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Jan 03
poem 0 comments challenge: I Like
byamt's picture

A wonderful winter day

I like the feeling of snow as it turns my hands into ice
I like sledding on a cold winter's day
I like that moment when my mittens fall off and everything is just cold,cold,cold 
I like flying down a hill of snow … until I fall and split open my lip
I like trudging home in the snow after a long day of being taken to a different world 
I like feeling how the hot chocolate warms me up
I like the glowing feeling spreading through my body wrapping me in a warm blanket
I like the feeling of ice cold hands full of snow 
Jan 03
poem 2 comments challenge: I Like
ZAP's picture

Making lolipops

I like the sweet smell of maple wafting through the house
I like the bubbles, big and small, growing and shrinking
I like waiting for the thermometer to hit 295° F
I like watching the hot maple syrup swirl in the pan
I like the molds, rounded metal concealing delicate designs
I like the syrup trickling into the tiny cracks and crevices
I like waiting until the syrup is thick in the mold
I like pushing popsicle sticks deep into the thick liquid
I like straightening the sticks until the syrup has cooled
I like watching the syrup cool to a solid
I like taking off the rubber bands and popping the mold halves apart
I like all the perfect designs and even the not-so-perfect ones
I like pulling the drips off the board
I like admiring their perfectly smooth surface
I like placing them on my tongue, and tasting the sweet maple flavor
Dec 30
mythicalquill's picture

Expectations of Next Year

New year, new me. This time I’ll be better,
Every second free of mopin’.
eXpect perfection to the letter,  
There’s not a door I won’t hold open.

You can bet I’ll avoid fighting,
Eat my veggies all the time.
And I’ll branch out in my writing—
Refrain from acrostic poems that rhyme!
Dec 27
Ryan P.'s picture

The Brick

The Brick

Ryan Pepe
    “Thank you. Oh, by the way could you tell me where the bathroom is?”

    “Oh sure, just beyond doorway and then to your immediate left there is a flight of stairs. Follow those down and you will see signs for men’s and women’s” the waiter responded.
Dec 24

The Single Pin

The single pin
I sit in a row with the others
They laugh
pointing out 
that I am red
like I don’t know
But it’s not about being the red
pin in a sea of yellow
or about me at all
It is about being alone
if you hadn’t noticed
I'm not
Just one pin away
lies a green pin
so we can be
without being Alone
Dec 22
poem 2 comments challenge: Mundane
Abi Domingue.'s picture

A Tender Sip

Her lipstick prints onto the white ceramic 
creating a collage of red against the white gloss
as the ripples in her lips magnify the texture of the stain 
highlighting the white’s matte coat.
Over and over again, she kisses the rim 
darkening the first coat, and shadowing the white, 
establishing a trim of red-blossomed flowers 
painted delicately to match the vines of gold growing from the base. 
A masterpiece of tender sips. 
Dec 22

A Tree

A tree

A maze

with many different branches

and ways to climb.

A home

for thousands upon thousands

of animals

living their day to day life.

A sunset

with so many different oranges

and yellows

against the blues of the sky.

And a  bed

for me to rest my head

After a long day.

Dec 22
poem 2 comments challenge: Love
mythicalquill's picture

The Reasonable Amount

I lo—l— like you. I really do.
Not too much, though.
The reasonable amount.
Enough that when I see you,
My heart flutters for a second.
But it doesn’t perform a dance routine,
Lively and rhythmic against my ribcage,
A beat that doesn’t stop until you’re out of sight.
And often, not even then.

I’m fond of you—
But not excessively.
Enough that I think of you
When something reminds me to,
But everything will not take on
The sole meaning of you, you, you.
Every song on the radio does not
Bring to mind the image of your eyes,
Your smile, your hair, your sparkling laugh.

I care about you—
But not more than I should.
Enough that when we’re together,
I enjoy your company quite a bit.
But not so much
That when you leave
The colors of the world seem to fade,
And I am left wondering
Why I ever let you go.

Because I think I l—
Dec 22
poem 2 comments challenge: Mundane
lindseycarbee's picture


The bright blue,
perfectly contrasting
the tan of the cork board.

Gentle curves,
outlining the blue
of the tack.

I stop to admire
how the tack,
although dull,
pierces the cork.

A small object,
alone on the large board.

The object
once held a large note,
reading “Out for Lunch. Be back soon.”

The note no longer remains,
the tack holds nothing,
and he never returned from lunch.
Dec 18
poem 1 comment challenge: Mundane

The Pond

It seems as though
it’s been there forever
stagnant water,
rustling reeds,
the occasional frog
or salamander,
countless mini freshwater
shrimp, and
pond scum.

The grass around it
is always scraggly and brown
and the lone thorn apple tree
has barely any leaves,
the ground is pock-marked
with hoof prints
and is a minefield of cow pies,
but the rocks are flat
and the area is quiet,
perfect for unwinding.