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Nov 01

YWP Academy -- Entry Survey

Thanks for agreeing to fill out this first survey as you explore the YWP Academy. It is important that you understand that your full participation in the workshop you are signing up for ensures a successful workshop for everyone. Your voice -- comments, feedback, suggestions to others -- are a key part of the equation. College mentors, YWP staff and instructors will also be providing you guidance and suggestions.

We will have a new set of Workshops each month. The workshops last a month and you can work on them at any time -- we'll know when you post something and will try to give you timely response. You can start anywhere you'd like in a Workshop and finish when you want. However, if you are an early finisher, check back in and give others support.

ALSO, all of the content you create in these Workshops stay within the workshop "group" and can only be seen by the workshop participants. HOWEVER, if you wish to make any of your content public so the rest of the site can see (and give feedback) and YWP can consider for publication in our monthly digital magazine, The Voice, you can "edit" your post and, near the bottom, change the "Group visibility" settings to be "public--visible to other site users."

This survey IS IMPORTANT. It will help us give you the type of online workshop that helps you gain skills and confidence AND have fun. Your responses here will help us make these online experiences better. There aren't any right or wrong answers--so just answer the questions as honestly as you can.  We also want you to take the Post Survey after you've completed the workshop. 

Thanks again!