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Jan 26
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week 24 a hurricane's rainbow

The storm was raging outside my house;  the shutters were banging against the windows like a hundred hellions were attacking it.  Every few seconds the house started to shake and quiver as if the storm was pushing it with invisible hands. The day earlier we got a storm warning on the radio- it was faint and muffled.  Then later that night the radio turned on again and at that time the radio announcer spoke. “There will be a storm, but it will not get here for awhile and it will only be a soft storm 50 mile an hour winds at the most.  You are all safe” I wish that what he said was true. The storm kept torturing us with it’s wind waves. Many days passed since the radio broadcast and the storm raged on. We all were losing hope and when all hope was gone, regardless the storm would take us away to a bad place, a place filled with nightmares and death. Then the most wonderful thing happened, the miracle. When the miracle happened, everything changed.
Jan 26
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week 26 Humor

Humor…  the official definition is the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature and speech.  But that’s not the only way I see it. Humor is a way of expressing yourself. It’s how some people get through hard times and how others get into them. (depending on how offensive your joke is) some humor is funny and some humor just isn’t. Humor is something that has always been changing, just like us. 
Jan 26

old friends

nothing seems to take me
so far far away
as this feeling
is it old is it new
I may call your name 
to come to me in the garden 
with tea and oranges 
in a little boat on the lake
with wind in my hair 
and time in my hands 
we will take the river 
get out of town
its so romantic
but lovers we are not
old friends like death
forever young
and we know our mortality
and we are long from childhood
but still we can pretend  
Jan 24
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Beautiful Silence

There we are, sitting across from each other in the large crowded room and we still seem to make eye contact. Tears rolling down my face and he stares for a moment, wondering what to do. He gives me a concerned look with soft eyes and tense eyebrows and I return a sad half smile to let him know that I’ll live and be alright. He gives me a nod tagged along with a sympathetic smile that conveys his kindness in a way that makes me feel better and stop crying. I silently chuckle and return a smile, letting him know he made my day better. He smiles and gets up from his chair, turns around, walks out, and I never see him again.
Jan 24


i find that a book is a treasure.
a treasure many people can have, but few fully understand.
everyone takes it differently.
nobody looks at it from the same angle.

a book is like a rainbow.
it is beautiful and colorful,
people receive it differently.
some people receive it with excitement,
others with disappointment and an audible sigh.
but it's a rainbow.
you can't hate it.

a book is a piece of art.
it takes creativity and hard work to make, 
and is inspiring to all who see it.

i revere all writers.
they pour their emotions out
to weave words together in such intricate ways.

this, this is why i am a writer.
so i can learn to weave words together
and make a beautiful tapestry of words. 
and get that recognition and reverence
so i, too, can inspire young writers. 
Jan 23
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen
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Lost. Found. 
Darkness. Light.
I am myself.
Strained yet unbroken.
Flaws, failings, fragments.
Each part.