Oct 15

Future president

  Dear future president 

 Although the US does not make up for all of the pollution we play a big part. Global warming is a terrible thing and  it's going to affect the US. 

People from other countries are bound to sneak into the US. Building a wall and deporting people  is not the best way of fixing the problem. 

 I understand that you have to clean the last persons mess and while doing that things may happen but  you should  probably be  careful. 
Hunger in America is a real thing. If you were just two dollars over the limit you can't get any help with food stamps or anything else and I think that that's wrong.  Good cheap things you can buy at stores are horrible for your body you can't buy fresh produce for four dollars but you can buy four bags of chips for four dollars. 
Children's education is another thing that probably needs to be  reevaluate.  Although I don't have a problem with homework sometimes it gets to be a bit too much.  When teachers give out homework I don't think that they think about the time that it's actually going to take you to do the work and other things that need to be done at home.