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Nov 07


The fall was long
I just kept on falling.
The wind would press up against me
Giving me the feeling that I was going up not down,
But only sometimes.
The world around me was turned into blurred lines
As I fall
A never ending fall.
I don’t remember when I started
Or when I will stop
So I am stuck in this endless gaze
Of falling.
I am no longer scared
I’ve done this for so long
So cross my arms and lean back
And try to enjoy this fall
But it's all to late
I hit the bottom with a thud
And now sit cross legged in the pink endless clouds
Of the sky.

Nov 07
Mr. What a drag's picture


Sure, you are weak
You can't shoot
Can't speak
Can't do anything right
But hey, just for realizing that, presently prove that you are the opposite of what you say you are. 

They say there is a beginning to everything
And to become stronger, you first need to know what you want
You first need to know your weakness
Know the thing that stops you from being who you truly believe you can be.

This might sound cheesy,
But hey, just like me and you
Those who we admire so much and wish to be like
Were once just like us
They were once in our shoes before they became the people who we know now.

Take Michael Jordan for example:
One of the best players to ever play the game of basketball 
He wasn't always the best on that court 
In fact, he was weak.

But just for knowing that he was weak, Mr. Jordan became who we now call the "G.O.A.T"
He turned his weakness into his strength
Nov 06

I Let Go

The voices are to loud.
My heart speeds up.
I look all around.
My fingers twich and shake
my feet don't stay in their place.
I pause.
Take a breath and breathe.
I really breathe. 
the voices have stopped.
and I let go... 
I let go of my tension.
I channel my emotions into my voice.
I let go.
I sing and as I sing, I exhale 
and it's like a weight has been lifted
I realize how much I was carrying
and I sing it out.
I sing out my emotions 
My heart slows down.
My hands stop shaking.
and my knees relax 
I let go

Nov 06
poem 2 comments challenge: General

Baseball- A Love Story


It's bottom of the ninth.
We're losing by 2.
The bases were loaded.
WIth 2 outs.
In the championship game.
All or nothing.
Win or go home.
And I'm coming up to bat.
My bat resting on my shoulder is a comfort.
My batting gloves, tight to my hands.
My elbow guard strapped tightly to my elbow.
I place my right foot into the batter's box.
I look down at our coach.
My left foot follows the same path.
I swing my bat in a circle.
Feet set.
Bat ready.
The pitcher lifts his leg and fires a bullet.
It's on the outer half of the plate.
I pull my hands in front of the ball and let my hips do the work.
The ball makes solid contact, and my wrists roll.
The ball flys of the bat. 
It curves down the first base line.
The ball hits in fair territory.
Extra Bases.
I round first.
My head is already down.
I've never run faster.
Nov 05

The Key

I picked up a key on the ground
It was to unlock something.
A box
A Drawer
A House?

It was not my key
but I took it anyways.
I tried to find the lock
but found nothing.
And then it hit me
Right where I stood.
It was a key to unlock something different.
A  Hope
A Wish
A Dream.

Nov 05
Jayden.C.block's picture


Nothing is worse than that cursed word it self. To some, it's bad weather. To other's it's a broken heart. But what i notice is that they don't seem to know the true definition of pain. Yes, that stuff may hurt, but pain is something you feel deep down. Pain is something that doesn't just go away. Pain is something that lingures, it's something that's undescribable because no one had ever looked too deep into it except for the people that truly feel it. And yes that may seem sad, but when you think about it, pain isn't the worst thing in the world. Yes it's definitely up there, but at the same time pain also inspires people. Like me, I let pain inspire me to help other's so they don't have to feel what I feel. Though it may not be healthy, it makes a huge impact on my life to know that i get to help make someone else's life more enjoyable, cause that also makes me feel better.
Nov 04
o.fredella's picture


Family is endless love and support
Family is laughing until you're crying and cant breath
Family is the feeling of warmth and safety
Family is being able to say anything without fear of being judged.
Family is the feeling of pure joy when you see someone you love succeed
Family is the people who are always there and never give up on you
Family is the people who are your biggest supporters
Family is acceptance
Family is LOVE

Nov 03


I found my former self
in an abandoned alley
in the back of my brain.
She was sitting against the graffiti,
bandaged knees tucked to her beating heart,
trying to fade into herself.
I shouted her name
hoping for any sign of recognition
but all she did
was slowly look up.
With blinking honey-colored eyes,
thick lashes sticking together
like shadows to a person.
I saw the confusion
as it settled onto her face
and knew what my answer was
before she even asked.
"Who are you?" She said.
"I'm you," I responded.
"After you let go
of all the nasty weighted things
that you tend to hold
so close to your heart.

"I'm you," I said.
​​"After you let go."
Nov 02
laurenwwright's picture


Whispers words of love through the sadness at 3 a.m.
The shoulder that fits like a pillow.
The late night hushed giggles;
When you should be asleep.
The hand that grasps tightly through scary movies.
And, the voice that still sings Hannah Montana
Around your room with a hairbrush.
The matchmaking, and tissue.
The gossip beneath the covers with
The faint light of a flashlight.
Being grounded from each other,
But planning your whole week together,
For when you’re ungrounded.
The co-planned birthday parties;
And co-parented pets.
Friendship; human diary.
Home away from home.
First love.
Nov 01
EB164's picture

We Judge

we judge
we judge the flowers based on its pedals,
we judge the ocean on its waves,
we judge the sun on its brightness
but, we seem to forget that, 
the pedals are still there, 
the waves still crash, 
and the sun still shines