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Apr 02
bayleer05's picture

Looking at the Stars

Up in the midnight sky,
A bird flies by.
I am laying in the grass,
I hear the sound of broken glass.
I sit straight up,
To hear the sound,
Then I realize it was a teacup.
I lay soundly on the ground.

Apr 02

the inconvenience of memory

Easy to forget the important things,
Brother's birthday,
French verb forms,
doctor's appointments,
the oven you left on.
So why can't I forget 
the color of nail polish I was wearing?
Can't forget
my cherry earrings,
how one of my socks was white and
the other was cream (some unimportant Thursday.)
I remember the eye color
of every person I've ever liked 
all the words to 
camp songs, insurance jingles,
plot points of "Grey's Anatomy," season 8,
who sat next to me our last dinner in Galway,
the worst thing my mother has ever said to me.
Things that don't matter anymore.
Things that never mattered.
Things I'd like to forget.
Things I'd quickly replace with
the equation of a parabola,
or the molecular weight of water.

But my memory has a sense of humor.
Apr 01


When the sun goes out all will be ice
The cold sucks away good times
Not even a simple fire would suffice
The cold is full of crimes
Your heart slowly turns stone cold 
Removing any emotion
There is no survival here you are told
But that can change like the waves in the ocean
Apr 01


I cast spells
and I lead chants.
The god and goddess
look upon me
and hear me
and I kiss them
with lips of crystal
and sage.
I banish spirits
and read eyes
and lips 
like tarot cards.
I carry the pentagram
upon my chest
and no,
I won't tuck it away
because it's not
what you think it is.
It's the symbol
that keeps us connected,
that protects us,
that reminds us
to respect our earth
and our sisters.
I am a witch
and I will say it again
and again
more unironically than ever.
Mar 30

How To Create The Perfect Poem

Mix a little imagination with
Then add just enough
Captivating words to the mix.
Write it down on paper and watch
The magic
Mar 29
wellss's picture

A Transition To Spring

As I step out onto the porch,

a breeze starts twirling through the air,

I close my eyes,

As the breeze picks up the scents of dewy grass,

Blooming flowers, and melting snow.

It passes me like a breath of fresh air,

And I feel the cold surface of the wood at my feet,

The dampness and dryness combine into one.

I step off the porch and onto the rocky pavement,

into the bright sun.

I embrace the warmth as it soaks in my pale skin.

I open my eyes,

And look what’s around me.

A girl who looks about 18,

Rides down the block,

In a old fashion ruby-red bike,

And a lemon-yellow hat.

She has fair skin,

and long blonde hair braided into two,

With blue-green eyes,

That flow into the waves of the ocean.

It’s so mesmerizing to watch her,
Mar 29
tobin's picture

Mud and Old Vermonters

Brown, deep and sticky

Not a place for someone picky
People are always getting stuck

Pulling them out can really suck

Lot of times you get covered in muck

No likes the muck
Some of the mud is two feet deep

Driving through it is quite a feat
When you inevitably get stuck

Just wait for an old man in a truck
No matter what he will know

The perfect way to give you a tow.

Mar 29
clearyj's picture


The cleanliness of his shot absorbs into the polished, wooden floor.
He backs away
Still with his hand in the air
Holding up three digits,

He wipes the sweat off his brow,
And returns to defensive position.
His ears turn red,
Not used to having all the eyes on him.

He falls to the floor,
As he took a perfect charge. 
The foul shot gives him time,
To catch his breath.

He makes both shots.

A tear absorbs into the polished, wooden floor.
Because he knows,
The perfect game won't happen again.
As his high school fantasy only lasts one night.

Mar 28
Alaina.J_27's picture


I'm a daydreamer,
My head is stuck in the clouds.
I'm a daydreamer,
My feet never on the ground.
I'm a daydreamer,
In a world of my own.
I'm a daydreamer,
Sometimes I am completely alone.
I'm a daydreamer,
Creating a better world than the one I live in.
I'm a daydreamer, 
Wishing it will become a reality.
I'm a daydreamer,
Filling my head with things that will never come true.
I'm a daydreamer,
Seemingly dreaming my whole life through.
I'm a daydreamer,
Dreaming is what lets me escape this chaotic, mean world.
I'm a day dreamer,
Even though I know my daydreams will never become reality.

Mar 26

Bravery in a Mirror

It’s a brave thing to do

To look into a mirror,

staring into those all too familiar eyes,

And not learn to look past the flaws,

But learn to see them all

For what they are,

to give each and every one a name

And still, see someone who is worth loving

staring back at you.

For the first time tonight; I did.