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Mar 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Rainbow

Questions to a Perfect Storm

Darkest Storm, 
O why do you weep so?
What brings the smell of petrichor to our noses, 
that makes us inhale deeply and sigh?
What makes you scream your thunderous bellow, 
so loud against the patter of the rain?

Brightest Lightning, 
O where dost thou run? 
With such urgency and speed that we could blink and miss it?
Why do you light up the sky in an instant, and only for an instant?
Do you wish to imitate the sun,
Bright and shining, peeking behind the clouds, 
bringing morning to the night?

And why, dear Sun, do you burn so bright?
What do you wish to reveal? 
Your beams that melt away the clouds like taffy, 
striking their tears in the air, 
turning them to mist?
Is this what you wished us to see?
Your sunshine refracting,
splitting apart,
to reveal this glorious arc, 
a brilliant prismatic spray of light, 
intangible and unreachable?
Mar 01
isabelle.chen's picture

A Choice Up to You and Me

To push forward or stay right where I am.
Right where I am nothing is amiss but nothing will change either.
Goals are attainable but not without effort put forth to achieve them.
Time is tricky but patience plays a big role.
My story doesn't end here nor anytime soon.
I get what I settle for and I’m not quite satisfied yet with where I’m at.
The choice to get up everyday and keep going at it,
The dedication,
The effort, 
The will to keep moving is a choice up to me and applies to you as well.
So what’s it going to be today? 
Start today and you’ll be one step closer in the long run.

Feb 28

Ionic Grapevines

Feb 28

Ionic Grapevines

Feb 26


This is a photograph 
A frozen moment in time

A memory of you and me

One click and it is over

In a photograph
You can play a role your not
At first sight

But as you wait you see the loneliness in their eyes
Or the fear
Or excitement
Or just the plain lackadaisicalness

A photograph is a moment seizer
A time capsule
A memory for you and me
Feb 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Me

these daydreams of mine

      I like when the winter air is just the right temperature to make me imagine myself walking through a Victorian castle’s courtyard in the dreary calm just before a bone chilling snow storm, with the natural light filtering through the gray clouds casting the stone building and sky into a bleak pallor. 

      I like when the water in a lake converges over my head, the sun casting the far away surface into a blanket woven of gold sunlight threads. Life is silent in that moment, the whole world a blue haze. There is life in the deep blue darkness below. I can feel their eyes watching me. 

      I like when I can see the Earth teasing me on top of the mountain, telling me See these mountains? These rivers and plains? These are my features. I know they are beautiful because they make me. Can you say the same for yourself? And I sit in silence atop a ridge, thinking of its thought-evoking words. I descend when I have an answer. 
Feb 22


I remember reading this thing about frogs. These people tried an experiment and found out that when you put frogs in a pot of water and slowly turn up the temperature, they stay in there. The frogs don't jump out; eventually, they slowly cook and die. They tried it again and this time, they turned up the temperature really fast and the frogs jumped out immediately. I feel like lots of people are like frogs. They stay and do the same thing while the stakes get higher and higher. The water levels get higher and higher, but not enough is being done to prevent this. Some believe climate change is a hoax. These people are like the frogs that didn't notice the temperature changing. Are you a frog as well?
Feb 22
Peter Gustafson's picture

Week 24 Rainbow

Alice Breen age 11

ADL school   Essex Junction

YWP contest 24 Rainbow

I am

Where color meets land

Where dreams meet reality

Standing there for eternity

I will give you hope

No time to mope

I signal the time

When reason meets rhyme

I want forever

To endeavor

To inspire joy 

In every girl and boy

You might have guessed this a while ago 

But I am a rainbow

Feb 21
Kittykatruff's picture

Save the World

I feel the aching rhythm of my heart,
in sync with all the whirlwinds in my head,
the storm of thoughts colliding, then again,
for no one ever told you life was easy—

Reach out your broken hands to grab the sun—
but if you yearn to much, then you will burn,
so, tears collecting in a shimm'ring lake,
you instead turn your saddened eyes to stars;

Don't let them take the wind beneath your wings
and pull you down from Castles in the Clouds;
though virtues and kindness we are able to teach,
Hope and Innocence are forever gone once lost.

You cry out at the world of so much pain,
condemning all the greed and grief you see,
Yet do not let it break you; you must go
out of the hurricane's Eye and into the storm,

for if you really want the world to change,
you must face all the madness, sadness, pain,
and make it go away, you suff’ring soul,
Feb 20


i know where you like to hide.
i know that your fingernails like to
tap along the wall of a blue whale heart,
i know that you like to see how small
your body can become inside an artery.
i know you prefer human hearts on occasions-
when the blue whale heart becomes
too stiflingly large,
too anonymous, not nearly enough control.
i know you hate anything that stands before you,
i know your mittens are often looped together like handcuffs
and your scarf appears like a noose.
i know you like to shimmy into veins,
swim in the dark dangerous blood,
stain the bones with despair,
blame it on chicken pox and be on with your life.
i know your type-
staying just long enough to make a difference
and leave a footprint on my chest,
but i know that your feet are too small
to have any weight,
and the prints left on me are self-made.