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Feb 16

Everything She Was

she was ahead of our time
she dreamed of worlds circling around our own
or rivers flowing out of the tears of our own eyes
of flying a wagon to the moon
she was a pioneer of the unknown
she was an exploror
of the pitch black (sprinkled with stardust)
of the tangly ruins that haunted the backyard
she was so much
like a big bang that happened right here
and I was just lucky to witness it
her long, long hair was a waterfall
that swept people off their feet
and her freckles were constellations
people studied with telescopes
so they could find out her secrets
if people were dice
she would have been a double six (rolled six times in a row)
she was a mess
a mess that managed to fix everything at once
when she left someone, their heads were in the heavens
spinning upon clouds and filled with helium
she was a contagious laugh
that infected the body and made it hard to breath
Feb 09
Liam's picture

The Jump

As we drove along the windy road that felt like it never ended, I started to question if I was ready. My whole life I had been afraid of the exhilarating feeling you get when you go on a rollercoaster. Today I was going to face that fear by going straight to the heart - cliff jumping. When we finally arrived I had to walk along a narrow path through the woods to get to the first jump. I decided not to jump. I doubted myself. But the only way around is hiking back and then swimming upstream in the strong current, so that’s what I had to do. Halfway through I thought about swimming back but there was no point. I thought to myself, “better keep going”. I kept on swimming and once I got to the first jump I was so tired it was hard to get up the slimy rock. Nobody was jumping off this one. It was about 15 feet tall but you had to jump far out or else you would hit sharp rocks at the bottom. This time I didn’t run away from my fear. Somehow confidence overcame me and I decided to go for it.
Feb 08
lana.W's picture

Which Pet?

Which pet will best suit my needs?
I see puppers and doggos galore,
but what I want is so, so much more.
Dogs are great, and not much exceeds.
The pet store closes in five.

I need a pet who’ll fascinate,
who’ll make my guests say, “WOW!”
I need to make my decision now.
There’s no time left to waste.
The pet store closes in four.

I looked at every bunny,
I also looked at birds.
Across the street, I see llama herds,
When mom says, “It’s time to go, honey.”
The pet store closes in three.

Maybe an iguana? Nah,
Iguana’s don’t seem right.
Oh woah, is that lizard white?
How ‘bout a fluffy cat, to feel bourgeois?
The pet store closes in two.

My time is running out,
I need an animal quick!
I don't know which one I'm going to pick,
Should I choose beak or snout?
The pet store closes in one.
Feb 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Decide
joseph.deffner's picture

All the Pets

My dad let me go to the pet store today.

He said to pick a pet that I wanted.   

I wanted a little hamster that I would name Jerry.

But when I got there, I couldn’t decide.

Did I really want Jerry, or did I a want a spider named Milly?

Or a bunny named Hun?

What about Jake the snake?

I wanted all of them.

I wanted Pink the goldfish,

Lilly the frog,

Bob the pig.

I needed Leo the green parakeet,

Grace the water Dragon,

Cody the Veiled Chameleon,

And Luna, Leah, and Lucy, the Fancy Hermit Crab sisters.

My dad asked me if I really wanted all those pets.

“Are there any pets you don’t like?” he asked me, teasingly.

“Some,” I said, “but those weird ones still need homes, too.”

Aidan the rat needed a home,

So did Claire and Theo, the Veiltail Betta couple,
Feb 06
MaggieClark's picture


I stare at the young puppy. His eyes reflect the light, and his tongue wags freely about his mouth. “I’ll think about it” I whisper, the puppy paws at  the cage and its face fills with dread, as I turn in the other direction. I look back and the puppy, it has already forgotten my face. He chases his tail, never once thinking about the maybe home, that he maybe had.
Feb 05
Mackenzie 101's picture

The Yellow Elephant

The yellow elephant was dancing around the room.
Spiraling in and out of consciousness, she danced.
Falling to the right, and flying to the sky, she was smiling,
Even if the darkness made her dizzy. She was the elephant
in the room, always wondering why the zebras and monkeys
weren’t dancing. But, that didn’t matter. She did what she wanted,
and wanted to do what she once did. So the yellow elephant kept watching,
And waiting for that one opportunity that never ceased to exist again.

Feb 05
fiction 1 comment challenge: Decide

10 O'Clock





The seconds fall away from the clock, dripping off the hands like the sweat slowly dripping down my forehead, down my nose, off my face.





As the end draws near my heart speeds up, racing, racing, racing like a horse stung by the hot bite of a whip.





“Sir? Sir, we need you to make up your mind now.”





The weight of this decision weighs down upon my chest, suffocating and crushing. The single defining choice to end a lifetime of loneliness. Or begin one.

Feb 04
poem 0 comments challenge: Elves

Forest Fantasy

Fair creatures and fair desires,

Yet no believers and no admirers.

Those who enchant the oblivious eye,

Through wandering skies and regretful smiles.

Through itching feet and endless isles.  

Encircled by those that die,

Who meddle and peek, evasive and shy.  

Under mortal moon and breathing bowers.

Who push their backs against the grain,

And fool them all again and again.

Under Aberdeen evergreen,

They will never be seen.  

Those who dwell in secret towers,

Under a spell of unknown powers.

The hymn of bygone breaths,

The dawn of dim lit deaths.

Like sunlight wings that carry light,

Into eternity all through the night.  

All without a single sight.  

Like pale phantoms, never to pass.
Feb 04
poem 2 comments challenge: Elves
wellss's picture

The Elves Among the Woods

The Elves Among the Forest
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
If you ever go in the woods listen close.
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
You can hear them.
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
But you can’t see them.
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
They are the elves among the forest.
Some people don’t believe in them (Macie),
But Lola and I do.
And they are real.
Every once in a while,
you can hear their laughter,
and the singing of the birds,
in the early morning.
Listen very close,
and you can hear,
the trickling drops in their buckets,
as they fill them up with the water,
of the cool, calming stream.
You can hear the humming sound,
of them collecting the honey from bees,
in the bright, and cheerful summer,
and the sound of the wind blowing,
flow to the sound,
of them whistling through the woods.
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
Feb 03

Little Log House