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Feb 13


i saw a ghost last night when i was asleep. 

he walked up to me like it was nothing. didn’t talk at first. 

just side by side steps through an old empty school hallway

crooked glasses. hands ink-stained. 

it was so familiar. i was too shocked to speak. he asked what was wrong. 

i laughed. 

i told him. everything’s fine. 
it’s been a while since i’ve meant that. 

we turned a corner 

i opened my eyes. 

it was
just a ghost, that’s all.
Feb 12
Eragon321's picture

what i'm thinking

If you do, read the second word.
Feb 12
raspee's picture


One day, I was walking to school and stepped on a piece of gum. It wouldn't come off, so I was up in a hum. A fly few by, buzzing by my ear, and kids were laughing here and there. I failed my math test. It wasn't the best. Once I got home, I had to rest. Boy, What a bad, bad day.
Feb 11
rubinl's picture

In a different sort of way

When she looked at you, her eyes would sparkle in a full-of-magic way

When you looked at her clothes, they were ripped, dirty, and looked like rags

When she laughed, she filled you with an overflowing sensation of pure joy

When you saw her walk home, she went to a box in the park

When she listened to you, her face reflected all the right emotions

When you offered that she stay with you until she got a job, she laughed and walked away

When she was walking away, she called,

“I already have everything I need”

She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way
Feb 11
kilburng1's picture

under the sun

The sun looked down upon the earth

Her warm smile providing light for everyone

I smile back

Maybe someone else is smiling back too

Or dancing in her light golden rays

Maybe someone else is caught in the rain

Or fast asleep under the stars

Mabe someone else is in a snowstorm

Or looking at a gray cloudy sky

Later the sun would go to sleep

But she would still shine her I-am-always-happy smile

Her smile never wavers for me

And I think of how lucky I am

To be under the sun

She is beautiful, but in a different sort of way

Feb 09
Liam's picture

The Jump

As we drove along the windy road that felt like it never ended, I started to question if I was ready. My whole life I had been afraid of the exhilarating feeling you get when you go on a rollercoaster. Today I was going to face that fear by going straight to the heart - cliff jumping. When we finally arrived I had to walk along a narrow path through the woods to get to the first jump. I decided not to jump. I doubted myself. But the only way around is hiking back and then swimming upstream in the strong current, so that’s what I had to do. Halfway through I thought about swimming back but there was no point. I thought to myself, “better keep going”. I kept on swimming and once I got to the first jump I was so tired it was hard to get up the slimy rock. Nobody was jumping off this one. It was about 15 feet tall but you had to jump far out or else you would hit sharp rocks at the bottom. This time I didn’t run away from my fear. Somehow confidence overcame me and I decided to go for it.
Feb 08
pbellomo2021's picture


Stop, look in the mirror.
Take a good long look,
Do you see her?
In the good old days she was clearer.
Where there were no more worries,
Damn I miss her. 
When there were no more photos for the gram
Or a boy to hold your hand,
Somehow I don't understand how I got here. 
When I had no more second thoughts 
And my beauty wasn't bought,
When I didn't feel so flawed like I do now.
But I'm turning it around,
My feet are on the ground.
My roots are weak but my will is strong.
I'm finding my beauty from the inside out. 

Feb 08
lana.W's picture

Which Pet?

Which pet will best suit my needs?
I see puppers and doggos galore,
but what I want is so, so much more.
Dogs are great, and not much exceeds.
The pet store closes in five.

I need a pet who’ll fascinate,
who’ll make my guests say, “WOW!”
I need to make my decision now.
There’s no time left to waste.
The pet store closes in four.

I looked at every bunny,
I also looked at birds.
Across the street, I see llama herds,
When mom says, “It’s time to go, honey.”
The pet store closes in three.

Maybe an iguana? Nah,
Iguana’s don’t seem right.
Oh woah, is that lizard white?
How ‘bout a fluffy cat, to feel bourgeois?
The pet store closes in two.

My time is running out,
I need an animal quick!
I don't know which one I'm going to pick,
Should I choose beak or snout?
The pet store closes in one.
Feb 08
poem 1 comment challenge: Beautiful
hokenmat's picture


“She was beautiful but in a different sort of way.”

She had the fluorescent sunbeam highlights, that screamed at you to look.

Her emerald colored eyes were filled with clouds.

Her second-hand dress resembled tattered flower petals.

As her shrill songs echoed through the woods for all the animals to hear,

passers-by would laugh.

People would glare, but she did not care.

Her love-filled heart, flowed generosity like a waterfall that never ended.

Her smile could war up a room.

She was beautiful but in a different sort of way.

Feb 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Decide
joseph.deffner's picture

All the Pets

My dad let me go to the pet store today.

He said to pick a pet that I wanted.   

I wanted a little hamster that I would name Jerry.

But when I got there, I couldn’t decide.

Did I really want Jerry, or did I a want a spider named Milly?

Or a bunny named Hun?

What about Jake the snake?

I wanted all of them.

I wanted Pink the goldfish,

Lilly the frog,

Bob the pig.

I needed Leo the green parakeet,

Grace the water Dragon,

Cody the Veiled Chameleon,

And Luna, Leah, and Lucy, the Fancy Hermit Crab sisters.

My dad asked me if I really wanted all those pets.

“Are there any pets you don’t like?” he asked me, teasingly.

“Some,” I said, “but those weird ones still need homes, too.”

Aidan the rat needed a home,

So did Claire and Theo, the Veiltail Betta couple,