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Jan 17
polite_conversation's picture

Book Bans

Parents shouldn’t be able to ban books from school libraries. In 2018, the American Library Association recorded that there were 347 books that had been requested to be banned in the United States. 32% of people attempting to get those books banned were parents. 

I love reading, there’s nothing better than a good book. Sometimes, the books I read are explicit, but these books having explicit content doesn’t immediately sully their value. It doesn’t cancel out all of the education provided within them. It's wild, the amount of growing and learning we do with the assistance of books. Books help kids grow their view of the whole world. No other content can put you straight into someone else’s life like a book can. The author Robbie J Harris commented on these bans, saying "I think these books look at the topics, the concerns, the worry, the fascination that kids have today... It's the world in which they're living."
Jan 15
Alaina.J_27's picture

Once Forgotten, Now Remembered

The forgotten river, now remembered.
The once calm tides, 
In a perfect symphony
Now crash with fury.
In a battle with the rocks,
The blooming flowers that once stood in full bloom,
Now lay in broken ruins,
Trampled by humans.

Sometimes the human race,
Should just leave things in peace.

*Comments and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!
Jan 14

Counting Sheep

Why is it people,
wander in sleep?
Making promises
to themselves
they'll never keep.
Hoping that one day,
all of the sheep,
will jump
low enough for them to reach.
Jan 14

The Silent Song

    The moon glowed brightly, casting a silvery hue on the whole clearing. The tall grasses swayed peacefully to a melody only they could hear and the water lapped against the shore in a gentle rhythm. The stars soaked the sky like specks of bright paint on a dark canvas, dancing to an untaught choreography. Everything was so calm. But that was about to change. It came so fast that even the trees, standing tall and rustling lightly now and then to add the soft song coursing through the veins of the forest, didn't see it was coming. It came hurtling from all sides. Picking up leaves abanded on the forest floor and scattering them like confetti, whipping through the cool night air and crashing through fluffy white clouds. Howling words of an unknown language. And finally disappearing over the glittering horizon, just beginning to show the first signs of daylight.                
Jan 14
Ryan Malloy's picture

Silent Passings

A man walks into the store with a strut

As I looked at him with my mutt

He walked up to me and raised his arms high, as if to sign 

He waved his hands around in circle to ask how the big game had gone,

As I watched I couldn’t help but yawn

Then I moved my whole body as if I was an inflatable tube man to tell him we won,

He looked at me with a gaze

As I gave one final nod and walked our separate ways.

Jan 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Mystique

Nature Has Mystique

Nature seems to have Mystique
The green vines
wrapped around the tall
sturdy trees
that reach twords the infinate sky
which is painted
with pinks, purples,
and colors undescribable 
that blend into eachother
as day bleeds into night
the setting sun
making shadows dance
giving nature
Jan 13
poem 2 comments challenge: Mystique

Place of Magic

There is hardly a better place to be, 
than deep in the archives of a library. 

Libraries are chock full of stories, 
with direct portals to other universes.

They have a certain cloud of mystery around them, 
a promise of secrets to be uncovered.

Libraries have the architecture that suggests
they have hidden rooms, reading crannies,

winding stairs and majestic overhangs,
tiny aisles, and dusty stacks of books. 

Libraries are the lungs of knowledge:
people entering with greed for wisdom, 

and people leaving with newfound enlightenment, 
their craving for awareness of the world satisfied.

Is there any other place on Earth with such power? 
Any other place with so much overlooked magic? 
Jan 12
Eloise Silver Van Meter's picture


Frogman speaks to me in my sleep.
He talks in hums.
They mostly are one note and remain one, being held for 35 minutes in woken time
(that’s very long in sleep time).
Sometimes there is more than one voice.

Frogman was conceived in a magical bubble bath
when two water molecules decided to pursue love
in the emptiness of the busy bubble bath
which imbued premature convictions of what it was like to move on one’s own accord.
They escaped fluidity and entered the trappings of
human conscience.
Those trappings came when Frogman spoke a human word.
That was the only human word he ever spoke.
After that, he learned to hum.
His music welded his being with that of the clouds.
He moves like clouds and sings like clouds.
His voice rains on all of the water molecules,
and his raindrops explore the wonders of the water molecules,
Jan 11


After the party
I walk slowly around 
And pick up the objects
We tossed on the ground.
I dance to the music 
That someone left on 
But it's not as much fun 
Now that everyone's gone.
I pile up the tablecloths
Straighten the chairs
Dust off the surfaces 
Freshen the air.
Dad shows me the photos
That somebody took
My face, and my friends' 
Smile back as I look.
Though it's good to remember 
The great time we had
It still doesn't help me 
From feeling so sad.
I picture us laughing 
At jokes that we told
I remember the dancing
The moves we thought bold.
After the party 
I try to move on 
But nothing's much fun
Now that everyone's gone.

Jan 10

Faces 2

Another go at digital art- I was originally going for a fiery look like the second one.