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Sep 12
rubinl's picture

The Unknown

I look behind me at the sunlight that is flooding the clearing. I want to run back, shed my bag, let my skin soak up the warmth, and just stay lying in the tall grass forever. Instead, I turn back around and face the unfriendly looking woods. They are dark, cold, and full of mysteries. I hear a rustle and a snap of a twig somewhere beyond a huge oak tree that looked over 1,000 years old. I don’t know what lies before me, but I do know what's behind me and with that knowledge a take a step into the unknown.
Sep 11

When I write

When I write 
My worries pour into my work
My heartache turns to fulfillment 
And the small frustrations of everyday life become someone else's problems 
When I write 
I am the main character
The narrator 
The insignificant cactus that exists solely for my own amusement 
When I write
I'm whoever I want to be 
Whenever I want to be
However I want to be 
When I write I'm truly myself
Because I don't have to be anybody else 

Sep 10


I want you
on nights when the sky 
catches up with the morning moon
and my hands are weak 
from prying your words
out of the doorjamb. 

I awoke last night
with the mist of your fingers on my wrist. 
I only remembered your smile. 

You ignited me. 
You looked at me
and didn't turn away
and I wasn't afraid. 

“Whatever you are doing 
is the most beautiful thing.” 

Someone finished painting
the hallways white last summer. 
Maybe they are your excuse. 

Did you forget? 
Do you want to?
Is my name still written
in the dust
behind your house? 

Do you still hide poems 
in your palm before the bell? 

When was the last time 
I kissed you in a dream? 

Sep 10

Fifteen Countdown

The Challenge: CJP-Teens: What do adults get wrong about teenagers?

Counting backwards is never fun, 
especially when you're fifteen. 

Ten friends who misplaced their true selves, 
relentlessly searching the Lost and Found
which they find in the form of drugs. 

Nine contradictions of being a teenager:
you hate your family, you love your roots, you 
Sep 10


For a moment, we were heroes. 
We sat on the shoulders
of giants, we faced the setting
sun with determination and
a billowing cape. 

We never looked back;
you can't erase the past. 

For a moment, we were heroes. 
We stood in front of the 
blazing flames and watched them 
die away: nothing bad ever lasts. 

I'm trying to look through
a kaleidoscope; trying to see
the universe as an optical illusion
for my eyes only. 

For a moment, for a lifetime, 
we are heroes.
You can't stop the dreamers. 
Sep 09

To be Free with You

Hand in hand we walk
On a warm beach
The sunset drains from the sky
The rainbows fall like rain 
As the starry night sky waits in the east.
Our feet stop, sunken in the soft sand
The waves roll up always reaching for more
As the tide drags it away.
No one bothers to tell me that my dress is wet
The bottom did touch the ocean waves.
I breathed out the breath of the slight breeze
That brushed through my thoughtlessly combed hair.
No harmful thoughts cross my mind
Because when I am with you, you take it all away.

Sep 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Risk

Never Stop

I never know when to stop running

Through meadows and deserts
Through mountains and oceans
My feet never stop moving
Never stop chasing
Never stop running
Never stop

I hear voices rise in horror
As I approach the cliff before me
They know I won't stop
Can't stop
Even with certain death ahead

With their voices in my ear
I smile
And pick up the pace
Over the edge of the cliff
My body hung in midair
My breath catching
The voices quieting
As I land on the other side
And keep running
Sep 06

Love is My Color

Freedom has no color,
Rights own no gender,
Respect sees no age
and love knows no religion.

A perfect world.
a one we can work to,
the one that’s at the
back of everyone’s minds.
a Noticeable Fact:
all of a person’s heart
can win over hatred.
Love is a tangled garden
reaching for the stars.
The stars know no hate.
why not us?
The heat of a heart,
so hot sometimes it burns,
a passion deep inside you
from a holy place.
You are a feather.
A flimsy piece of cloth
blowing away on the wind.
Washing away in the current of life.
Gently warm the pieces of your heart,
no, put them in the coals.
Let them catch fire.
A flame possesses no fear of fire or hate.
and what of Death?
Death has no color,
Death knows no sex or religion,
no age, wealth or ability.
I know what we are.
A rainbow.
a spectrum of color
Sep 06
poem 0 comments challenge: Risk

The Beginning

Jump in. 
I look at the churning water beneath me, the waves cresting just inches below my toes. 
Jump in.
My mind yells, but my body ignores. Fear runs rampant in my veins, rooting me to the spot. To the rock. To safety. 
But this isn’t safety. 
Speckles of water spray me in the face. My limbs are shaking, from the cold, from the adrenaline. 
I clench my fists and dig my fingernails into my skin. The pain is my anchor, bringing me back to reality.
Jump in.
Taking a deep breath, I fill my lungs with the salty air, hold it, and with the oxygen still trapped inside, I jump
Suspended in the air, in time, in nothing at all except a state of weightlessness and exhilaration. It’s almost like I’m flying. 
I wish I was. 
But then gravity pulls me down, pulls my dream from my head and throws it into the air far above me, letting me watch as I hit the waves and sink.
Sep 05
Kittykatruff's picture


Do you ever feel
that your eyes could close
and you linger upon the same thought
for a moment too long
Then you're suddenly fast asleep;

your mind works overtime 
to juggle the daily happenings,
with a soothing buzz in the background
behind your train of thought,
a lovely image
of a cup of cocoa,
curling up on a couch,
letting Dreams take you 
somewhere else for awhile.

I think I'll lay my pen down now
and let these words melt into
taking me far beyond my room,
the spice-scented pines,
the rolling green hills
and rocky shores on the coast,
and leave behind the worries of today,
and leaving Tomorrow to its course;

My eyes are closed, yet
now I see all the world
in a million undiscovered colors.

Let me dream awhile, if you please.
Let Tomorrow wake me up
after a good night's sleep!