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Jun 03

Dear Breathing Vessel For Love

Dear George,
dear Breonna,
dear Eric,
dear Micheal,
dear Lanqual,
dear Tamir,
dear Walter,
dear Freddie,
dear Alton,
dear Jamar,
dear Stephon,
dear Botham,
dear Emmett,
the millions I cannot name.

Dear beautiful body.
Dear breathing body.
Dear caring, wonderful, human body.

You are loved
and we will not tolerate hate
in your lingering presence.
You deserved life...
You deserve a peace.

I will not stop fighting
until all your human bodies are free
from hate and injustice.

You are a shining candle,
in the coldest of nights.
A relief of darkness...
in the violent, blinding white.
Aug 02

Today's Tiny Write

I'm almost done with 9th grade, next year I'll be a sophomore!!! It has been a wacky school year. First I moved to Vermont three days before school started, started my first year of public school at the biggest high school in Vermont, got used to going to public school, the pandemic started and sent me home again (the irony), and now I'm almost done with this year. Hopefully next year will be less eventful.
- Crescent_Moon

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Online Workshops & Resources

The Writer's Craft is YWP's treasure chest of online workshops, writing challenges, activities, and resources. Check in here for inspiration! Many, many more to follow. Have fun. Build skills. Connect with YWP friends! Jump in any time as the list grows here:
May 27

The ELM: Edmunds Literary Magazine

For two decades, teacher Rich Boyers and his students at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington, VT have created an annual literary magazine called The ELM (Edmunds Literary Magazine). This year, the coronavirus pandemic prompted them to make a change from traditional print to digital. The Edmunds editorial team asked Young Writers Project to collaborate with them on an online edition of The ELM for 2020. The result was a great partnership – and this Special Issue of The Voice. Congratulations Edmunds Middle School for finding a way around the pandemic to publish The ELM!
Apr 06

Documenting a pandemic

[Cover art by cedar]
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WORLD STOPS? Young Writers Project and YWP alumna Adelle Brunstad are working together to document the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of YWPers. We are collecting your candid reflections of the strangest period of our lives in words, photos, and art. Share your observations, moments, realizations, frustrations, laughter, sadness, fears, hopes -- whatever you're thinking, feeling, seeing. When this is all over, we will create a digital book documenting the coronavirus days. Check in here for all updates about the project. Where to start? The COVID-19 challenge for writing and COVID-Art for photos and art.
Aug 19


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Dec 07
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May 30

George Floyd

[Photo: Eric Baradat, AFP, New York Times]
The death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis, MN on May 25, has sparked protests, vigils, and demonstrations over this and other racial incidents that have happened across the nation. Get your thoughts out. Write about it.
May 30

Up Close

[Photos by laurenm, YWP]
There is art in nature. Take a look at the world around you, get in close, and photograph the designs, patterns, and wonders of nature. Catch some inspiration from these photos by laurenm.
May 30

I never ...

[Photo: YWP Archive, Kevin Huang]
Fill in the blanks and fill in the story. Try one or both of these prompts:
  • “I never ________, but it’s all over now.”
  • “Move aside, ________. Make way for ________.”
May 30

Story Starter

[Photo: Joanna Kosinska, Unsplash]
Think about moments in your life and write! You have two options:
  • Focus on specific, memorable moments in your life – recent or past, good or bad. Write everything that comes to mind for just two minutes.
  • Or try a free write on one word: Delicious, Sweltering, Exhilarating, Mountain, Trapped, Fireworks, Painting, Book, Friend, Woods, Storms, Family, Summer. Pick a word that speaks to you and write everything that comes to mind for two minutes.
May 25

What's your opinion?

May 31

Missing the Spelling Bee this year?

Hey YWP! Check out the Washington Post's online Spelling Bee – moderated by YWP Board Member Jacques Bailly, who is also the Scripps National Spelling Bee official pronouncer! Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Scripps National Spelling Bee was canceled for the first time since World War II. In the Washington Post Opinions Spelling Bee, Post columnists and editors gathered on Zoom to face off against one another and 2015 national bee co-champion Vanya Shivashankar – with Jacques as the host! GO JACQUES!

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