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The Daily Read

Apr 02

All The Small Things

During this pandemic
While doing all classes online
Being with family all day
Stuck at home

It’s the small things
That keep me from breaking down
From the anger and sadness and frustration

A cup of tea to warm my soul
Cooking a meal with my mother
Getting a text from a friend I haven’t talked to in a while
Watching my tortoise explore my house
Reading a book for hours

Creating a painting of a sun
Because that is what my town is doing
We are in this together spreading sunshine
Despite being indoors
More and more suns are made everyday
Put on houses and shared online

It’s all the small things
That are keeping a smile on my face
Apr 03


Chelsea, Vermont has become rays of sunshine!
Aug 02

Today's Tiny Write

SDJ March, no, April 2.
--this week has blurred together . I can no longer remember which day it is, or how many days ago something was.
--Also took to trying to plan out a schedule for the day. I'm usually a spontaneous person, but surprisingly I'm getting sick of
all the free time
-- have started multiple writing/video projects as well as baking to keep busy.
--made blueberry quarantine mcmuffins for the fam. they were thoroughly enjoyable
- Treblemaker

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Mar 04

The Voice ... April issue!

Mar 01

April Writing Contest!

[Illustration by Ava Kendrick, YWP Library]
There are laws preventing discrimination and inequity in housing, and yet decent, affordable shelter remains out of reach for many people. As part of National Fair Housing Month (April), write about your community or your state in the context of housing justice.
Prizes: 1st: $75; 2nd: $50; 3rd: $25.
Deadline: Friday, April 24, 2020
THE CHALLENGES: Belong; Shelter; Justice
Feb 24

Line Break: On writers and writing

Hi, I'm Iris! (eyesofIris here on YWP.) Take a pause and listen to Line Break!
  ABOUT LINE BREAK: I started this YWP podcast in March and I'm looking for writers to collaborate with. Here's how it works: you read one of your poems, and then we talk about the inspiration behind it, what it means, an overall analysis -- and we make a podcast! I think that it will be a really fun way to learn more about YWPers and their writing. Podcasts will be on the site and in The Voice. Let me know if you're interested!

YWP's Pop-up Online Workshops

Aug 19


Mar 16

YWP is here for you

[Photo credit: Christin Hume, Unsplash]
From Young Writers Project to everyone in the YWP community, your families, and friends: We send you positive energy, wishes for good health, and virtual hugs! When COVID-19 forces you inside, remember that YWP is here for you. Post your writing, photos, and art. Stay in touch with your YWP writing friends. Comment, connect, indulge your creative side. Take full advantage of all YWP has to offer, including:

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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YWP News

Apr 01

Online this Saturday!

[Photo by Jom Jakkid, Unsplash]
YWP WRITERS! Join eyesofIris (host of YWP Podcast, Line Break) and LadyMidnight for an online open mic this Saturday! Pick a poem, story or song you'd like to share and celebrate each other's work! Be ready to snap your fingers in support -- just like at a live poetry slam!
WHEN? SATURDAY, APRIL 4, starting at 4 PM. Skype.
TO JOIN: Log into your YWP account and send a private message to eyesofIris on the site with your email address or phone number for your Skype account so she can add you to the group.


Apr 02

Teacher Appreciation

Take a moment today to reflect on the unprecedented challenges your teachers are facing during the pandemic as they must pivot to provide learning online -- while they're learning how to do it themselves. Write a poem of appreciation, share a funny anecdote, or show an example of why you're grateful for your teacher(s).
[Challenge suggested by Adelle M. Brunstad, YWP alumna. Photo: Jony Ariadi, Unsplash]



Jul 21


One of the most universal human experiences, across all cultures and times, is the sense of being lost. Write about your own experience of being lost (how it happened, what it felt like, and how you found your way out) or from the perspective of the person in this photo by YWP's lia.chien
Jul 22


Sometimes our mood can turn wistful, defined as "full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy." Write a poem or story that conveys this feeling through tone and careful word choice.
[Photo credit: YWP Media Library, photo by Rachel Ahokas]
Mar 13


[Illustration: Unsplash Visuals]
The coronavirus (COVID-19) has seized our world, attacking our health, our economy, our everyday life. Write about this invader and how it's changing our lives.
Mar 16


[Photo credit: Amador Loureiro, Unsplash]
Hey YWP! Help write original, inspiring challenges for next year's Weekly Writing Challenges list! Have fun! Anything goes! Just one requirement: They must be your own creations, not from the internet or other sources. Just your imagination. We'll credit you if your challenge is included in the 2020-21 list.

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