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The Daily Read

Apr 23

The Lost and Found

Find me in the earth,
Find me in the sea,
Find me in these broken chains that slowly ruin me.

And when you do the lost will be replaced.
A new beginning
And drowning thoughts to face.

Found in silent speech
Where only song remains,
A note, a beat, a treasure lost to time.

A harmony I’ll never hear again.
A melody that you could never find.

And tap, tap, tapping hands,
And dance, dance, dancing feet,

Recent Daily Reads

Apr 16
Maisie N's picture


Every feather that now lies on the ground
Fell from your angel skin
And I miss having you around
But your heart is now cold and hardened
Wrapped amid a snowy shroud
I stretched you far too thin
I wonder where you are now
As the pieces of you drift listlessly on the wind.

You told me that it hurt very much
The day that you fell from heaven
Banished by the ones you loved
I didn't dare ask what you did

Apr 13

How Bright the Sky Can Be

How bright the sky can be
When the sun emerges from the clouds

How sweet the air can feel
When the snow stops falling

How great your mind can be
When you stop letting it rule you

How lovely the world can look
When you stop wanting it to disappear
Apr 12
Icarus Blackmore's picture

Interrupted Poem

I saw the ice on the lake fall back,
Revealing deep greens and blues.
The water lapping in what was,
Almost a sort of apology—

Three dead. 
Not your typical shooting,
A woman,
YouTube Headquarters.

The chilly winter air is still,
And quiet, almost too quiet. 
The bus is not, it rattles on.

Text a friend,
Let them know.
The same one,
I texted before,
About how to stop,
Mar 19

A Tiny Writes gem (see menu)

Mar 30
nikki.crouse's picture

A House With No Windows

No way for anyone to look in,
to tell if it was light or dark inside.
No way to tell if things were quiet and still,
or if the house was about to explode.

If one wanted to see inside, they could,
but only if they had a key.
And that key, of course,
came from the owner.

And she was picky,
some would say too picky.
But why would anyone allow someone inside their house?
Apr 11

One of the Girls

"With the way she talks she must love attention."
I don't love the attention.
I talk just as much as him
and the next guy
and the guy before him.
God forbid my words roar and rumble
the way others did
and I don't mold myself like clay
to bend over backwards
and break my fragile, hollowed bones
to serve you.

My loud mouth draws in the world around it,
devours the air,
and feeds my vocal cords with oxygen,
Apr 09

Only in a Dream

Only in a dream would i walk
under the sky so blue,
turn around,
and find you.

Only in a dream would i follow you home
as i listen to your breathing pattern,
while we waltzed down a path,
i never really thought mattered.

Only in a dream would I walk among a bridge,
unsteady yet full of life,
watching your every move,
prepared to be your sacrifice.

Only in a dream would a sweet grassy meadow
Apr 03

If You Care

YWP Archive Photo by Kevin Huang

Someone stops there to take
that picture every night,
pausing briefly,
retrieving their phone,
and taking home
their frozen moment. 

It's a very pretty picture,
this city at night.

Lights from windows and streetlamps
dimly illuminate and outline
the buildings.
There are so many of us
Mar 29

Grains of Midnight

I've hidden from the darkness,
twisting, pulsing,
sifting terrifying grains of 
demonic color,
overlaying something deeper than black.

Glowing dust-shadows,
screaming stairs.
Throbbing sounds,
mental sand paper on my sanity:

Apocolyptic chaos in a handryer.
Screams of fury from the mouth of the vacume.

World falling from it's axis,
a golf ball knocked of it's tee,
Apr 23

The Voice - April 2018

Enjoy this beautiful new issue of The Voice! What do you think? Your comments matter!

May 11


Young Writers Project, Muslim Girls Making Change (MGMC) & Friends are proud to present Voices for Change, a youth conference and slam poetry celebration of identity and voice with special guest artist Amir Sulaiman, renowned Muslim slam poet.

Friday, May 11, 4-9 pm
Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall
Burlington, VT

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Apr 20


The Earth needs your help. Climate change is real. Write an urgent message to your fellow humans that will get their attention. Be specific about how to take immediate action. Write, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for YWP’s environmentally friendly chocolate!

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Apr 20


Write the internal dialogue of a character who is constantly flipping between being filled with hope, and being filled with despair.

[YWP Photo Library; Photo by Grace Safford]
Apr 09

What's Next? -- April 20 School Walkout

Another National School Walkout Day is being organized, in memory of the students shot at Columbine High School.

Are you participating? Are you including discussion of and action around the broader issue of youth gun deaths in urban areas? 

Write about what you are planning, thinking, wishing -- or, when the day comes, what you did.  Include pictures and sound.

Apr 02

The Girls

This challenge, The Girls, is inspired from hannahpanda23's amazing poem called "To the girls!"  I would highly encourage you to follow the link and read it if you need some inspiration.

Girls, write about what kind of girl you think you are. Boys (or gender nonconforming persons), write about the women and girls in your life, and how they have helped you.

Tag it with the hashtag #girls18
Write a poem about the girl you are, or the girls in your life!

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Nov 20

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