam, Lena Ginawi, and Kiran Waqar

Lena: September 11th, 2001
Wake up America, (gun) *pause* the enemy is here (angry and loud)
Hawa: The terrorist
Kiran: The Jihadists
Lena: Those A-rabs
Balkisa: The womanizers
Hawa: The monsters
Lena: Those Bin laden's
Kiran: The ones to watch out for
Lena: To surveil
Balkisa: To remove
Hawa: To attack
But actually We’re
Lena: The advocates
Kiran: The award winners
Hawa: The bilinguals
Balkisa: hello
Kiran: hola
Lena: bonjour
Hawa: guten tag
Assalamualaikum *wave*
Hawa: We’re the 4.0 Students
Kiran: The honor roll students
Lena: The star athletes (fast)
Jun 09
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By: Hawa Adam, Kiran Waqar, Balkisa Abdikadir, and Lena Ginawi
Singer: Lena Ginawi

♫...These green hills, and silvers waters…♫

The year is over and summer is being readily invited  
I wave goodbye to the shrill school bell and the short cold winter days
I say goodbye to my busy schedules and embrace the unplanned
The adventures
The freedom
Goodbye to the days that brought with them the silent snowfall, the warm hot chocolate and the tongues that they scorched
To the snowflakes that melted on me and my flushed cheeks whenever I came indoors
The snow brings the excited snowboarders and the fall brings the expectant onlookers
But now I’m lying on the green, sweet grass
Looking up with hands behind my head
Trying to find clouds in the spotless sky
Jun 09
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Good vs. Evil

Good Vs. Evil

By: Kiran Waqar, Hawa Adam, and Balkisa Abdikadir

It’s a Wednesday
Not a special Wednesday or anything
Just a Wednesday
But I can’t seem to figure out what to wear
Well, let’s see I have gym so nothing too fancy
But I do have that presentation
So something a little sophisticated
Maybe even throw on some glasses to look smart
Nah- but it depends on how much time I have
What about the weather?
It’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit, Humidity 31% and wind 3 miles per hour
But with the sun comes the questions
I mean, come to think of it- the questions are almost worse than the heat
Are you hot in that?
Come on take it off
Lemme see your hair
Roll up your sleeves!
Sometimes I wonder, should I even wear it?
By it, I mean the hijab
Jun 09
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By: Balkisa Abdikadir, Lena Ginawi, Hawa Adam, and Kiran Waqar

L: I can’t talk about black liv…
B/H: Shhhhhh
K: Don’t talk about it
There is an elephant in the room
K: I can’t talk about gay righ...
B: Shhhhh don’t talk about it
There is an elephant in the room
K: I am in my room
H: Watching video
L: After video
B: After video
H: Black girl talks about black power
L: White girl talks about feminism
K: Muslim girl recites the Quran
B: I want to hear a white person speak up against racism
L: I want to see a man stand up against rape
K: I want to witness a Jew preach against islamophobia
B: Does this even happen?
H: Why isn’t this happening?
Jun 09
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We are the World

We are the World

By: Hawa Adam, Balkisa Abdikadir, Lena Ginawi, and Kiran Waqar

♫...We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who...♫

Hawa: Are making mistakes,
Kiran: Segregation never was so visible
Balkisa: Me vs. you
Lena: Us vs. them
Hawa: Black
Balkisa: White
Lena: Arab
Kiran: Asian
Hawa: We get so caught up in the darkness of these differences that we can’t see the light of our similarities
Kiran: We turn away from the 2 eyes, 1 nose model of the human being and instead form our own images of acceptance
Lena: Humanity, unity, we detach from it all
Balkisa: We drift apart slowly, steadily like water eroding at rock

Kiran: I am Mother Asia
We have a rich history scared by the hands of white men