Sep 30
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Something that makes me want to stand up and take action

Something that makes me want to stand up and take action is the fact that minimum wage is not livable. I think that it is completely unfair that people who are working 40 hours a week, or close to it , still aren’t making enough money hourly to live a decent life. Having food on the table for every meal, paying taxes and bills, health care, other insurances, rent, etc is not so easy when you are making $9.15 an hour. And that is the minimum wage for VT! Vermont has one of the higher minimum wages in America. Also, according to the “Raise the Minimum Wage” website Vermont is one of the states that will start to annually raise the minimum wage in a few years. In 2018 the minimum wage is projected to be $10.50. Even though that is still not enough, it is getting better. If I am correct the Federal Minimum Wage is close to $7.00 an hour. What about raising a family? How is that supposed to work when you being paid under $10, and you have to pay all the finances of being an adult, plus child care, or whatever you need to pay for raising a child. If someone is working close to 40 hours a week I think that they deserve to be paid a livable amount of money, and be able to live a life free of financial stress.
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