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Apr 13

April 13th, 2017

On April 13th of 2017,
the U.S.A. dropped the world's largest
non-nuclear bomb ever
on Afghanistan
in hopes of wiping out ISIS.
The bomb,
weighing 21,000 pounds,

is a "successful mission"
and had "nothing to do"
with the death of a Green Beret
days earlier.

"This is awful."
"You have to be kidding me."
we echo back and forth.

Apr 13

Bud and Thorn

Pink Flowers Filling Medows
Defining The Light
The sun and the moon composing
The song on a wing of a kite
At the first look of spring,
the first rose bud torn
The angle takes wing
Lands on bud and on thorn.

Apr 10

American Return

Long beyond the swollen,
commanding flow of the
Mississippi, in the far, unknown west,
lies the quaint
and hopelessly secluded town of
Driftwood Springs, Wyoming.
Not much has changed since my departure,
which may as well have been
a lifetime ago.
Margot waits at
the Wild Cactus Diner for me;
sitting behind the wheel of Dad’s
once-scarlet ’72 Chevy.
Waitress apron still on,
her shift must have just ended.
She grins, cigarette between lips,
as I kiss her cheek and whisper,
“Hello, little sis.”
Apr 10

The Perfect Challenge

       I can't believe my luck that one of these challenges was to write about something perfect. Therefore, the challenge itself was perfect. So much of everything is perfect, I can barely think of where to start!
       It's perfect that today was 72 degrees. It's perfect that I wore summer clothes for the first time in a year. And it's perfect that I heard Here Comes the Sun on the radio, the perfect song for this perfect day.
       It's perfect that I memorized all my lines for our Shakespeare play. It's perfect that I nailed this whole "Lady Macbeth" thing. And it's perfect that my friends and I all plan to wear Harry Potter shirts to the next rehearsal.
       On top of everything, this is the perfect website. I can write anything I want, anything at all, and there will be people open to reading it, and I can read what they write. I've never met anyone else on here, and yet I feel like I have so many friends here. It's just... perfect.   
Apr 09
zoesupern0va's picture

road trip

i want to go on a roadtrip with you. i want to rent out an rv bus and load all our favorite cds and just drive into the sunset until all our problems have faded away. i want to stop at gas stations in tiny sketchy towns and drive through miles and miles of sand and corn until our eyes burn from looking at the flat horizon, and i want to do it all with you.

i want to go to concerts with you, link arms and push our way through sweaty packs of people and jump around and scream and sing at the top of our lungs and dance dance dance to the music until we can’t move anymore and our ears are ringing louder than our thoughts, and i want to do it all with you.
Apr 08
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            "Ahhh, it's a beautiful morning to explore space I would say!" 
Apr 06
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The Storm

The Storm
by Claire Adner     

I was in my room when the storm hit. It started suddenly- no warning - the silence turning into raindrops. The sound got louder as the storm gained momentum. I looked outside to see pools building up in the yard. I ran to the living room where my family was gathered.
     “It’s a storm,” I said.
     “No, really? What tipped you off?” My brother barely contained a smug grin.
     I rolled my eyes at him as we continued to watch the storm’s advance. Then the lightning came. It started soft and far away but crept closer with thunder close behind. We huddled by the windows counting the seconds between.
     “It’s gonna hit the house,” my brother said, suddenly backing away from the window.
     “Yeah right,” I scoffed, trying to keep the nervousness out of my voice.
     “I’m not kidding! Get away from the window!”
Apr 06

On My Way Home

On the walk home
I saw a cat.
Small, gray, and spots of tan,
she had wide green eyes, soft and warm.
She rolled onto her back, expectantly,
gazing up at me.
I sat and played, then continued on.
Audio download:
On My Way Home
Apr 06

The Bringer's Song

To snap my fingers and have you here,
I'd have to make the sound very clear,
Would be the work of a moment
In order for you to appear open.
A chip would be implanted in my thumb,
Technology expensive to some,
Friction touching my third finger,
I'd give anything to be a bringer.
Or perhaps the chip would be in my mouth,
Pure love's true sound,
Only adhering to your name,
Anything to make you stay.

Apr 05


she dances her way out of everything/soaring/arms curled cruelly around her head.
passe/develope/grande jete/and she's off/i was a fool to think she could keep her eyes away from the mirror.
she glances/face glistening at her reflection/punctuating every tondu with a gaze.
i tell her to be happy and she laughs/her feet bleeding as she jumps again.
'i am happy' she replies/casting a longing look at the stage.

she turns until she is sick/her legs whipping/spinning as she reaches the corner.
she heaves breathless gasps/chin to collarbone/face to the light.
one combination mastered/she grins at herself/prodding a loose bun/once severe.
'don't you want to live?'/ i ask her one day in the night.
'no'/ she says/'i want to dance.'
Audio download:
Happy Ballerina.m4a