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Jun 21

Website changes!

Hey YWP! We've made some changes on the site, good changes, we think. And we'd love your feedback. If you spot anything broken, confusing, or just wrong, let us know! If you love it and everything works perfectly, yay!, let us know that too! Here's a simple Feedback Form.

One of the changes is a new image editing tool that will make submitting photos and art more fun – and your work will look much better on the site. You can crop, fine-tune, rotate, resize, filter, and more. And there is also a way to upload individual vertical photos and illustrations to your blog. Check out the new ADD MEDIA section when you create a new blog.

Other changes:
  • THE GALLERY – a showcase of photos and art
  • The top navigation bar is streamlined. For instance, CREATE covers both the Read and Create options
  • The DAILY READ and PHOTO OF THE DAY are still prominent, but displayed differently
  • YWP NEWS: Highlights and links anchored near the top
  • YWP COMMUNITY items are clustered together with links – Tiny Writes, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Book Club etc.
  • EVENTS AND NEWS – Quick links to workshops, Line Break, Oh Snap!, YWP announcements, etc.
  • PUBLICATIONS – Quick links to The Voice, the Anthology, Newsletter, and more
  • Inside pages, features, and your blogs remain the same.

Please give us your feedback on what works and what doesn't: Feedback Form.

Jun 18

A Message to YWP Alumni

SPECIAL INVITATION to all YWP community members who are high school graduates, recent and in years past: STAY with YWP! Continue writing on your blog, commenting, chatting on Tiny Writes, discussing books with the Book Club, and anything else that you love at YWP! You are important to us! We'll add a YWP Alumni tag to your name and you'll be all set.

Jun 01

Writing and Visual Art Contest

May 30

Take a pause and listen!

May 25


Thanks for all your support!

Jan 30
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Jun 21


Write a description of a place, person or event in 3-5 paragraphs without using any adjectives. Finding the right noun – instead of piles of adjectives – will improve your writing, allowing you "to show, not tell." For this exercise, you can either jump in and try writing adjective-free or you can take two steps: write the description with adjectives, then strip them out, and revise by choosing stronger nouns that describe on their own. You'll see the importance of word choice, something your favorite authors know. Post your work!
Jun 19


Haiku is a short form of poetry adapted from Japanese tradition, usually based on observations of the natural world and written in the present tense about a present moment. A haiku has three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. Try it! Focus on a tiny detail – a color, a texture, a movement. Create a haiku by describing, literally or figuratively, that detail in just 17 syllables. [Photo credit: Melittophily by emiliaw._]
May 29

Negative Space

With photos, it's important not only to think about what your subject is, but how it interacts with the space around it visually. Is there something in the background, or is it a solid color? What's the shape of the space surrounding your subject? In the simplest terms, positive space is your subject, and the negative space is what surrounds it. Take a few photos and be conscious of the negative space -- will it enhance your photo or detract from it? Post your best! Need examples?
May 31


Oct 10

General/Free Write

[Illustration: JR Korpa, Unsplash]
Write about anything in any genre. Add photos if you like. Be free and fearless!

Recent comments

Jun 12

Line Break, Episode 39

Jun 03

The Great Poets Challenge

[Art: Alden Bond, YWP]
Hey YWP, you might know me on the site as Nightheart. I want to introduce you to some great poets I've discovered – from all walks of life. June's Poet is Allen Ginsberg, one of the Beat Poets (See more below.) Learn about their style, their themes, their contributions to the poetry landscape. Gain inspiration from the topics that they choose to write about, and become inspired by some of their most famous poems! Write to the Great Poets challenge if you're inspired by these poets' work. The poets are organized by months, but you can write about any of the poets anytime in this ongoing challenge.

JUNE 2021 – Hey poets! Happy Pride Month! In honour of pride month, I've chosen one of the most influential LGBT poets of the 20th century to be this month's poet. The extraordinary poet Allen Ginsberg was one of the Beat Poets, a generation of poets and writers including the likes of Jack Kerouac who challenged the idea that poetry had to be written with a certain poetic meter, and what exactly was acceptable content for a poem. Ginsberg was very involved in politics, and participated regularly in protests against the Vietnam War. Ginsberg was openly gay during a very dangerous time, and his words still ring true with queer people all over the world today. 
A Supermarket in California-
May 25

A publishing guide for young writers

Niko Lekkas, a YWP community member and senior at South Burlington High School, has created a guide for young writers who are interested in publishing their first book! You can download Niko's guide from the attached PDF. Thanks Niko!