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Jan 29
Kalan_Kenyon's picture

Life Is Short

Life is short
Life's not long
You are where
You Belong
Try you
Best you
Will succeed
It is in your
You will fail
And you will
Don't let
Yourself go
Down in a pit
People will
Judge and 
People will
You just 
Keep your
Life straight
Life is short
Definitely not
Long you

Are excatly
Where you 
Kalan Kenyon

Nov 02
poem 0 comments challenge: General

Blue Eyes

    My mother warned me about the drugs on the street
    But not about the ones with blue eyes and a heartbeat
    Not about the ones with clean brown hair and sweet smiles
    Not about the ones who you pass in the grocery store aisles 
    Not about the ones who smell like rain and feel like silver
    Not about the ones with warm hands free of slivers 
    Not about the ones who call your name from across the hall
    Not about the ones without a care at all
Sep 14
In-the-woods's picture

In The Woods

In the woods
I can think of the
Rivers made of diamonds and ice,
Trees with the blossoming buds and dancing birds,
Pearl clouds of smoke,
Valleys of green, rainbows of flowers,
Emerald dragonflies skipping in the air
above the deep olive pond as the cat tails sway and murmur,
But I don't think of that.
I think of the dark thunder clouds that only rain on me,
the shadows that watch as I pass.
Glowing eyes in the white and purple fog that creeps
Sep 09


I am a resounding "yes!"
echoing in the ears of the grass
swimming through the sky
hopping in synchronization with the robin,
not answering anything in particular
just the question:

I am a quiet "no comment,"
a nonsensical nothing,
an anti-answer
in reply to the question:

I am a firm "no."
arguing against the inevitable statement:
Sep 09


Aug 18
Shadowboxer's picture

To Kill a Changed Man

Well, I’m sure you’re expecting me to say something rather significant right about now. Something filled with sorrow, or fury, or perhaps the dull wit you’ve known me for.  However, let me tell you that what I have to say is not going to change anything, as that is not the nature of something as seemingly capricious as this.  So do not get excited, spiteful, or empathetically tearful.  I will merely tell you of the tenuous stretch between the life and death of a man; the hope and despair of someone that got lost along the way of something quite easy to follow.