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May 12

You are gone

Tall grass surrounds me
It bends ever so slightly in the wind.
Eastward I face watching the day begin
While stars diminish into the west.
I do not brush the hair away from my face
I do not move.
My hair gets stuck on my lips and waves in front of my vision.
The warm rays hit my face so I close
My eyes to keep the stars protected.
I have nothing to do today
Except wait, for you.
The clock in my head ticks, the sun is now directly above
But I still face east.
I wait longer the ticks keep going.
I realize that you won't come anymore 
So with one final tear and I walk away
Shaky but not afraid.
May 12
Prince's picture


The word encompasses all
Nature caring for her fragile children
A writer carefully crafting words she has written
A gardener nurturing plants she’s been given
Guiding a van down a road constantly driven

She helps flowers grow tall
For sun and cool water they’ve striven
It’s thanks to her for this life they’re living
The plants’ first growth is where we’re beginning
And her job never ends, perpetually trimming

Sometimes trees can fall
But she always replants them, grinning
Roots back in the ground, they’re winning
Drinking in golden water, sun never dimming
Once again in calm air they’re swimming

Vines climb up her wall
To her certain backbone they’re clinging
And they drink in the sun as it’s singing
And these vines grow strong from their pinning
To the wall, the gardener can watch them climbing

May 08

So Blank, So Full

At the blank page.
So stark,
So harsh,
So empty.
The blank piece of paper.
So blank.
And yet,
So full,
At the same time.
Full of thoughts not yet written,
Words not yet said,
Dreams not yet dreamed,
Full of everything,
And nothing,
At the same time.
So blank,
So full,
And so,
May 08
EllaKozak's picture


Underwater I feel like I’m not on earth

It gives you this feeling of water and life

It gives me a second to be away from our loud noisy world

It lets me be in the moment
That feeling that you get nowhere else

Peace and harmony even though you can't hear anything

The water feels safe yet dangerous

It makes me aware and observant
Underwater it's a whole different world

Floating around, in space but on earth

Alone and isolated in a peaceful place

In your own bubble
You can’t talk, hear, smell but you can feel

Feel the water against your skin

See the light moving through the water

Feeling like underwater is where I am meant to be
May 08

Epistle for my Cat

Dear Kitty,

I think you are part of the glue that
holds my family together. So thank you
for that. Otherwise
we wouldn't have a silly cat
to make us laugh when we all get
mad at each other.

Thank you for sleeping next to me
when I'm sad, and doing funny tricks
when you want a treat.

Thank you for being more of a dog,
and greeting me at the door everyday
when I come home from school (unless
you are asleep in the sunshine. Then you
are being a cat.)

I'll never meet a cat as dumb & clever &
happy & crazy as you. Thank you
for being my cat.

your owner

May 07

How can you hate?

How can you hate when you're lying under the stars?
When you are gazing at hills stretching for miles
Their silvery tips brushed by the copper-colored last light of the sun?
When you are sitting in an empty cathedral 
Sunlight illuminating dust streaming in the air over the alter
Touching your face
As the sounds of a thousand forgotten voices swing through the rafters?
When you wake up to rain streaming down your window
And you reach out
Watching it stream over your hands into puddles below you
That as you lean down
You can see your reflection in them?
When you're sitting on a dock next to your best friend
Watching as the silent sun slowly slips away behind the mountains
And your feet dangle in the cool water?

How can you hate when the most beautiful thing in life is just a heartbeat away?
May 07

sOmeOnE SaId

Someone said she looked pretty today

But she looked in the mirror and asked if they were okay

Someone said his voice sounded beautiful

But he just laughed and asked if they were hard of hearing

Someone said she was a good person

But she felt like living was a sin and asked if she could be forgiven

Someone said I was unable to accept compliments

But I told them that I didn’t accept lies
May 06

Trashcan Man

It was a matter of fact
Something Trashy didn't have 
All he had was a matter of time 
That was running out
Always something of flame
We knew Trashy was to blame 
I guess we never really understood
What he was about 

But his name
Became a game
I remember how we would shout

Come to get rid of the mess of the human race?
Soon you're gonna burn away the town
Are you gonna burn the whole damn world down?"
Young Trashy, Trashy was our clown

"Hey, Trashman
Don't you think it's best you burned off your face?
'Cause we're sick and tired of looking at you cry"
And to this day, I wonder why we felt so big 
When we saw our words leaking out of Trashy's eyes 

It was a matter of love
Something Trashy didn't know
Have I told you all the words we would call him? 
He was a matter of flame
Always hating at the rain 
Audio download:
Trashcan Man.m4a
May 06
JordanSara's picture

How Can You Measure a Heart?

How can you measure 
the depth of a

How can you measure 

How is it that you
love me?
How is it that one
brazen, broken
conflicted, and graceless
could deserve someone as
unfeigned as you?

How can you measure
Because I have learned to
and lived to
and loved to

How can I measure
what love can do?

May 06


"Maybe I'll drive myself to madness
Spinning in circles
Don't have it figured out just yet"

Unhappiness hangs over my head
Like a cloud of black smoke
It suffocates all light
Slashing the photons with a machete
and sending sparks to the ground

My eyes are dry and full of sand
My hair is wet and also full of sand
And I know that when I leave
The chromatic cleanser of mountains
For the arenaceous islands
There won't be smoke
The air will be clear and alkaline
Yet it will not be easier to breathe

For the miserable and hopeless spirit,
Enraged with the world for no
singular, appropriate reason, shall be there
Her shadow stretching down the pier and into
the jeopardous waters below

When I leave the trees
And arrive on the beach
The brine and the smell of fried food will drift
On the ocean winds