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May 27

To All The Basketball Players

Act like no one is watching.
Focus on the rim.
Don't let it out of your sight.
Watch it, with every inch of your body.
Grip the ball.
Firmly, strongly.
Tune out the crowd, 
Bring the ball up.
Square yourself to the net.
Let it swish.
Like no one is watching.
Tune back in, as the crowd cheers your name.
As your teammates clap you on the back. 
Hold the ball, grip it tight.
Just like it's you and the basket.
Pass it.
Let them catch it.
They shoot.
It bounces off the rim.
Box out.
Grab the ball.
Pound it on the floor.
Dribble low,
Cross it over,
Keep dribbling. 
Don't watch the ball,
Watch the defender.
Put your hand out in front of the ball.
Take it,
Grab it,
Shoot it.
Now do it again.
Nov 22

YWP Book Club!

Mar 16

There's a lot going on at YWP!

From Young Writers Project to everyone in the YWP community, your families, and friends: We send you positive energy, wishes for good health, and virtual hugs! When COVID-19 forces you inside, remember that YWP is here for you. Post your writing, photos, and art. Stay in touch with your YWP writing friends. Comment, connect, indulge your creative side. Take full advantage of all YWP has to offer, including:
Apr 06

Documenting a pandemic

[Cover art by cedar]
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WORLD STOPS? Young Writers Project and YWP alumna Adelle Brunstad are working together to document the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of YWPers. We are collecting your candid reflections of the strangest period of our lives in words, photos, and art. Share your observations, moments, realizations, frustrations, laughter, sadness, fears, hopes -- whatever you're thinking, feeling, seeing. When this is all over, we will create a digital book documenting the coronavirus days. Check in here for all updates about the project. Where to start? The COVID-19 challenge for writing and COVID-Art for photos and art.

Online Workshops & Resources

The Writer's Craft is YWP's treasure chest of online workshops, writing challenges, activities, and resources. Check in here for inspiration! Many, many more to follow. Have fun. Build skills. Connect with YWP friends! Jump in any time as the list grows here:
Aug 19


Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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YWP news

May 26

Special issue of The Voice

For two decades, teacher Rich Boyers and his students at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington, VT have created an annual literary magazine called The ELM (Edmunds Literary Magazine). This year, the coronavirus pandemic prompted them to make a change from traditional print to digital. The Edmunds editorial team asked Young Writers Project to collaborate with them on an online edition of The ELM for 2020. The result was a great partnership – and this Special Issue of The Voice. Congratulations Edmunds Middle School for finding a way around the pandemic to publish The ELM!
May 25

What's your opinion?

May 23

Line Break, Episode 11

May 16

Summer of Stories 2020 is here

[Illustration by Autumn Larocque, Danville School]
YWP's annual Summer of Stories is here! New writing, photo and art challenges each week through the summer! Join us! Have fun! Stay connected with the YWP community! If you have an idea for a challenge, add it here: Create Challenges. The Weekly Challenges wrapped up on May 15 (thanks everyone for an incredible year!) but you can still respond to any challenges that you missed through the school year. And you can always write about anything or post any photos, art, and audio on any topic or theme on your YWP blogs.


May 22


[Photo: Nicholas Punter, Unsplash]
Imagine that you are walking along on your usual route to school and something strange catches your eye. It's a big, golden door. You're sure that it's never been there before. You look around. You're the only one on the street. School is starting in 10 minutes, but ... What do you do?
May 22


[Photo: YWP Photo Library, Kevin Huang]
"The day that I stopped being afraid of failure was the day my adventure began ..." Begin a story or poem with this phrase, or use the concept as inspiration.
May 22


May 22

One Word Story

Mar 13


[Illustration: Unsplash Visuals]
The coronavirus (COVID-19) has seized our world, attacking our health, our economy, our everyday life. Write about this invader and how it's changing our lives.

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Apr 17

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COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY QUESTIONS? FREE sessions with essay coach Denise Shekerjian! Ask her anything! What should I write about? When should I start? How do I know it’s a good topic? When will I know it’s done? Who should read it? How do I handle the short answers? How personal should it be?  Can I write about the virus? I’m stuck; what do I do?