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Apr 27


Apr 27

I wish

I wish
I wish alot 
I wish that everything will be okay
I wish one day I will figure out what makes me me 
I wish that nothing ever bad will happen again
But knowing that not every thing will come true
you can wish with a wish bone
or on a shooting star
wish with the lady bug you find in your window
you can wish for the future
you can wish for the people in need
The sick, the poor, the ones that just need that uplifting smile
I wish that people have courage and make it through this
You should wish too
Apr 27

We Will Be Heard

I live. I love. I learn. I have friends and family, loved ones and lost ones. And so do you. And so does every single person on earth, and yet our eyes slide from one car to the next as we drive down the highway, passing a police cruiser sitting beside the wreckage of a car crash. We don't ever pause to think, "What's going on in their life, in their head?" No one is 'just another person'. No one lives a life that you shouldn't care about.

Apr 27

Call me by my name

As we climb the mountains
you can call me fast
unburdened by creatures
that cling from the past
As we trudge through the swamps
you can call me keen
pointing out things
that don't want to be seen
As we bend 'round the brambles
you can call me wise
keeping paper field mice
behind my eyes
As we are swept with the current
you can call me sweet
wanting butter on my bread
and salt on my meat
As we hack through the jungle
you can call me brave
unnerved by hands 
that taunt from the grave
As we swim through the snowdrifts
you can call me a friend
patching the patchwork
no mender could mend
But as we journey down the trails
that no one would dare
please call me Ava
Ava Claire

Apr 26

prayers to an unknown recipient

sending messages into space:
i’m not used to potion-ing
feelings, but lately
the only signs you
leave are recipes
for love, revenge, hope,
and better skin.
i’m not sure who you are,
but when my name
appears on envelopes
(stamped with ink from
other continents),
there is never a return address.
covered in glitter,
i ask you to
please tell me why
we love so tenaciously.
i forget when i’ve been hurt
because it’s complicated
and you might fix it
without having to know what’s
i depend on you to keep me happy,
keep me from turning inward,
reflecting on my real thoughts
and not the ‘pretty’ thoughts
or the ‘prayer’ thoughts
or the thoughts i think
i should have because
it would make sense
and be easy.
i ask you now,
lying on broken glass
from my wrongdoings,
Apr 25

The Temperary

Im not afraid of you.
Im not afraid of us.
Im afraid of this trembleing, fleeting, fluttering, time line.
Afraid of The Temperary.
afraid that in three years
we might not be here
we might not be standing on the same shore,
looking at the same sky,
eating from the same bag of chips.
Afraid of the moment passing us by.
Afraid of the helplessness of time,
and the ever present tragety of not knowing.
Afraid of each tick of the clock,
every minute, and every week, and every year,
and every moment.
Its the fear of oblivion.

Apr 25
zazu's picture

concrete flowers

Flowers are rare in the city.
I mean the kind that grow naturally.
The kind that aren't re-potted in some flower box,
or sitting in jars on the front steps,
or cared for on rooftop gardens.
I mean the kind that grow up from the cracks in the sidewalk,
The kind that push their way up toward the skyscrapers,
with delicate stems,
and fragile petals itching for a glimpse of the sun.
Everyone should look for the concrete flowers of the world,
surviving against the odds,
dancing in the breeze,
and just waiting to be noticed.

Apr 25


Separated by walls 
masks and rules
we stand apart
but every time you go on a walk
and you pass someone six feet apart
and smile through a mask
or give your hand a little wave
you form a small connection
and by that small action
you spread a little sunshine
in times that feel so dark
every time you call a friend
or facetime a family member
you form a connection
you give them hope
and they can spread that feeling
one spark that you produced
has become a fire
lighting up the world
Apr 24


Tears and smiles
through swirling emotions
roller coasters
rumbling infinitely on
reaching hearts and souls
lost along the way

Tiny hands
at the smallest details
broken pieces 
glued together 
by chubby fingers
quietly altering 
our lives 

Laughing eyes
thoughtful gazes
of every little thing
fixing mistakes
healing ancient wounds
wise beyond their years

Tender moments
precious innocence 
changing us every day
hold onto
those smallest chances
clutched to our hearts
our only hope
of redemption

Apr 24
poem 2 comments challenge: Ocean
Jules M.'s picture

Little Jack Cape Cod

Each wooden plank,
Creaking beneath the foot,
How far does it go?
Walking over the green river,
Onto the sand,
That's all it was,
Sand and grassy  dunes.

All the way to the horizon,
Waves crash,
As the sun drops,
The colors
Like splattered paint on a blank canvas.
The bright balloon-like sun,
Fades into a cool night,
Leaving a trail of stars behind.

I say goodbye to Pochet beach.
Home I go,
Down the sandy dirt road,
To the little house,
On Little Jack Cape Cod.