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Feb 19
poem 3 comments challenge: Advice

Uncertain Future

The sun has arisen for a beautiful new day. It's a morning like every other, some people say. But what is sly and getting close. Is what nature is fearing the most. The pollution in the air invisible but the Statistics are not. This growing problem we still have not faught. There's already too much pollution in the sea. When will people realize there will be a fee. Think of the future just for a second. Do you see an environment that looks anywhat pleasant. The reality is humans are the cause. We need help to put climate change at a pause. This problem is not stopping for anyone. We can't just sit and think we won. For a second just take time to think. Do humans want to be the reason this earthly boat will sink
Feb 18
poem 0 comments challenge: Reach

If only

They blink down at me
dotting the dark face of night
I stare up in wonder
And though my neck hurts,
I cannot look away
They catch the corners of my eyes
with hooks of light
but when I turn to look,
my human eyes see only black
they laugh at me
at this game we play
I wonder how far away they are
or if they can see me
dazzling above my head,
like pearls on a cloth
I wish they would stay
hover over me as I go about my day
but I know the sun will eventually rise
swiping stokes of blue
over my little diamonds
I wish I could touch them
feel their warmth
as they sit in my hand
burning holes in my pockets
I reach up with stretching fingers
trying to grab a few for myself
but only air filters through my hand
they laugh again
and I look up with dispair

If only I could reach a little farther
Feb 18

What's the problem?

Why is the Amazon forest on fire? Why is Australia on fire?   
Enormous glaciers are melting, the ocean is rising, places are flooding

Anomalies in genetics, especially in domesticated animals, due to inbreeding
Radiation from many battles, and buildings, are killing animals and humans 
Extreme weather patterns are becoming more common, freezing blizzards, boiling heat 

The extinction list is growing. Hundreds of species are going extinct every day! 
Heat is being trapped inside the Earth’s atmosphere, global temperatures are rising.
Ecosystems are being destroyed because of oil fracking 

Plastic is polluting our oceans. 8.7-12.7 million tons are being thrown in each year. 
Feb 17

The Power Of Overthinking

I feel like I’m annoying
And my anxiety makes it worse
Knowing I’m overreacting
Still feeling like it’s a curse
Overanalyzing all the words
That I hear all around
Twisting their every meaning
And hating their every sound
Beating myself up
For all my stupid thoughts
Feeling my head spin
And my stomach tie in knots
Everything seems wrong
Hating myself more
So overwhelmed with emotions
Battling this endless war
Lost with no one to turn to
Dying from within
Feeling so hopeless
Recounting all I’ve sin
Trying to hard to stay calm
And push these thoughts away
Letting the good and bad
All turn to grey
Wanting to just break down
And be done with my own brain
Wishing I was someone else
Who didn’t fight this pain
Feb 17

Bridge (pt. 1)

They're like human bridges. 
the kind you do in trust exercizes,
weight in,
I lean on you, you lean on me,
we stand up together,
easy peasy right?
Romantic, Friendships, Family, anything works, 
I put my trust in you, you put your trust in me. 
Lean in, and stand up together.

Those bridges can last for lifetimes,
through the winds and floods,
the lightning and the thunder,
the boom and th' crash and the rattle-tat-tat of the rain.

But they can crash, oh so easily,
when your legs start to shake,
when you lean too far, 
when you try to hold more than you can carry.
When the bridge is full of holes that only you can see,

When the other person stands up, and you're not ready.

You're standing up and I'm not ready,
Was that my fault or yours?

You're standing up, and I'm not ready,
Feb 17


Feb 17


Sink down
in that oversuffed
puffy armchair
that you've always
been meant
to sit on
and open a book
a window
to a world unlike your own
a little piece
of life itself
it's pages are worn
the corners dog-eared
from all the places
where people had to 
stop and be distracted
read slowly
and let the words
sink in
and flow through
your absorbing
sponge-like mind
let each sentence
make a movie
inside your head
Feb 17
Amalie Hjorth Andersen's picture

The candy on the shelf


If only I could reach a little farther. That has always been stuck in my head. You see, I am quite short so reaching far is not an ability of mine. I remember standing in the grocery store looking up at the top shelf with the candy and thinking if only I could reach a little farther I would be so much happier. 

When I saw the mountains I thought, up there, I won’t seem short, I will be taller than all the people below me and they will not be able to reach me no matter how high they put their arms up. 
Feb 16
joseph.deffner's picture

Indigenous Language Revitalization (And Why It Should Matter Now More Than Ever)

Indigenous languages have been on the verge of extinction for decades. Through efforts from the government, they have become almost obsolete in modern society. But thanks to resistance and the will to continue tradition, Native people have kept their languages alive against all odds.

Though the percentages of fluent speakers are low in many cases, the number of immersion schools, like Waadookodaading immersion school in Wisconsin, for instance, and also classes being taught to young people around the country, seem to be bringing about a new generation of speakers.

So to any Native person reading this, try and be part of the new wave of speakers. Don’t take the easy route and give up on your language. If you have the means, go out and learn. I can’t say it will be easy, but it will be worth it. The ability to speak your Native language is the ability to see the world as your ancestors did.
Feb 15


If you walk through life with a cautious step, 
You will die wishing 
That instead of jumping,
You had leapt. 
Though for fear of breaking your legs,
Your feet never left the ground at all.