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Dec 03
Scarry Night's picture

Birthday Candles

Birthday candles.

They light the night up like millions of stars.

And if you're lucky, something else might happen, too.

You make a wish, you blow them out.

And everyone is wondering what your dream is about.

Don't tell them, though, because if you do, 

you're wish just might not come true!
Dec 03

Start Listening

   Climate change is the most pressing issue right now. I think that solving climate change seems unachievable to lots of people because it is a huge concept that not many people bother to break down into swallowable chunks. They are scared because the task seems so daunting and they decide that if they can’t solve the whole problem overnight they might as well not do anything at all. But here’s the thing, you don’t need to start with refreezing the poler ice caps or stop everyone cutting down the Amazon Rainforest. Imagine if everyone in your town carpooled more often so instead of ten people in ten cars, it would be ten people in two cars. You might not think that would make much of a difference but it would pollute the air that much less which is getting us somewhere. Mother earth has been telling us for a while now that something needs to change and we don’t have time to look past that anymore. So let’s start listening.

Dec 03

Christmas Season

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”
Dec 02


I get sad.
Hopelessly, irretrievably depressed
Wallowing in the very darkest depths of despair.
But when I am happy,
I soar
High, high above the world
Swinging on moonbeams and sunshine
Rejoicing in the sheer ecstasy of being alive.
Thinking of nothing but the seemingly perfect future 
That lies ahead of me.
And I feel joy.
Nov 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Do-Over
isabelle.chen's picture

Lost Time, Lost Opportunities

“If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?”

My mind suddenly starts whirling up moments that brought upon me embarrassment along with tinted rosy cheeks plastered onto my face 

But then I think of the opportunities I missed too

All because I doubted myself 

I guess it’s true what they say

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

I would stand idly by the sidelines whenever an opportunity popped up 

I wanted to take my shot

But my shot never left my hand

And as the opportunity drifted away

Regret made itself present inside me

I felt my regret stronger than my embarrassment

So if I had one do-over

It would be to sign up for that team

Talk to that person

Go on that adventure 

Apply for that contest

So many missed opportunities slipped away on my part
Nov 28
poem 0 comments challenge: Tomorrow

feelings of tomorrow

Tomorrow I hope you'll see the rainbow,
The beauty in the colors,
The feeling of your troubles and storms fading away,
Tomorrow I hope you'll lose the pain,
The deep cuts that were ripped open,
The feelings that came gushing out,
Tomorrow I hope you'll smile,
The real pretty thing instead of your old crumbling one,
The bright cheerful feeling that will never take happiness for granted,
Tomorrow I hope you'll be okay,
The feeling of everything being in balance,
The thing you thought you would never be again,
Tomorrow I hope you'll love yourself
The feeling that you can find in yourself
The fullness that envelopes you; that is described in so many ways
Nov 28

How to fall apart in an afternoon:

last night 
I dreamt of butterfly wings and 
sandpaper and thunderstorms

last night I woke up when 
the sun fell into itself trying 
to brighten its own heart 

I’ve been trying to become the sun 
for so long that I turned to ash 
because for the sun to shine so bright 
she has to tear herself into tiny pieces 

and its beautiful but it hurts so bad 
and I am so in love with being alive 
that the butterflies in my stomach 
have turned into birds and are trying  
to get out 

I have spent so long pouring every bit 
of beautiful inside me onto bookends 

that I am left with the broken bits that 
want so bad to burn down every city 
and stand in the center of chaos and 
relish the feeling 

I am left with the girl who is 
filled up with rage and heartbreak 
and wants to save the world but also 
wants to break every bone in her body 
Nov 27


Have you ever found yourself
Lost in a town
Where you knew everyone
But no one knew you.
That when it rained everyone
Ran inside but you
Stood in the storm with no place to go.

And all I ask is,
Can you take me away
Far from here,
Away from the dusted rain.
All I want is you tonight
To take me to the stars that promise the world.

And all I want is,
That when my legs wobble
And my world begins to crumble
You will carry me home
To the place I belong
To the place where I can be free.
To the place where I am me.

And all you need to know is,
Have you ever found yourself
Lost in a town
Where you knew everyone
But no one knew you.
That when it rained everyone
Ran inside but you
Stood in the storm with no place to go.

Nov 25

A Small Flicker of Light

A small flicker of light taking me so very far away from where I have been for so very long. The fire takes the shape of my mind and displays them In the dancing shadows that grace my walls reminding me of times when the silent room wasn’t so empty. I pray the winds go away so these memories can linger a little while longer
Nov 22

The things I whisper to the trees in Autumn:

I've always loved with my toes, 

my emotions so big they burst 
through my heart and settle down 
near the sand and secrets 
buried with the sunflower seeds
in the spring 

except sometimes 
I love with that spot, 
right between my shoulder blades 

where the sun touches down 
right before it ducks behind 
the clouds made of 
15 stanzas of words
that will never be spoken  

sometimes when I love 
it feels like a bird 
landed in the center in my 
body and flapped its wings 
before flying directly into a lake made 
of light and then breaking in half 

people don't tend to like 
when you love with your toes 

because then it feels like 
too much 

some don't have the toe 
capacity to hold the 
384 tons of feeling
that is crushing my heart 
at any given moment

I am sorry for those people,