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Jun 14

Pulling Down

[From the Summer of Stories Challenge: Godin: Author Seth Godin says, “Art is a personal act of courage.” What is your own personal act of courage?]

my act of courage?

i don't think myself a courageous person, but i think the most courageous thing i've ever done is convincing myself that i need to get better.
i'm not as good with words as some others here, but please bear with me.

i've always struggled with terrible thoughts. it was hard getting up in the morning sometimes. i couldn't drive myself to do anything.
i always thought myself incapable of love, unable to reach out and form connections. 
that's something i believed would never change.

but one night, one that feels like so long ago, i decided i would change.

i got a weight loss app. i started saying hi to people and starting conversations with people i didn't know.

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Jun 13

You're 15

You're 15, scared at a family reunion,

mustering the courage to tell.
It's noon and your plan was to have already told

them what your lips have been dying to say.
Your grandmother and uncle question you on what you've

“learned” in school, but you zone out the moment you start to watch their lips.
Your grandmother steps closer to your white shirt,

jean pants, and pin.
She realigns her eyes to the picture, on the thin metal piece of jewelry

“...a rainbow...” you look into her eyes trying to pry out the words she's about to speak.
“Why a rainbow, does it mean anything?”

You look down as your chest concaves to pressure.

you say as you feel your head plummet to what feels like past your knees.

Your heart - your lungs - your knees themselves, so weak.

You’re so mad, you want to tell them about your girlfriend
and how happy she makes you.
Jun 11

The Leader

Loud and joyous cheers from the TV in expectation
Hoping for their leader to appear
And to see a man of his (semi) high station.
But he is playing a game, he is playing with them
Playing with the country that he cannot throw into mayhem.

But still he tries.

He lies and cheats and pretends to be our country’s lord
Is he working for us, or someone abroad?
And somehow it is all ignored
As he sits on the metaphorical throne
and as he chips away at the country that once was made of stone.

And still he plays.

Is he looking the other way for corporate gain?
Does he help millionaires triumph?
The truth is no longer sane
Thousands are hurt by the utter and all-composing hate.
And he plays with the people whom he made wait.

And still he lies.

I wonder how this could have happened,
As I look at the exuberant crowd on the TV
Jun 07
mythicalquill's picture


Her skin is soil and stone and ancient fossil, blanketed in the greenery of meadows and valleys that form her island shape. Palm trees sprout in her cupped hands, rivers of fingers stretching away with muddy, rushing haste. Vegetation thrives as she lies against the ocean floor, seaweed hair floating languidly around her cragged head. A range of mountains curves across her spine. One, the tallest, sits like a majestic jewel inlaid at her chest, rising stolidly atop her beating heart as she stretches towards the horizon.

She is older than eons. She has seen travelers come and go, nothing more than blips in her eyes. She does not mind as they drink the water from her lakes and eat the fruits that sprout amidst her rich green flora; building unobtrusive huts, then shacks, then structures more complex. They often plant new trees, replenishing her surface with growth—as she provides for them, so they return the favor.
Jun 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Godin

art is

Art is courage. 

Art is nights tearing at your hair 
because it doesn't sound right 
it doesn't look right. 

Art is stained hands and 
stained clothes and paper stained 
with tears. 

Art is pulling out pieces of 
your heart and dashing them out 
across paper, 
hoping for a good result. 

Art is bleeding fingers 
from practicing for hours, 
is bleary eyes and worn out 

Art is pushing until
something breaks, 
until you either give up 
or keep going until your body
bends to the shape you want it to. 

Art is daring to speak the truth, 
is getting locked up because 
people weren't ready for the truth yet, 

Art is challenging a dictator with 
nothing but a microphone, 
a paper and a pen, 
and yet making them look so fragile, 
so afraid. 

Art is forbidden words splashed
Jun 11

YWP awarded national grant!

[Credit: Ryan Mercer/Burlington Free Press]
We’re thrilled that Young Writers Project received a $25,000 national grant from USA TODAY NETWORK’s A Community Thrives initiative! We were one of 16 national grantees, selected from more than 1,500 applications to A Community Thrives, part of the Gannett Foundation.This grant will help support a new community journalism project for the 2019-20 school year! More details here.
Sep 22

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Dec 07
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May 24

Summer of Stories

Join us for Summer of Stories! Every week until Aug. 9, write to weekly writing challenges and submit photos and art for prizes in August. See all the challenges here and the challenges for Week 3 below.
May 23


[Photo by beautiful]
Haiku is a short form of poetry adapted from Japanese tradition. Each poem consists of three lines; the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five. (5-7-5)
Find an interesting place where you can sit and observe, uninterrupted. Focus on a tiny, detail -- a color, a texture, a movement. Create a haiku by describing (literally or figuratively) that detail in just 17 syllables.
May 23


In great detail, describe the best sandwich you’ve ever had. What was on this incredible sandwich? Who made it? Where were you?
[Unsplash, photo by Eiliv Sonas Aceron]
May 29


Look at the photo examples in this challenge. Each one evokes a setting. Take your own photo of an inspiring setting -- so inspiring that writers will want to write about it! Post your photo(s).

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May 31
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Good Thoughts

Hi YWP writers!
I’m Sophie Dauerman (sophie.d on the site). I started the initiative Good Thoughts, which is a project designed to share your inspiring words with the Vermont community. I'm asking for your unique "quotes", which will be lettered onto small squares with art and scattered throughout the community. 
Jul 30

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