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The Daily Read

Nov 13
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A Recipe from the Heart

The small white sign in the distance grew bigger and bigger as I walked. When I got closer I could make out the small black letters that I knew so well. It read “Blueberry Hill.” That’s one of the things I loved about living here - all the old houses had names, including Grandma’s. When Mom and I moved here I was sad because our house didn’t have a name. Most kids’ favorite day of the year is Christmas, but not me. Every August fifteenth I go to Grandma’s house and we pick blueberries together. It used to be her, me and Grandpa, but he passed away a few year ago. When I got to the door to her house I knocked loudly. After a few seconds she opened the door. Her pepper hair was frazzled and I could see clumps of flour in her bangs. She smiled up at me and said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes!” I said, eager to begin.
Aug 02

Today's Tiny Write

I met a girl the other day 
And I froze
Because she looked like you
Not in her face
But in her smile
And her words 
I think you would like her 
But to me
She was just another reminder 
Of things that could never become reality
Rubber Soul

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Recent Daily Reads

Nov 12
zazu's picture

Piano melody

Long delicate fingers dart across the black and white keys.
I like to watch,
The way they move seemingly effortlesly to carry out a melody.
There's an old man on the corner of our street.
I can always hear him playing the piano from an upstairs window,
So I sit on the sidewalk and listen.
Some of the neighbors don't like it,
They say his hands should be still for once,
But he doesn't stop.
He didn't stop.
Now when I go by his house it's empty.
I was the only one who stopped to listen,
who heard the long delicate fingers dart across the black and white keys.
I like to watch
To listen
When I hear the piano, I look towards his window.
But it's someone else.

Nov 11
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Nature II

                        I hate meaningless weather.
Frigid days, no snow.
Dark clouds, no rain.
Sunny moments, no heat.

                        I hate these empty promises, these white lies.
Like a raised middle finger from mother nature in the most glorious fashion. 
Nature's nasty tricks suck.

                       I love emotional weather.
Passionate blizzards making one's vision whiter than a Starbucks on a lazy Sunday, clashing with a heartless cold that elicits the primordial id of our long departed ice age ancestors.  
Cloth drenching rain that prompts Gene Kelly to sing and dance from the grave with fierce claps of thunder, rivaled only by the broken-hearted cries of a wanting soul.
Days of brilliant sunshine that fills the far too often bleak landscape with loving warmth that brings forth memories of your lover’s soft kiss and tender touch.
Oct 21
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By The Fire

(Editor's Note: This is one of the winning submissions for Winter Tales and will be performed by Vermont Stage on Dec. 12. Find out more here!)

Winter is my favorite season.
I stay warm by the fire
With a cup of cocoa, and watch
The snowflakes fall gracefully, dancing
With the flames. 

Sometimes Nature holds her breath
And all is still; when I step outside, the silence
Is only broken by the crunch of snow 
Under my feet.

Other times, the winds howls as a lonely wolf
Lamenting the forlorn expression of the moon,
Tearing at braches, scouring houses with sharp 
Icy crystals, whipping across my face, 
Stinging my eyes, slashing ears and fingertips, 
As I hurry home to safety from the storm.

The best time of all is when 
The world pauses for a moment, though not
In anticipation, simply to ponder 
Its own existence.

Nov 08
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caged bird

the caged bird in my heart
is begging.
begging to sing
begging to be heard
over the many voices
churning the world
shaping it
shaping us.
at last
I have my chance
it helps me 
it helps us
everyone reading this.
YWP has the key
to unlock the cage
so that the golden
that is my heart
can be free at last
above the plumes
of fluffy white clouds
its imagination 
flowing without 
so I thank you
I thank you 
for the key
Nov 06
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Six Things I Loved About Thomas

This poem does not articulate my opinions on this specific issue. It is from the perspective of a mother whose son was killed in a school shooting, talking to the mother of the shooter. It raises an important question: whose fault is it? 

Six Things I Loved About Thomas:
1. He was never afraid to be honest. Sometimes, I mean it was brutal.
Thomas do you like my dress? No mom you look fat. 
Well okay then. No dinner for you. Or me.
2. He liked to paint his nails.
When he turned five, he picked out my dark purple nail polish.
That didn’t surprise me- he was never afraid to be himself.
What did surprise me- when he came home with a girlfriend at 15.
Key word: girl. That didn’t last long.
He was out of the closet by 16.
In drag by 17.
3. He was never ashamed to have me as a mother.
I had him when I was just 16.
I was scared for myself
But mostly scared for him

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Nov 10

Winter Tales 2018

Congratulations to this year's YWP writers whose poems and stories will be presented at WINTER TALES by Vermont Stage, Dec. 12-16, at Main Street Landing Black Box Theatre, 60 Lake Street, 3rd Floor, Burlington, VT. Read on for the winners. Click here for tickets.

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Nov 10


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Aug 03


Delicious meals are universally regarded as a labor of love. Tell the story of a recipe from start to finish: harvesting blackberries to make jam, foraging for mushrooms, roasting marshmallows—and how the experience affects the people who prepare and eat the meal.
[YWP Photo Library, painting by Ada Shookenhuff]
Aug 03


Your character is having an argument with someone. They begin hurling insults at each other, but without the use of profanity, slurs or comments about appearance. Maybe they end up laughing at the absurdity. Maybe they part in anger. Tell the story through their dialogue, showing the most creative fighting words they exchange. 
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