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Oct 05


Are we meant to have more then what we started with?

And if we get more then what we originally had,
did we make it?
or did we just take it?

Humans have wondered 'why do we live?'
when the truth is
we barely exist.

Because in order to live we need to be better
then what we were when we were

And if we exist how are we not living?
if we live how do we not exist?

Is love what you build
or is hate what you tear down?

Because I have found that we are in a never ending metamorphoses,
we change on the outside
but we never change on the inside.

For every bad choice we make is reflected
in the eyes of those who have seen too much but not enough
in the bones of the sickly as we pump them full of false marrow.
in the hands of the abused as your fists match their bruises.

For every good choice we make is reflected
Oct 05
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    One summer day on the water at a camp at Lake Fairlee, I was doing diving practice. I decided to go to the bottom of the lake, which was nothing new to me. I’d done it about a thousand times before. As I was approaching the bottom, I saw those weird mossy rocks it's I'd seen earlier. I decided to push of off from the bottom on these rocks, so I swam over. Then I pushed off.

    Then my feet exploded. I thought I was dying as I swam up. Those were not rocks, they were something else. They had cut my feet open. I never saw it coming. I tried to swim to the dock but I couldn't move my feet. I made it anyways and was able to relax for the first time to look at my “feet.” Or should I say, “ bloody monstrosities.”
Oct 05
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My Message to the President

Dear president,                                                                                10/4/16


    Congratulations on becoming the president!  I know you probably have many things to do right now but I wanted to ask your opinion about reducing landfills.  I know that some candidates say they will do the things people ask them to do and then they don’t, even major things like reducing major crimes.  I know what i’m asking is complicated and will most likely require a bit of thinking, but isn’t that what being president is for?  I know we’ve tried burning trash and that released poisonous fumes.  There has to be another way.  I don’t want my great great great grandchildren living in a world where they have to step in trash on their way to school.  Please think about this.

Oct 04
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The Cabin

Craig was tired. He had been working all day, and even walking home was an enormous challenge. He glanced at his watch. It read, 7:30 p.m., Friday, June 20. He focused on the path ahead, to keep his mind off his tired legs and sore feet. He walked past the corner store, and the park, up into the more rural part of town.
Oct 04


When I peel flecks of polish off my nail
it reminds me of being seven
and peeling white paint chips from the side of the house,
back behind the garage where I knew my dad would blame it on rot,
not my curious fingers. 
I was a child obsessed with discovering what was underneath--
the insole of my shoes, the hood of a car, the stones in the garden.
My mother came up to my room once,
only to find me carefully detatching a corner of the carpet from the floorboards,
just to get a peek at the wood underneath. 
When my teacher taught about the biology of the earth,
and the anatomy of the soil,
I couldn't concentrate for three straight days.
All I could do was picture the ground beneath me,
teeming with microrganisms,
crawling with earthworms and hard-shelled beetles,
alive with fungi and bacteria.
"Some kids have their heads in the clouds,"
Oct 04
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The Chair

“Oh stop being a baby.” Adeline said

“Oh, excuse me for being scared about going into one the top haunted houses in the state.”  Shayley said sarcastically

“You said you weren’t afraid.”
Oct 02
fiction 0 comments challenge: Never
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Oct 01
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Beaming Beauty

The blur of the lights,
The site of the the city,
To me, I find it all quite pretty.
As I slip on my glasses,
And smile with a gleam,
I wonder why I see these colorful beams.
The pinks, the blues, and the faint greens,
I ponder why these colors are seen.
So I decide to walk farther away from the streets,
But then turn back around,
Only to realize it was a dream.
I find myself in my bedroom,
Nestled under covers and,
Wrapped in the warmth of the sweet darkness.
Although I may never see the blurred lights again,
I will always remember,
To see the beauty within.
Oct 01
fiction 0 comments challenge: Scary

On a Dark Road

On this black night the sky is cloudy. A good place to disappear, I think. These old country roads, they don't go nowhere cept up the mountains to the fire houses and the wardens. Ma always told me that they was there to protect us from the fires. I shoulda ask what they coulda done for us down here. We all so small from that high up.

Something's howlin in the woods but I know it's just a coyote. Not anybody think there's coyotes up here but they be wrong. My heart is tryna jump outta my chest, I tell ya. I gotta think about something else but everything keeps coming back like a bad song or a tootache. I hear Ma shouting and the door slamming. I hit my hand against the tree until it stop hurting inside. 
Sep 30
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Come Out and Fix This, You Coward

The world is dying 
But you don't mind
Children are crying
You close your eyes
You stay up in your tower
Waiting for the destruction
Counting every hour

Keep breathing your clean air
Everyone knows you don't really care
You go to war from problems you've started
But there's people you are starving
You're so dammed, so fainthearted