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Feb 22


The scene around her was almost perfect, almost.
The sunset was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, 

colors blending so perfectly. The wind, blowing through her hair

as she sits on the edge of the dock. The water such a deep blue,

she could stare at it for hours upon end. The wispy cloud floating slowly in

the night skies. The air surrounding her was the perfect temperature.

The only noise she could hear was the wind howling, the waves crashing

against the already damp sand, and the distant noises all the animals were making.

This is when she realized...  she had no one to share this magical evening with.

She was alone...

Almost Perfect.
Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 21

Unrecognized Significance

Nowadays everybody is looking down at their phones
On their computer 
On their iPad
Or watching television
Nobody really sees all the true significance in this beautiful world 
All it takes is two seconds to look up and look around
I promise you that you will fall in love with what you see
The gorgeous trees and flowers spread across the light green grass of the town park
The woodpecker and its extravagant colors pecking away at the elder oak that has been there for decades
Possibly the love of your life with those dark dreamy brown eyes who is looking for directions
But no, you miss all of these beautiful things because you are too interested with what new trend is here
It's time to put down your life-wasting electronics and take a step into that refreshing  air 
We wake up every morning with exhausted eyes to see how many likes we got on our most recent post
Feb 21
LukeTheDuke's picture


Candle Burn!

The match has set aflame the light.

It is time for you to illuminate the night.

Cast dark shapes onto the wall,

I am short, my shadow’s tall

It is not time to scream or shout.

The wick is halfway out.

Red wax drips and pools.

At the base it shines like jewels.

Much too hot to touch.

It really is too much.

But the candle is burning stable

As it sits here on my table.

And I am starting to reckon

It’ll go out any second.

It keeps burning and I begin to doubt.

Then in an instant

Candle Out.
Feb 20

Catching a Star

Her bright eyes were sunken
Into the deep folds of her skin.
Her silver hair curled about her head
Like a halo.
Her lips were set in a permanent smile,
Her back was hunched like a bow.
Her bony hand reached for the sky,
To catch a star, and put it in her pocket.
Her back straightened as she stood,
Her hair turned from silver to gold.
Her eyes shined brighter
With nothing to hide them.
She was young again,
Running through a field of bliss. 

Feb 20

Accidental Living

We are fighting entropy 
in our sleep.

We fold the blankets halfway over, 
fill our brains with blue light,
fall asleep on our sides. 

I recognize your desperate face
in the moon's craters. 
I find your fingerprints 
on paper bags, my bedroom door knob, oranges: 
sweet smelling with the nectar of cities
and dirty rainwater, pouring down broken pavement
after the first spring storm. 

I wouldn't say I'm looking for you,
just noticing the way traces of you
are sprinkled over my life. 

I might be falling apart,
I might miss something I've never had, 
I might accidentally love everyone who smiles at me,
but I refuse to believe I'm the opposite of chaos.