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Sep 09
fiction 0 comments challenge: Feet
23lavie's picture


There we sit, the three of us on the old wooden dock staring at the ocean ahead. It was sundown. No one was on the beach at that time. They all went in for dinner or maybe to escape the sun disappearing on the blank horizon. There was no trees near the beach in maine. I look down at my pants. I see a small rip in the front of them near my pocket. It must have been from one of the thorn bushes. I was picking roses from earlier to give to mama for a parting gift. She is going to Vermont for the week. For business of some sort. Since its close to the months of autumn. I can go pick apples soon.
Sep 05
cudneyz's picture

blue jeans

a rip

from climbing over the fence

the one Behind the old playground

where they would sit

on the Little swings

pUmping legs

maybe if they swung their fEet enough

Just a little higher

a littlE closer to the sky

And they’d never seen the ground again
a dot of paiNt

from their bruShed

as they welcomed summer with Blue walls

to match her bLue skies

and then sat

atop the canvas sheet that covered the floor

and sipped maple lemonade
a chocolate stain

from the cookies that crUmbled atop their plates

and sat waiting nExt to coffee cups

filled with bitter brown and swirled with warm milk

inviting conversation and Jokes

confessions and laughter
a wrinklE

from being crumpled in A box

your Name scribbled across the top
Sep 04
fiction 6 comments challenge: Feet

Feet Dangling

Our feet dangled off the edge of the swing as our hands clasped together. I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back as I turned my head to stare into her eyes. The sun was setting and the crumpled leaves below our feet were blown away with the cool evening breeze. Our last day of summer was spent watching the sun set on this exact swing every single year. We never wanted this moment to come to an end and never wanted it to start. And we knew that if we closed our eyes, it would come to an end too quickly, but if we kept our eyes open we wouldn’t want to leave. Our bare feet hung above the grass, and we held our breaths in suspense of the year to come. She had been my friend since the beginning and we promised each other that we wouldn’t forget all of those nights watching the last sunset. We promised that we would be friends after we finished high school and college, but we knew that the chances were slim. We both knew that even the best of friends eventually go their separate ways.
Aug 28
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Aug 22

Another Poem About Fall

The season which peeks its head
Through the doors of summer
Then darts back out again
And the wood nearly closes on your fingers
For trying to catch it

The season of jeans and t-shirts
And pajama pants that feel like bliss,
Of the loving evening sun 
Which tucks in the mountains, blankets them
In the perfect mix of light and shadow

Of almosts, hinted promises, of in-betweens,
And of days that pass too fast
Like the wind which swirls by,
Overturning every leaf on the trees
To shuffle a deck of palest green

Of fresh vegatables and dying leaves,
Tire swings, rakes, bare feet,
Backpacks, books, new shoes,
Of childhood and growing up
All at once.

My friend once told me,
"Sometimes I get nostalgic for fall"
And I have that same feeling
Even when fall
Has already arrived.

Aug 20

I Don't Want to Fall in Love

I don't want to fall in love.
Everybody always tells me how
wonderfully perfect it is to fall in love.
But I don’t want to fall in love.
Love is not like a Taylor Swift song; 
things don't just somehow, "work out."
my skeleton is composed of bones that can break,
not music notes that get stuck in my head.
I don’t want to fall in love.
Falling into things hurts.
It leaves scars and bruises.
You’re trapped once you fall in,
and after a while you can’t even see the sun anymore.
I don’t want to fall in love.
I want to be in control of my own life,
yet at times I want to just let someone else take over.
When you’re in love, you can’t do that.
I don’t want to fall in love.
I want to slowly wade into love.
I want the rolling waves of love to drag me deeper
until I am over my head, drowning in it.
I want to feel the temperature changing
as the water rises over my body.
Aug 19

Getting Published

My hands tingled in anticipation as I turned the thin, smooth sheets of newspaper.
I searched, my eyes going forth from page to page,
looking for my creation.
My heart jumped when I finally found it. 

There, in black and white.
In real, printed words, confirming that it was good enough to be seen by more people than just me.
I covered my hand over my smile, as my family took their turns looking, oohing and ahhing. 

I have always been a writer, it's in my bones.
Words are what make me who I am. 
But as I saw my words in print,
I realized
how true that was today. 

Aug 18
poem 1 comment challenge: Grief


I cleanse you in a fresh stream
of thoughts anew that you couldn't dream
before I kissed your life and now
your eyes are open again somehow.

Why do you curse me from this day to your last?
It is not my fault you can't let go of the past.
Look at all of the delightful stories you've spun,
just to find out that in the end, it is I you cannot outrun.

I have done everything for you don't you see?
Please keep crying, your tears make a sea,
in which I can drown both you and me.
I cause you pain?
No, I keep you alive,
I plant the very seeds that make you thrive.

I have lived as long as you have been able to die,
I eat your feelings for breakfast, leave you bone dry.
I may be everything you hate and more,
But I'll always be here for you, just as I swore.

What am I?
Aug 16
Maisie N's picture


Why are you afraid of falling apart?
Go ahead now, shatter
And you'll make a beautiful mosaic.
They make art from broken mirrors.
Fall apart, break. Do what you please.
Because someone will put you back together
Tear at every edge, you'll still be a masterpiece
Don't know where you're going?
Then any road will get you there.

You might not always be the way you are now
But there's nothing wrong with that.
Change is what we need to survive
Otherwise we can't go forward at all
We'd be stuck here forever, frozen in time
And our children would forever be small
No one would be able to move on with their lives
We'd be like the mad hatter and march hare
Stuck in eternal tea time

So speak in the languages that you don't understand
Draw brand new shapes that haven't been invented
Fall in love in new cities, even in new states
Laugh too hard and make silly mistakes
Aug 15
poem 3 comments challenge: Tweet