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Dec 14
zazu's picture

pink chalk

"Look, it's lava!" Emerson exclaims in alarm, pointing with her small hand to the narrow stream ahead, flowing with the bubbling amber liquid, that seems to shimmer more radiantly in the darkness of the cave. Emerson takes a deep breath, her small shoulders rising slightly, as she allows her gaze to focus in on the barrier ahead of her. There's a slight pause, and then she begins to run, her blond pigtails bouncing behind her. Emerson leaps over the lava, the the boiling magma barely lapping up to engulf her bear ankles. Safely on the other side she beams, triumphant. "You can do it!" She calls back to me in encouragement. Suddenly, a prius pulls into view, and the darkness from the cave vanishes instantly to be replace with sunlight, that radiates off of the cars shiny blue paint, making it sparkle. A women in the drivers seat, rolls down her window, pulling up beside me.
Dec 14
poem 0 comments challenge: Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Day of Impossibles

Tomorrow, I hope the sky turns green. 
I hope the sea turns violet, 
the fish to start flying and 
the birds to start talking. 

Tomorrow, I hope the trees erupt into symphony, 
the clouds hanging above to lower
and throw the world into a foggy dreamscape,
the stars to twinkle between my fingers.

Tomorrow, I hope for the impossible. 

I hope for the impossible, 
not because I believe it will come true, 
but I solely hope for these impossibles
because I know some possibles won’t come true. 

I know that tomorrow, every table will not be filled with food and drink.
I know that tomorrow, every person will not find a warm bed at night. 
I know that tomorrow, every mind will not have all happy thoughts. 

I know that tomorrow will most likely be exactly the same as today. 

So yes, I hope the trees start singing tomorrow, 
Dec 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen
Cate's picture


I am confined,


but I am strong,

I know who I am,

I'm human.

Dec 13

The Pigskin Sport

Slide your socks
Over your shinguards,
To your kneecap
Where it stops.
Put your hair up
And feel alive.
Your moment is here.
Look the enemy in the eye
And maneuver the ball around them.
Pass and shout, shout and pass.
Sub out, sip some water.
Come back in.
Obey the ref,
Until they blow the whistle.
Did we win? What's the score?
Dec 12
Leviahthan's picture


My feet are so tired
walking so long under the sea.
I can’t breath so far unground to deep.
I can’t feel my feet the oxygen leaving me.
My head feeling so dizzy, it’s so dark,
I didn't realize I was torn apart.
Dec 11

Never Really Blue

She said you had blue eyes
But they really weren’t blue at all
They were the color
Of the mist of the ocean splashing onshore
They were the color of the rain
With the stormy sky as the background.
But they felt like home
They felt like the calm waves 
Rolling onto the bay
They felt like how you wrap your arms around
Me and protect me from the world.
When she said blue 
I thought blue, I felt blue
But your eyes were never really blue at all.

Dec 11
poem 0 comments challenge: Burden


the little boy was burdened by the weight that he carried,
the full thing that rested on his shoulders,
this thing was invisible,
and the more he noticed it was there, the heavier it grew,
because this weight reminded him of how unhappy he felt,
how with every fake smile, or every fake laugh
he grew emptier,
and that weight grew consuming him up,
until one day he picked up a pencil and wrote,
he wrote about this weight,
about how he felt,
and as he wrote,
as he let go of the emotions he kept bottled up,
he let go of the weight,
until he was finally free
Dec 11


I have reverence for the people who can smile even when they're dying inside,
for those who include others when they can tell that they feel left out,
the ones that start the conversation because they know that the other person doesn't know how,
those people who wait for you to tie your shoe,
who smile and say, "Hi" in the hallways,
they distract you when you need it,
the ones who smile when you make eye contact with them,
who can make you laugh, truly laugh,
those that stay loyal 'till the end,
It is they who inadvertently help people whether they know it or not.
Dec 11

The Tree

With it’s strong but graceful stature;

Protector of the forest but dependent on it too
Home of many, and parent of thousands    

Age that can only be told by its rings
Playground for whoever wishes it is

Producer of the things you need most
Builder of homes and tools,

And creator of millions of toys
In danger from us somehow

Even though we depend on it
But even though we are constantly a danger to it

We are able to help plant the seed that will create them
Oak, ash, hawthorn, hemlock, gum and many more

Yes it is the beloved, and amazing; tree

Dec 10
poem 0 comments challenge: Tomorrow
jstrouse's picture

The world I want to live in

Tomorrow I hope that the people of this planet won’t be judged on their religious beliefs, on their race, or on their social class.
Tomorrow I hope that I’m loved and excepted for who I am, that I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not.
Tomorrow I hope, that in class the teachers recognize me for my thoughts.

Tomorrow I hope, that there won’t be poverty, homelessness, or famine.
That wars won’t tear apart countries and families all because of arrogant leaders.
That tomorrow we can go outside our houses without fear, that when we come together to support one another, we cheer.

Tomorrow I hope people won’t walk by each other and judge without getting to know them.
Tomorrow I hope that all teachers treat each student fairly.
Tomorrow I hope that no longer will teachers compare student’s progress to each other but recognize all students for their unique character.