Apr 20

The World is Full of Masked Individuals

Everyone tries their best
To conceal their nature
To hide themselves;
who they are.
Some out of pain,
some out of sorrow,
some out of rage,
or stress,
or desperation,
Everyone wears a disguise
Whether they are conscious of it or not.
Everyone looks to hide themsleves
From the real world.
Afraid of pain
Or suffering.
Afraid of what other people may
Or say
Or do.

These people hide behind
meager, paltry things,
Like makeup
Or social media
Or actions
Or work
Or words.

They immerse themselves so deeply'
In this lake,
this ocean,
this whirlpool
They forget about the real world
About their own lives
About the things they believe in
About what they truly want.

They believe so greatly
They should be the person
society expects them to be. 
What other people
Think they should be.

But, here is a question
To all who wear such a mask:

Is that who you want to be?
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