The Story We Hold

What is shown on the stage,

For the whole world to behold,

Is a forever advancing phenomenon,

And what a tragic story it holds.


The horror of your war and your hate and your grief

Is being taken out on me,

Someone you have yet to even meet.


I doubt you think

Of all lives that you change,

And the people you scare

When you use your power to change our world 

In ways that show you don't even care.


You've lived your life,

Now I want to live mine!

But now we have robots,

And emissions in the sky.


I have my young eyes,

That look for guidance in you all.

And all you do

Is fear a downfall.


You add things that destroy,

Just so you can conquer.

You're addicted to fame,

And nothing will ever fill your hunger.



15 years old