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Jun 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Pastoral

At Peace

I feel at peace sitting in our treehouse,
With the trees bumping together softly.
Listening to the crickets chirp,
and the blackbirds sing softly to each other.
I like to watch the cattails blow in the wind,
as the peepers croak loudly to each other.
The sun will set, and the wind will settle in,
scaring away the annoying mosquitos.
The sun will fall behind the deep purple colored mountains,
as the pink fluffy clouds cover the deep orange sun in a blanket.
Then, the deep gray moon will rise and ​call the stary night it's own,
as I nestle into our couch under my soft blanket,
and fall asleep, peacefully. 
Jun 08

I Am But A Sketch

I am but a sketch;
left lonely on the page
wavering uncertainly
agains the white,
bland backround.

I am a few lines
thrown together,
with no real purpose
I do not know
what to do.

I simply sit there
and unknowing
to what is next.

I am but a sketch,
confused at my purpose,
not knowing who I am,
simply standing on the page,
not really knowing.
Jun 07
poem 0 comments challenge: 100
makingwaves's picture

100 years from now

In 100 years, when my future children have children, I hope that they can grow up in a world that is kinder than this one.

I don't mean kinder as in softer or less hard working, I mean kinder as in more understanding, less close minded, and more open to change. 

I hope that they can grow up in a world that is not plagued by hate, frustration, violence, and despair. 

I hope that communities are more diverse by then in every way possible, and that they're less segregated.

I close my eyes and I try to dream of a world for them, in which our differences do not so often divide us as a human race.

A world where we all listen to each other, where we are constantly trying to do right by each other and bridge the gaps created by history.

A world where it doesn't matter so much what color skin you have, or whether you're born a boy or a girl.

A world where love can just be seen as love, no matter who it's between.
Jun 06

Some Things We Can't Ignore

Some people in our world today
are acting with cruelty,
with hate,
and I truly don't understand. 

I don't understand why they hurt people for no good reason.
I don't understand why they think they can do whatever they want,
whenever they want,
without having a good explanation. 

What I really don't understand is why they are giving our world more challenges to deal with,
more hard things to face
on purpose.

These lives that we all live,
they are our own,
and some aren't even making the most of them.
We can't take for granted everything the world gives us,
and we can't take advantage of everything that we earn,
for any reason at all. 

This world we live in,
it is so much more than special,
and we need to keep it that way.
We need to make it better.

So, I ask,
why aren't we?
Jun 05
Kittykatruff's picture


Every headline
every day
Stabs me
in another way

All the love
vs. all the hate
why do we 
still play this game

Can't fathom
the reasoning
behind the

Darkness, darkness
pouring down,
stand alone
and we will drown

Humans build
but can't work out

Please stand with us
they call out,
has let them down

They've shared with us
stories, sorrows,
learn today, then
act tomorrow

Darkness, darkness
pouring down,
hope is when
a light is found

Please stand with us
they call out
this time, please don't
let them down

Darkness, darkness
all around,
only love drives
darkness out

love is where
the light is found.

Jun 05

Thanks To You

You changed the world, 
And it's still changing.
We learned to love each other,
No matter their skin color,
Thanks to you.
When hate seems unbeatable,
Love will still be undefeatable,
Thanks to you.
You gave us quotes to look upon,
To never forget your lessons,
You brought about,
A time of peace.
I look upon your words and say,
"I'm gonna be just like him someday."
Thanks to you.

Jun 04
Nora Slaughter's picture

A Girl named Sam

She sits underneath a tree unafraid of the world. The wind brushes along her face, and instead of being afraid that this gust might sweep her off and take her away, she welcomes the slight breeze in by letting it whisper in her ears. The wind has so many secrets. It murmurs by you and moves the leaves with it. It caresses your hair and tickles your skin like it’s playing a game. The wind knows no limits; it goes where it pleases and moves around anything in its way; it doesn’t care what others think of it. It is simply being. It’s unafraid of change or difference, it just floats on by. When the wind is angry, it doesn’t hold back, it isn’t afraid of anything, and it has no predators. The wind is free, and that’s what she longs to be. 
Jun 03


Jun 02
Kittykatruff's picture

Ballad of June, 2020

On the protests against police brutality in late April and June, 2020
(a modern take on Dudley Randall's "Ballad of Birmingham")

"Mama, why are people marching
and saying we're not free?
Isn't America celebrated for
treating everyone equally?"

"Yes, baby, that is what they say
as we work for and love our country,
But no matter how much we pledge and give,
we're treated differently."

"But mama, what is it about us
that makes people turn colder?
Like when kids don't want to play with me,
And you're scared when we're pulled over."

"I don't know why, baby, I don't know
why they only see in color.
I wish the world was different, so you'd
not cry for it as you grow older."

They saw the protestors march by,
with masks, signs, cameras, phones,
A next-door-neighbor offered a sign,
and said, "You don't stand alone."
Jun 01
TheMuffinMan's picture

The World Weeps

The World Weeps

For those we’ve lost.
It cries
Not for the fighting, but for the dying.
Its sadness is not for one side or another, but for the ones who lie silent in the sand.

The world weeps when a bullet flies 
The world dies
When that bullet finds its mark

Whether it was painted black or white 
The world weeps 
all the same.