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Nov 11
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Behind Closed Lids

The moment my upper eyelid connects to my lower lid

Is the moment all my thoughts come rushing at me,

Each taking a jab at my brain,

One after the other.

But most of the jabs attack me in the form of a question,

Mostly concerning the reality of my life.

What can I do to help my mother so her wrinkles don’t form any faster?

When will my family step down from running our business?

How much more money do I need to get that pair of shoes? 

I can’t think of answers fast enough before another question pops up.

It’s like a flurry of endlessness in my mind.

Never taking a break or stopping for a respite.

I can feel a headache inching its way towards me.

The thoughts spiral out of hand

And that’s the moment when I disconnect my eyelids,

The questions stopping in mid sentence,
Nov 12

Winter Tales 2019!

Congratulations to the YWP writers who were selected by Vermont Stage for this year's Winter Tales! Vermont Stage will present the writers' work at seven different performances at Main Street Landing's Black Box Theatre, Burlington, from Dec. 11-15. Read on to see the winning submissions and the dates of their performances. All writers will receive two complimentary tickets to Winter Tales. Interested in Winter Tales? Find out more here and buy tickets!

Winter Tales 2019
Presented by Vermont Stage, Main Street Landing, Burlington, VT
Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019 at 7:30pm
By Chase Ehrlich
Age 13
Montpelier, VT

Aug 22

Community Leaders 2019-20

Photo by LIa Chien, YWP Community Leader
Aug 19


Oct 07

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Dec 07
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Nov 12

YWP writer publishes book of poetry

Congratulations to YWP writer and photographer Anna Wahlin on the publication of her book of poetry, Touching the Dusty Sky, now available on Amazon. Check it out here:

Anna wrote to YWP to say: "After maybe 3 or 4 months I have finally published my poetry book! It is currently on Amazon as an ebook .... I put a shout-out to YWP because I would have never become a writer without you guys, so thank you so much! This means so much to me."
Oct 25

Saturday Workshop

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Jul 21

Still LIfe

Collect a few nearby household/everyday objects you frequently use or find interesting in some way, and arrange them for a photo or drawing (inspired by YWP's Kitkat). What do the objects you choose say about you and your life, or a new character’s? Post the photo or drawing. Write an accompanying poem, story or personal essay if you're inspired!
Jul 22


Sit still in a quiet place with your eyes closed for five minutes, and try to empty your mind of any thoughts. Does one thought keep pushing its way through? Vent about it or use it as inspiration to write. 
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Oct 15


[Photo credit: Samantha Sophia, Unsplash]
America has seen an alarming rise in mass shootings, but efforts at gun control frequently run into strong opposition. What is the way forward? Is there a way to break through this impasse?
Jul 30

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