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Feb 05

space whale

floating through the endless void 
watching burning stars 
and dead planets
revolve around each other
dodging asteroids
and avoiding blackhole squids
I propel myself gently along with my tail 
swimming through clouds of cosmic gas
and always making it back to my mother 
when she calls for me
she tells me stories
of when our kind
used to live on a planet
I think 
and how the other inhabitants 
slowly killed our beautiful oceans 
choking our families 
with plastic 
and killing our food supply 
with their toxins 
leaving us no option 
but to grow wings
and fly 
fly away
from the terrible mess they made
and learn 
to live 
in the great big 
beautiful void
of space. 

Feb 04

what birds remember:

I hope when they take flight 
the birds in the cherry tree 
think of me too 

with their wings made of sunlight 
and snow 
and coal painted fethers 

and the sky falling together 
like broken glass 
and people in love 

with the small things 
carried in careful fingers 
found burried in the sand 

with heartbreak and rain 
that drowns out 
every deep breath 

with the songs sung 
when the moon ducks 
under the horizon 

remeber me too 
among your beautiful things 
climbing up that very tree and hoping to fly 
Feb 04

Little light

Something was shining in the tree,
Gleaming in the sun.
It wriggled with such might
that I stopped to look.
Though it was snared on the limbs, 
I could still make out its round body,
A balloon.
It was tucked back into the woods
And on my skis,
It seemed a long walk to the tree
But a small light flickered,
Not from the gleaming balloon,
but from inside of me.
It said,
Go after it,
Unclip your boots,
and set aside your poles.
That was what I found myself doing,
Trudging off of the trail,
Heal-toeing my way in my boots.
As I came closer
I could see writing on the balloon.
Reaching up,
I pulled it from its branch.
Like plucking a cereal box from the shelf,
It flapped in my hand.
The wind wanted it back,
But I flattened the plastic bird in my palm.
25th Anniversary!
The latex letters boasted in metallic silver.
Feb 04
poem 1 comment challenge: Fifteen

I am

   I am
 and yet
  and yet 
and always
very curious. 
Feb 04
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen
Mocahfrappe's picture

15 Words

Everybody is worth more than 15 words, It's hard to describe yourself in 15 words.
Feb 03

My Laugh

I am a girl 
easily amused
When something
is even remotely funny 
my laugh bubbles up 
coming out in shrill bursts
drowning out all other sound
Heads turn to see 
where the piercing noise 
is coming from
They see me 
shaking with mirth
and they obviously 
think something's wrong
but that's just my laugh
and it sure is unique 

Looking up

I look up at the sky
thats shaded with grey
the sun peeking out
is it going to rain
or are the clouds just deceiving us
and theres no where to sit so I'm standing
til my feet give in 
and I collapse onto the wet ground
thoughts racing through my head
Thoughts that should remain thoughts
and never be said
for the fear of being judged or criticized 
and shamed
for an opinion, a little thought
I could go inside
and retreat into my bedroom
yet I stay put
still staring at the clouds
who could go anywhere
with nothing holding them down
and for a second I'm envious, of a cloud
a cloud, one of manny
im still looking up
just an ordinary girl
staring at the sky
on a hill 
until it rains
Jan 31
dylan dickerson's picture



I am so delicate on this fine day.
People say I howl like a wolf through the darkness 
And I am telling you it is going to be okay.
But sometimes I just have loneliness.

At night I get deeper and deeper 
And my path keeps getting steeper and steeper.
“Hi people. How are you?”
All I get is an “Achoo.” I say bless you.

I am me and not you.
Please don’t treat me badly, 
I don’t want to treat you badly too.
Sometimes I don’t know where I am,
 I had lost the sea.
But sometimes I know exactly 
where I am supposed to be. 

Dylan Dickerson
Jan 31
bhier08's picture

My Wishes

                                                                                                                    January 31, 2020
 My Wishes
Tomorrow, if one of my all time most wanted dreams came true, it would be to save our earth. I want to help stop climate change and air pollution. If we don’t do our part in saving the earth, everyone in 2048 could die along with the earth. I would wish and hope that everyone would do their part in saving the earth and that no one would just sit around and not help at all. 

On my 25th birthday, I would wish for getting drafted to the W.N.B.A. Getting drafted for the W.N.B.A is and has been my dream for a long time now and iIm only eleven. If I got drafted I would be ecstatic. I really hope this dream comes true. Right now in the W.N.B.A, the women “my idols” that play in the association are demanding equal pay with the N.B.A. I hope to take part in fixing this problem when I get older.   
Jan 30
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Happy Birthday To Me.

Another birthday, another year around the sun, and another wish. I am awaiting the same thing that happens every year. My mom will ask me what cake I want. I’ll say, “Vanilla with chocolate frosting and chocolate chip crumbles on top”. My special birthday cake order hasn’t changed in eleven years. My family will gather around the dining room table… or maybe sit on the couch if the Celtics game is on. My sister will practically sprint around the house turning out all the lights, and then my parents will proceed to yell at her for running too fast. “You’re shaking the whole house! If you knock it down it’s you who’s gonna pay for it”. My sister will sigh, I will laugh, and then my mom and dad will bring in the cake. I’ll look at the hot wax dripping down the birthday candles to meet the savory chocolate frosting.