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Mar 20
joseph.deffner's picture

Invention: Stay Away Fiends!

We are all aware that the Covid-19 Pandemic is forcing citizens around the globe to remain at a recommended CDC approved six-foot safe distance from each other. Well how about this?  A “social distancing” app on your phone that alerts the user when they are less than six feet from an impending vector! The alarm rings to a sweet tune of the user’s choice or a classic and dreadful alarm clock sound-either way it will alert the user to STAY AWAY from any potential threats. It would be easy access, free on the app store for iOS and Android. You can easily buy new ringtones through in-app purchases.  In app purchases work to make your life easier by allowing you to buy a new ringtone without the need to leave the Stay Away Fiends App! When the user buys a new ringtone it will let people know that he or she is a VIP/Premium member of “Stay Away Fiends!”

Mar 17
zazu's picture

On days like these

Life is always different in the movies.
When crisis comes there's always a hero.
When the underdog has it rough,
he somehow manages to find the kind of friends that everyone wishes they could have.
When someone dies it's always more dramatic than in real life.
When the shy, quiet kid starts singing their voice  always sounds perfect.
Suddenly the quirky kids are the cool ones.
Everything seems so obvious.
You've figured out the mystery before the main character has, because they're always the last ones to know.
You love the characters and their stories,
But then there's some you hate. 
If you care enough you'll always end up feeling sorry for someone in the end.
I wish you could do that in real life,
That you could know everyone's side of the story.
That you could have best friends like Ron and Hermione,
Or a family as cool as The Incredibles,
Mar 16


Corvid-19; a  seam ripper, slowly tearing the world apart.
Separating the poeple and relationships you love because you're sopposed to stay 15 feet apart.
Its shredding the thin bonds between us, and there is no end in sight.

Stock market crashing, the whole planet in shutdown.
Businesses close due to no business.
Schools go online, students left with nowhere to go.
Atempts to dull the peircing blade, smothered by a metal blockade.

Drug stores wiped clean of all disinfectant. 
Hand sanitizer sold out.

Whlie scientists fight to cure this impeding disaster, some people stand by assured.
As panic spreads quicker than the illnes that implied it. 
Mar 15


Beyond we will live
beyond we will learn
beyond the sky is where the tides turn

beyond the choices 
beyond the mistakes
beyond life what death will soon take

beyond the pain
through triumph and will 
the world will slow
and seem to stand still

keep working my sons 
my daughters and trues 
the sun will burn out
but it wont hurt you 

promise you will fight
return what life gifts 
beyond the blood lust
is heaven in mist 
Mar 14


Be grateful
because when you first blinked your eyes
someone took a pen and wrote
a name 
just for you
so when you lose
still have something left.

Mar 13
KadenP's picture

The Carnival

I don’t know where it came from, one day it just appeared. The Carnival is supposed to be a fun experience for all ages but something, survival instincts? Paranoia? At this time I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that overnight the forest around my house was chopped down, flattened and an entire carnival set up shop. A eerie gray fog sat just above the carnival, and the sky was dark with clouds from a quickly approaching storm. I decided to stay inside, for some reason I seriously believed if I ignored it that it would just disappear and things would go back to normal. 

I was awoken to music, quite possibly the loudest, most annoying music I had ever heard. I instantly recognized it, it was carnival music. I checked the time, 2:35 a.m, I had wondered why would anybody be blasting such obnoxious music at this hour,

“Have they not heard of sleep” I thought to myself.
Mar 13
golden_eagle's picture


the fast flowing fierce 
liquid covers the earth
and feeds life. you throw
a pebble in to see smooth 
ripples and underneath the 
surface is so much life.
colors create and underwater
painting full of fish, octopi,cddlefish and coral.
rivers carve through the mountains
creating valleys and new land.
everything lives in harmony 
under the glassy clear surface
 we call water.

Mar 12
sambosco's picture


Just as school was ending for the year, a carnival arrived in town that had never come before. Even though most of us should have been studying for finals the following week, I and nearly everyone I talked to that Friday was planning to go that night. When my friends and I got there, It seemed like it would be a pretty good time. We could see rides the other carnivals didn’t usually have, and people everywhere. After walking a little further into the carnival though, one of my friends pointed out a smell, almost like wet dog that seemed to follow us wherever we went. Throughout the night many other small, strange things came to my attention – the half eaten corn cobs strewn everywhere, an unusual amount of trash across the carnival grounds, and most notably, the low hats and long, bulky coats worn by every ride operator and vendor.
Mar 11


My ultimate dream:
to be on Broadway
An unrealistic dream
I know but maybe...
I at least want to see
a Broadway show
with the big stage
and the bright lights
and my wish was
about to come true
when this disease
started spreading
and raising a fuss
and then my hopes
were dashed in
one little email
NYC Band Trip
Just when I was
getting really excited
that I was finally going 
to see 
the stage
the lights
the dancing
the singing
where I want to be