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Dec 03

The Kind Squirrelyhoo

Chick a lick
Wickle a doo!
Where are the nuts

Chatter chatter hee haw
on the prime kazoo!
I will proudly continue,
to make a delightful hulaballoo!

Scribble scramble
down the bark, on the ground
waddle a hee!
Green stalks run amock!
How utterly blithersome!

Dig a lig,
scrape the soil to find the nuts!
Nothing but empty soil?
Silly beyond belief!
Nov 30
l.jones's picture

Gone Nuts

I know it’s here, it has to be. I put them all right here at the bottom of the big red………. Oh wait maybe it was that one. No, no, no it has to be this one it has that ANNOYING bird’s nest in the hollow riiiiiiiight there. Hmmmmmm, where did I put them……
Nov 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Forest
Manatee12's picture


There is a thousand choices under every rock.
Nov 29

Inside A Squirrels Head

"I know I put them here somewhere".
"Over here! No".
"Here! Nope".
"Oh,definitely over there! Aw nuts, not here".
"Why can’t I find them? I put them in the same place every year...at least I thought I did".
"Come on. Think".
"Focus. Fo-cus".
"Maybe I got my pine trees mixed up. Maybe I took a wrong turn".
"Okay. Stay calm".
"Back to the big pine".
"Left this time. Maybe I got that mixed up".
Nov 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Wonder


I wonder why the world's so persistent and endurant.  
Why does the grass grow after each winter?
Why do the leaves give up and fall in autumn?
Why do we keep fighting?
Why do wars keep coming?
Why do the deer still risk crossing the road?
Why does anyone risk driving?
Why leave the safety of your house?
Why would one risk anything?
It's almost like we're playing fate's game of cat and mouse...
Nov 29
vmoore's picture


If I had one thing that I wish was never invented, it would be homework. I don’t get why I need so much homework. I do my work the best I can in school and I learn at least one thing new everyday. Apparently that’s not good enough, because the teachers give me way too much homework. I’m up until midnight every night doing homework. I usually forget to eat dinner too. After my homework, I have to take a shower, I usually get out of the shower a little after midnight.
Nov 28
ecourcelle's picture

What I could live without

One invention I wish had never been invented is itchy sweaters. They are uncomfortable and are a nuisance to this world. My life would definitely change for the better in a world without itchy sweaters.
Nov 23
Icarus Blackmore's picture


October 1st Las Vegas,
59 killed, 527 injured.
November 5, Sutherland Springs,
26 dead, 20 injured
November 14, Rancho Tehama,
5 killed, 10 injured.

June 13th 2016,
I woke up to find headlines
That spoke of great tragedy.
A nightclub in Orlando,
An frightening terrorist.

A gay nightclub,
A symbol of hope, acceptance,
Ravaged by violence,
Blood gleaming upon the floor,
Nov 21
poem 1 comment challenge: I Wonder
joseph.deffner's picture

I Wonder Why

I wonder why we invented money.

It makes it more challenging to live.

People with more money get more things.

People with no money are starving.

People think that money is necessary.

I think it makes everything more complicated.

But if we get rid of money,

Our way of life will change.

And people have trouble changing,

So we have ourselves in a bit of a dilemma.
Nov 21
joseph.deffner's picture

I Wonder Why

    I wonder why we use Daylight Savings Time? Daylight Savings Time is always a hassle because we are either gaining time or losing time. My Mom tells me twice a year to change my clock and that if I don’t I will either wake up too early or wake up too late. Once, when the time got changed, I gained more time and I felt good because I was getting an extra hour of sleep.