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Aug 11

How I Write Poems

Everything was good
Not everything was as it seemed.
Said the girl
To the one looking back at her.
She, Him, They, Vey,
Not in the eyes of the government.
From all the people.
The final straw.
You know.
They say.
We've had enough.
We want change.
Jun 15

YWP's Social Distancing Journal

READ THE SOCIAL DISTANCING JOURNAL HERE! CONGRATULATIONS to the SDJ Editorial Team for creating this special issue on the coronavirus pandemic:
  • Adelle Brunstad, YWP alumna
  • amaryllis
  • cedar
  • Crescent_Moon
  • E.B. Pointy-Pen
  • hannah.banana23
  • happydancer
  • Inkpaw
  • LadyMidnight
  • NiñaEstrella
  • Treblemaker
  • Whitney
Thank you for this honest, informative, eye-opening, funny, sad, surprising, and all-around comprehensive look at the impact of COVID-19 on our lives! And big thanks to all the YWP writers, photographers and artists who are published in this special issue.
Aug 19


The COMMUNITY JOURNALISM PROJECT (CJP), entering its second year in the 2020-21 school year, offers writing and photo challenges (including multiple challenges on documenting the COVID-19 pandemic), journalism skills-building, workshops, and publication throughout the school year. Watch the site for updates on Year 2 of CJP's challenges, workshops and publication opportunities. This project is for students and teachers, inside and outside of the classroom. Find out more in this SPECIAL ISSUE OF THE VOICE! And a big THANK YOU to our donors!

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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YWP News

Aug 08

Line Break, Episode 19

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Treblemaker about her poem, "Four AM," taking inspiration from our dreams, sneezes, writing at night versus during the day, the nostalgia of old journals and dolls, and books that have shaped us as writers. 
I hope you enjoy!


Audio download:
Jul 10

Summer Writing & Photo Contest 2020

[Photo: "A Ripple in Time" by laurenm, YWP]
WOW! YWP writers and photographers, you blew us away! Your submissions to the Summer Writing and Photo Contest were amazing! Our judges will be reviewing every piece of writing and every photograph this week. Prize winners will be notified by email and private message on the site on Friday, Aug. 14. Announcements will be posted on the site; publication will follow in the September issue of The Voice. THANK YOU EVERYONE!


Aug 08


[Photo credit: Graceful, YWP Media Library]
When a writer skimps on a character’s physical description, it can be difficult for the reader to picture them in the mind’s eye. That in turn causes distraction, confusion, and an inability to fully connect to the story. With their permission, take – and post on your YWP blog – a photo of a family member, friend, neighbor, or pet that aims to capture their essence, and write a couple of paragraphs, describing them in vivid detail.
Aug 08


[Photo credit: Crescent_Moon, YWP]
What is your perfect summer day? Pandemic aside, walk us through the sights and sounds of perfection – for you. Where do you go? What do you do? Who, if anyone, is there with you? Tell the story in words or images or both!
Aug 07


What is the most “useless” talent you can imagine someone having? For example, double-jointed thumbs, speedy knot disentanglement, or exotic cat breed identification. Write a short story about a character who finds the chance to use their special ability to solve a problem or even save the day. [Photo credit: Aaron Thomas, Unsplash]
Jul 25

Line Break, Episode 18: Dialogue Edition

Hi everyone! Dialogue, the special edition of Line Break, is a group discussion about philosophical writing topics. This week I spoke with LadyMidnight and irishjayne about metaphorical authorship, when a writer's poem no longer belongs to them, using YWP as a virtual notebook, and the line between offering feedback and taking over someone else's writing. I hope you enjoy this new format!
Audio download:

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