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Nov 25
zazu's picture


You will find me,
When I notice you,
Leaning against a brick wall,
In denial that the things you hear are true.
I will listen.
You will find me,
Where the ground meets the sky,
To dream of the impossible.
If you could ever understand that. 
You will find me,
When everything you have ever written,
Pools into nothing but the ink from your pen,

And words are nothing,
But rivers at your feet.

And you will know,
That seeing isn't always believing...
Nov 23
poem 0 comments challenge: Snow

Memories of Snow

The mass of white that cloaks the shivering, brittle trees,
in need of a blanket.
The icy slickness of ski trails, and the feeling
of a snowball trickling down the back of your neck.
Red noses and flushed faces,
the coziness of settling down in front of
a warm fire
with a creamy mug of hot chocolate.
The goosebumps and uncontrollable shivers,
numb fingers, unable to tie shoelaces,
at the last soccer game of the season
where it is already thirty degrees.
Runny noses under watery eyes,
that sting from the frigid winds
Waiting for the bus,
snowflakes catching in your eyelashes and hair,
turning into a soggy mess
Slipping down the frosty steps,
landing in a disheveled heap,
Laughing with friends, until the cold air
nips at your throat.
The clear blue skies and bright white snow,
blinding your eyes as you step out the door.
Nov 22
Alexander.Haag's picture

What For?

For the breath I breathe
For the birds that sing
For the light that shines
Through clouds of white

For the love of family
For the love of friends
The support of each other
When hardship sets in

For the love of humanity
For the future we’ll change
For remembering the fallen
And the lives that they gave
So we could live

For the love of our country
And the men and women fighting on
For the love of the world around us
And the hope and joy of which
We all have the capacity to give

Remember this in times of plenty
That our work is never done
And be

Nov 22

Perfectly Imperfect Friend

Take me awake into the wind
Hold my hand tight and
Do not leave me behind.
Let’s run away into the fields and
Climb together to the tops of trees.
Let’s go to the loneliest street and make it full of hope,
We live without worries.
Let’s peer into the expected puddles and
And splash them into the unexpected.
We will have each other's backs,
So don’t worry if your branch breaks,
I will be there for you to lean on.
Though I am not perfect, I will try to be,
I will be
Your perfectly imperfect friend.

Nov 20
Qwen Block's picture

Protagonist Demands Change

Hey there!

You've come to read my story. Well. You know what? I'M TIRED OF IT!
I'm tired of being read and read and read! Maybe I want a break for once! You expect me to just deal with people putting their dirty hands on my book without permission? That's rude! I have no idea where their hands have been!
I'm tired of reliving this one story one story! I want new adventures and new endings and new outcomes! That's it! I want to be a Choose Your Own Story book!
I want to live through different events each time someone reads my book! That would be so fun!
I'm going on strike. If you want to be able to read my story then make my book a Choose Your Own Story book.

Your favorite protagonist <3
Nov 20

The Lion Inside Of My Stomach

There's a lion inside my stomach.
He's been there for quite a while now.
He growls whenever he's hungry
and sleeps when he is full,
but he's growing older now
and I can't control him like I used to.
He's like a child but worse.
He doesn't know right from wrong.
He doesn't do what I tell him
and he doesn't want to leave.
He's comfortable in there,
all tucked up where he's hidden safe
from the dangers of the outside,
but he's a vicious predator.
He doesn't know that just yet.
He's still too young despite his mane.
I can feel him move sometimes,
curling up or tossing over in his sleep,
but I know he's not really there.
He's not a child that I will ever birth.
He's just a child inside of me
who will never taste the petrichor
or feel the sun on his eyelids
or see the snow drift from the heavens.
He's just a child that awakens
Nov 20

Love is Lily

I hear stars in her voice.
Over and under
The lilt of her lips,
Weaving between
Our fingers.

She’s cold,
I’m warm.
A perfect equilibrium,

I see gold when she moves.
A character,
Another life.

I’m in love with love.
I’m in love with her.

It’s the same thing.
Nov 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Snow
CksEH's picture



           Driving through the woodlands with a blizzard, a blizzard I say, coming my way. On route to town, down the road I go, but instead I might just go home. I very much just may. Make way I say, make way, for I have to go home I say! For a blizzard, a blizzard may just be heading our way. I rush home, passing the speed limit. Until I start to slip and slide down the windy Vermont road until my car crashes. I get out, out! And start to run, I scream “A blizzard is coming, a blizzard is coming!” Then the snow starts to fall once more, for it is not a blizzard, nor a storm, it is a peaceful Vermont snowfall. At that very moment, I realize that winter can be a beautiful season, but at the same time: catastrophic.

Nov 19
lolerface's picture

so it is winter

As the water's flow is impeded
and the leaves start falling the weather gets brisk.
You know that snow is near and yet we continue to have fun and ignore the signs then they start falling.
First the leaves, then it stops raining, and is replased with freezing cold air .
But the worst is the snow, it is cold and annoying because at the start is soft then it gets wet.
But fun does not stop we make snow men, and forts but more relevant is sliding down with sleds then you go home and get hot chocolate and marshmellows while you warm up by the fire.
Winter is fun or so they say, but snow is now hear so lets find out.
Nov 17
byamt's picture

A Plead For Help

We need to save the earth. "Why?" you ask Think of it this way Your body is a living being. Your body, however, has a parasite. The parasite is consuming you. It is growing larger everyday. It is becoming harder for you to breathe. You can only manage a harsh breath in and a sharp, pained breath out. You have a fever that rages all day and you are pale and cold at night. You have anger from the pain and it builds up. You frequently lash out against those who you love. This is how our precious earth feels - although we don't seem to treat her like she is precious - the earth is a living being. It is becoming hard for the earth to breathe. She breathes in the sunlight but somehow struggles to push it out. She is being consumed by a parasite named, "humans" in the summer she is hot and is always burning and in the winter she is cold and bitter. There is never an in-between moment of that just-right-temperature, she is always hot or cold.