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Photo (cropped) by Lia Chien at the Celebration of Writing 2017. (Each day we feature a new photo. Have you submitted your best photos yet?)

Nov 18

Fall Celebration of Writing 2017!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Fall Writing Conference in Montpelier, Vermont on Saturday, November 11! It was amazing to hear all your voices through all kinds of writing, there was so much talent to be heard!  

Daily Read

Nov 19
Kittykatruff's picture

Peter Pan

A poem written by my little sister.

I had a dream,
wonderful dream
A dream as magical as fairy dust—
In my dream, I saw Peter Pan
With Tinker Bell by his side.
I dreamed we went to Neverland,
And saw Captain Hook and his maties.
I also saw Native Americans, and
Mermaids, too, with braids.
I felt like I could fly,
With dust that twinkled with a shine.
I went soarin through clouds,
Nov 17


My life is a canvas,
The paints of my palette are the experiences and lessons that I have learned,
And my pictures are the events that come with living.
I am the artist.
I'm the only one who can paint my story.

So why do other people feel the need to paint my life for me?
And why do I let them?

This is my masterpiece, why am I letting these amateurs deface it?
Nov 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Wonder

Chickens At My Feet

Nature gives us great surprises
a row of flowers, colorful and neat
But it's difficult to wonder
When there's chickens at my feet

How do they make decisions?
What is right to eat?
Their little minds are racing
Like a pencil on a worksheet
Nov 18

Rainy Soul Sputtering

I wrote a poem, 
with that small red pen you gave me,
ink slipping across the page 
and onto unsuspecting fingertips.  
Just enough to cover 
the parts where 
ink met pen met finger.

I wrote a poem 
on the bench 
outside of the train station,  
people bustling by: 
to busy to stop and look for a moment, 
honking cars 
and the slight 
smell of gasoline 
bubbling from the vents.

I wrote a poem 
Nov 19
poem 0 comments challenge: General

In Time

In time I wish to see a world
Where I can see the stars;
Pollution doesn't block the eye 
From nature's great wonders.

In time I wish to see a world
Where our great human pride
Does not destroy earthly beauty; 
And arrogance subsides.

In time I wish to see a world
Where all can have a voice:
Where none will endure suffering
In darkness and silence.

In time I wish to see a world
Where none must live in fear;


Nov 24


I wonder why … Finish the sentence. Use it at the beginning or end of a story. 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Grace Safford]
Nov 24


Make a sculpture out of natural things on the ground in the woods or in your backyard— sticks, rocks, leaves, etc. Don’t harm or disturb the habitat. Take a picture and post it. The most creative sculptor will receive YWP’s delicious, environmentally friendly, locally produced chocolate!

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Shannon Ripp]
Nov 24


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