Feb 15

Those Who Don't

There are so many lives,
so many stories,
of those who love,
those who laugh. 
There are so many people who
decide to do good 
and become known. 
So many people who have 
that they love to share.
And there are those who have nothing. 
There are those who speak words, 
just to say something.
There are those who cry,
just to be pitied. 
There are those who smile
but are never truly happy.
What can we do,
what can we believe,
to help anyone have an opinion, 
to make anyone known, 
to make anyone heard? 
What can we do,
for those who don't
truly speak?
What can we do,
for those who don't
truly live?
Feb 15

Us as a community

We can help eachother 

By being there for oneanother

We will communicate change 

In it’s greatest form

We will not let stereotypes 

Be the social norm

We build eachother up

Up to the sky

Our community’s love

At an all time high

I will be there for you 

You will be there for me

We have each others backs

When you fall to your knee

You will see me 

I will help you up

And that’s a guarantee 

We may be six feet apart 

But we stand together

We always do

Just forever remember

I believe in me and you
Feb 15
fitzgerg's picture

It's We Who Have Done This

Traveling here for a different life, 
what greets them brings much fear and strife.
Finally a glance of Freedom and Hope
on the other side of a precarious tightrope.
Across the sand, over a wall,
what for them awaits, is too early to call.
Took many risks; left behind their conflicts,
it all was for this, the only way to exist.
They have nothing left, but their own very soul,
when around them congregates Border Control,
pulling children away from their parents
into a facility full of adherents. 
Trapped they are there, with no one who cares;
detained for illegal, foreign affairs.
People of power don't try to fix this;
very young children alone reminisce.
They didn't say goodbye to their family,
cornered in a cage that is very chilly.
Confused and scared,
needing mental repair;
unsure of the future,
no Mom or Dad there.
If this sounds pretty bad, remember this:
Feb 15

A frostbitten moon

In my dreams
a frostbitten moon feels warm
and lemon blossoms
scent the air

People ride
on origami paper cranes
and the roads are paved with sandstone
implanted with seaglass

In my dreams
everyone lives
in brightly colored birdhouses
up in trees with
strands of marbles glittering
in their branches

Vendors sell fresh orange slices
dipped in honey
and tissue paper flowers
bloom at night while
people dance with their soulmates

In my dreams
there are long sandy beaches
lined with turquoise water
and coated with honeysuckle blooms
There is no sky
the sun and stars hang
and the snow that falls
is any color you want it to be

There is no climate change
no racism
no fossil fuels
no hunger

In my dreams
Feb 15

The Throbbing Fires of Longing

It comes and goes in waves,
the throbbing in my throat,
in my chest,
and in my heart.
It seeps in and out again,
the fires in my eyes,
in my stomach,
and in my lungs.
It flaps and thrusts about,
the longing inside of me,
inside of her,
and inside of you.
Feb 13
poem 2 comments challenge: Tone

On empathy

Swallow your pride
(but don't let it scorch your tongue)
the best cook knows how to be tiny
curl up and trade secrets with a peppercorn

sometimes the key is
shrinking your judgment while
growing your heart

become a liquid
take the shape of someone else's container
learn to love the nooks and crannies
of their soul

as for icebreakers:
rapping small talk against the surface
makes a nice-sounding crackle
but sometimes you have to
dive deep into freezing water
and shiver through another's worries

polar bears have feelings too

and pass notes
(when no one's looking)
(and also when the whole world stares)
be proud about it
fold love into
paper cranes and
love into fortune tellers

open your mind so you can
open every flap:

you will make
a friend.


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