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Jan 23
poem 1 comment challenge: Wind
Goaliegirl's picture

The Wind

The wind was shaking the trees behind me.
I look back,
nothings there but the trees swaying leaves.
I continue my walk, as the wind brushes my shoulders.
The wind picks up, a hollaring screech whispers in my ear,
but I'm safe.
Jan 22
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen

Fifteen Words

I am a whisper
barely piercing the air

I am a shout
cutting the air

Jan 22
EllaKozak's picture

My World


A word that we use,

Almost every day. 

But what does it really mean?

Home can be so many different places.

It could be where you live

Or just where you feel happy.

For me,

Where I feel like home changes like the tide.

Sometimes I will feel at home in my bed,

Outside on a trail.

I can feel at home in school,

Laughing with my friends.

Home isn’t a place for me.

It is a feeling that you get,

A safe feeling.

That is what it means to be home. 


Jan 22
poem 1 comment challenge: Reach

Grasp The Moon

If only I could reach a little further… I’d grasp the moon in my hands and give it to you. I’d let you hold it near, and dear to that adoring heart of yours. If only I could reach a little farther I’d reach up and cradle the sun in my arms till I could hand it to you. Till you needed a little something else to brighten up your day. You’d ask for the world and this was all I could give. If only I could reach a little farther… 
Jan 22
ameliajane's picture


What went wrong?
When our human forms inhabited Earth,
What did we do?
Look at our world,
What it's been put through.
Climate Change,
Child Labor,
Who made this happen?
Humans again,
Our race,
We created slavery, 
We put starvation in people's bodies,
We are the ones who hate,
Once more it's us. 
We need to change,
All that we do,
All that we are,
What we think.
Because we need to stop this. 
Jan 21

Here, fix this

"Here, fix this,"
they say, handing out the homework.
I stare at the world – er, worksheet.
This is a problem I can't solve alone.
The world is heating.
What am I supposed to do?
The oceans are rising.
What am I supposed to do?
Species are dying.
What am I supposed to do?
We are dying ...
What am I supposed to do?
I raise my hand,
"What are we supposed to do?"
The billionaire – er, teacher looks up.
"Fix it."
Nobody is working.
We are all solemnly staring at
our world – er, worksheet.
It's quiet.
I can hear the clock ticking away
the seconds we have left.
The CEOs – er, teacher tells us to hand them in.
I am the last to hand mine in.
I notice no one wrote anything on theirs.
We sit down.
I raise my hand again.
"What was the answer?"
The president – er, teacher looks startled.
He doesn't say anything.
"Never mind,"
Jan 21
Alex_Brush's picture


When winter hits
The town is covered 
In a thin glossy coat of
Cold and harf
It stabs at you 
The sharp edges 
Burning away at your cold hands
But just as soon as it happens
It melts 
Leaving your hands
Jan 21
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen

Me in Fifteen Words

Im am an Honest






Jan 20

The Girl on the Bus

A baby cried
Tucked under a mother's bouncing arm
Two old women talked
Their coin purses pinched between gloved fingers
A boy graffitied his name on the window
A girl stuck her gum under the armrest
Clearly tired with the flavor
Most everyone sat in the lime green seats
Swaying as the subway hurled down the tunnels
They watched their screens
Swiping past the photos they took
And those they wish they took
Eyes absorbing the images
Like a child sucking down a milkshake
But they were immune to such pain
The same thing that ruined their life
Was the thing they coped with
Never wanting to let go of the screen in their hand
Till it molded to their fingers
Their necks bent 
Earbuds snug in their ears
Fading into the wallpaper
Their voice not their own
But one of those on the screen
I stood swaying in the aisle 
Hand firmly gripping the pole