Oct 08
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I walked into the room and Mrs. Millard was on the phone. I don’t know who it was or what they said but I can only imagine.

    “Hello, Lila,” Said the man on the other end.

    “Who is this?” Said Mrs. Millard.

    “I am a FBI detective, I have some news for you.”

    “What is it am I in trouble?”

    “No, ma’am.”

    “What is wrong?”

    “There has been a murder at CKS”


    “Someone was found in the janitor's closet.”


    “Erin McCmelen, we believe that Emily is the killer.”

    “Oh no, not my favorite student Emily. I bet it was Angela because she is very violent.”

    “No, ma’am. It definitely was Emily, she hates Erin.”

    “Are you absolutely sure?”

    “No ma’am we will need to run some DNA tests.”

    “Well I heard that it was Angela.”

    “We have a video of Erin and Emily fighting hours before the murder.”

    “Thats impossible.”

    “Nothing is impossible in the eyes of the law.”

    “I highly doubt Emily would kill her.”

    “Are you sure ma’am”

    “Yes sir”

    “Did Emily seem angered or hostile?”

    “No not at all she is just a ray of sunshine.”

    “Mis, if you’re going to have a biased opinion then I’m afraid you will not be of any assistance to solving this crime.”

    “My apologies.”

    “No problem.”

    “I still have a hard time believing Emily would do something like this sir.”

    “Well, you never know. Do you know where Emily was on the night of the crime.”

    “I believe she went..”

    “Where did she go ma’am”

    “She went home early…”

    “What time before 9 pm.”

    “Do you know exactly where she went.”



    “To see Erin.”

    “Thank you. Will you be willing to testify?”


    “Thank you. Have a nice day Mrs. Millard.”

    “You too officer.”        Then I snuck back out of the room and left. Where will I go? What will I do?
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