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Aug 15
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Aug 12

You are the Ocean

You are the ocean
teeming with knowledge.
Your laughter is light,
the foam on the
top of each wave.
The strength inside
you runs deep,
enabling you to protect
those you love.
You can be calm and steady
comforting those in need,
like the soft sound
of waves upon the sand.
You have beauty
that shines all the time,
like the colors on the surface.

Aug 12

I Do Not Miss You

You crinkled beneath my hands as I tried to mold you.
You were all bent out of shape
and the sea breeze pushed you to my toes
the stinging numbing water ate my feet and when they were free
I picked you up.

You were so fragile that you burst in my hands and 
arched gracefully onto the wet sand.

I spent all day picking your pieces up and
trying so hard to put you back together.

Night fell and the substance of the moon laid a shimmering path
from my hands to your heart 
and finally to the sea.

My hands were bleeding from your sharp, 
snapping edges
and the dark stained my blood a black color.

Arms raised so you could bask in the silver light
I held you up until my arms shook.

I glanced at your broken face one last time. 
and then I threw you to the moon.

But you couldn't fly because I
couldn't fix all of you
so you fell
and dove
Aug 08

i don't want you but i want to love you

originally about fire, hence the rite of passage tag

my cactus died this morning.
it had been sitting on the windowsill, a cactus in a tiny pot.
it wasn't really significant enough to justify an adjective, it was just
there, being alive. 

the cactus never asked for anything, and i never
truly believed that it wanted anything from me
but i needed justification for my presence 
so i assumed that the
exclamations of its roots for water!
were simply muffled by the dirt it grew in.
i watered it every time i was thirsty and thought that meant i was
taking good care of it.

it didn't want to seem ungrateful so it
absorbed everything that i forced upon it
and became overwhelmed. 

now that my cactus is gone, i have only myself to water when i am thirsty.

( #summerofstories16 )
Aug 07

predicting storms in true vermont fashion

when the leaves turn silver and glint in the feeble sun 
and the dog circles my feet while i'm cleaning the stove
i know what the weather will be 
Aug 06
doubledayisabel's picture

You Are Beauty.

The voices aren't so faint anymore.
I hear them screaming,
they taunt me with these little white lies.
These little white lies that I've convinced myself to believe.
Pain is beauty,
just one more day.
And I'll look like the others.
I'll have the popped out collar bones,
the seperated thighs, 
and hopefully all of the guys.
I've been raised to know what's right and what's wrong.
And yet is this wrong?
Is perfection wrong?
Are the voices right?
Because it feels like betraying them could be a sin.
They'd shun me.
They'd laugh at me,
not the voices but the other girls.
I want the size 2 lifestyle,
I want the head turning beauty that the girls in the magazine have.
Why can't I see that I am beautiful?
Why can't I see that loving who I am is acceptable?
Why must I feel guilty everytime I compliment myself?
Aug 06


these days i fight the sunlight as it floods into my windows
drown my head in blankets and pray the 
heaviness remains in my eyelids
i don't want to see reality in block letters sitting on my dresser
or catch reminders in the dust along the windowsill
these days dreaming is better than waking
because my sleeping mind has not yet realized
i've lost you. 
Aug 05

Chill Piano

When people ask me, "what music do you listen to?"
I want to say,
"Have you ever heard a piano,
over sparkling drinking and 
Confided conversations?
No, not that fast piano, or that happy piano,
but calm,
chill piano,
a walk down a nighttime street,
or a lazy morning,
or a breeze,
or a thought,
but a lost one. Not found quite yet.
There's still some mystery in it.
That's my favorite."

( #summerofstories16 )
Aug 04

I Love You Sally

We were driving
as always.

Going through town after town
flashing trees
paved road smooth beneath the car's tires
houses and sidewalks blurred by our pace. 

Everything was normal

As we rounded another corner
I saw the house 
we always see on our way home. 

But it was different this time. 

I tilted my head, squinted my eyes
wondering if I was imagining it. 

As we came closer and closer
I saw it more clearly. 

Cut out letters
from creamy white printer paper
taped to the bay window facing the road. 

Clean, crisp lines, against the clear glass
made it clear to see from my view.

A smile spread slowly across my lips as I read the words
I Love You Sally. 

I didn't know Sally.
I didn't know who boldly proclaimed their love to her on this window. 
Audio download:
I Love You Sally.mp3