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Oct 22
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I Hope: Growing from 2020

November 3rd, 2020.
May this election
bring us hope.

May this election
bring us peace.

May this election
bring us change,
whatever form it takes –

lift up the oppressed,
the *tired, the poor,
the huddled masses yearning to breathe free

He could not breathe.
they cannot breathe,
stolen from this world
and scattered across the sky.

They cannot breathe,
gasping from a merciless virus,
saying goodbye to those they love
on a tablet screen.

May this election
protect our
pursuit of happiness
and those
certain inalienable rights –

May we rise as one
to overcome adversity.

*reference to Emma Lazarus' "The New Colossus"
Sep 01

Line Break: The YWP Podcast

Hi, I'm Iris! (eyesofIris here on YWP.) Take a pause and listen to Line Break!
Oct 09

YWP alumna wins writing scholarship!

Congratulations to Adelle Brunstad, a longtime YWP writer and the editor of the Social Distancing Journal! Adelle has just been granted a UC Berkeley Community Impact Scholarship to participate in their online Professional Writing Program. She wrote an essay about her work on the Social Distancing Journal – and won the scholarship! See the story here: https://voices.berkeley.edu/writing-editing-and-technical-communication/big-future-small-town-writer
Aug 19

Community Leaders 2020-21

Community Leaders are the heart and soul of Young Writers Project – they put so much energy and love into this community that they deserve special recognition. READ THE COMMUNITY LEADERS' NEWSLETTER HERE! YWP writers, photographers, and artists are invited to become Community Leaders because of all they do for YWP, the thought and care they put into their own work, and the encouragement and positive reinforcement they give to others on the site.

Alessandra G.
Fiona Ella
fire girl
Hazel C.
Icarus Blackmore
Ice Blink
Sep 01


The COMMUNITY JOURNALISM PROJECT (CJP), now in its second year in the 2020-21 school year, offers writing and photo challenges, journalism skills-building, online workshops, and publication throughout the school year. Watch the site for weekly updates. This project is for students and teachers, inside and outside of the classroom.

Historic Times Call for Great Writing!

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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YWP News

Oct 20

Online Writing Salon: Nov. 14!

Oct 20

New Newsletter!


Oct 20

I hope ...

[Illustration by cedar, YWP]
I hope .... finish the sentence. Add a few words, a few sentences, an essay! What do you hope for on Nov. 3 – one of the most consequential elections in the nation's history? Or what do you hope for beyond the election, in a new year – a new era? You might not be of voting age, but you have a voice that matters – and hope!
Aug 03

All Hallows'

It’s said that the veil between the living and the dead is thin at Halloween. Tell a story that revolves around the thin veil. Try to make it descriptive and suspenseful, ghostly but not gory. [Photo credit: YWP Media Library, art by jwu1]
Aug 04


[Photo credits: Marius Ciocirlan and Taylor Friehl, Unsplash]
The setting of any piece of writing can have a major impact on its overall tone. Choose a seasonal location that invokes the general mood of fall or winter, such as a pumpkin patch or skating pond. In this piece, include details such as weather, hours of daylight, holidays that help describe the seasonal setting, etc.
Aug 01

John Lewis

[Photo credit: Sam Falk/The New York Times, 1967]
Civil rights leader and Georgia Congressman John Lewis (2/21/40-7/17/20) believed in "good trouble, necessary trouble" to fight injustice, create change – and "redeem the soul of America" through civil rights, voting rights, gun control, health care reform. He believed that you are never too young to make positive change.

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Oct 17

Line Break, Episode 23

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Yellow Sweater about her poem, "The Big Blue," writing with synesthesia, how memories connect to writing, taking inspiration from religion, writing in a specific palette, and prose poetry. Also, here's the signup page for the online open mic that Yellow Sweater and I are hosting October 24th at 7pm EST!
I hope you enjoy!
Audio download:
Sep 29

YWP Book Club Pick: October

Join the YWP BOOK CLUB anytime! (It's also under YWP COMMUNITY in top bar. Log in to share your favorite books and participate in the discussion.) Discuss your favorite books and join the discussion with YWP's LadyMidnight on her monthly recommended picks! OCTOBER: "LITTLE WOMEN" BY LOUISA MAY ALCOTT.  LadyMidnight says, "This is one of my favorite all-time classics! While this book is longer than others I have recommended, I absolutely love the story and who doesn't love the March sisters?" In the Book Club, LadyMidnight posts questions to get the discussion rolling. If you have a favorite book for the monthly read, let LadyMidnight know!  JOIN THE ONLINE BOOK CLUB!
Sep 13

Creative Writing Workshops :)

Hi everyone,
    For my Girl Scout Gold Award Project (which I think I might've mentioned in an SDJ way back when), I'm conducting a series of creative writing workshops with my local library. I've actually just hosted the first one (journaling) this past Saturday, and I thought I might invite you all as well. It's not quite the same as the fantastic ones Alex holds (because I'm pretty new to this whole presenting thing + they're for specific genres), but I think they're pretty fun. I've found for myself that even if I'm already are very comfortable with the genre, it's also a great way to set aside a period of time to writing.

(Ideally) these workshops will:
- briefly explain each genre of writing,
- provide a safe environment to share,
- give feedback & encouragement,
- & let you express yourself!